Cycle Sprog’s new articles

Cycle Sprog's new articles

Cycle Sprog has some great fans who just love to read every new article we publish (hello Mum!) Our old website used to make this quite easy to do, and I know that some of you used to grap a cuppa and read back through every article in date order so you never missed anything we wrote.

Whilst our new design website is much better than the old one in many ways, it's not quite as easy to browse back through every single article in date order, so I've created this list.  We'll keep adding in every new post we publish, or any old ones that get a complete re-write.

So why not bookmark it and come back every so often to make sure you've not missed out reading any of our articles?

I've only included the articles we've written since our website upgrade in March 2021, so if you're looking for an older article, we've got a much better search functionality now too.

Happy reading!



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Hi guys. I have just read your article on post Covid fatigue. That could be me you describe. I had a mild covid infection over last Christmas and New year. I’ve since had both jabs. I cycle and rock climb to a reasonable grade. I haven’t felt like going on my bike this year. I have been climbing a couple of times, just easy stuff and it has floored me for days afterwards. The tiredness seems to come in cycles, I can be ok for a month or so then it just hits me. My doctors have been a bit dismissive. Reading your article made me feel better knowing its not all in my head.
So A BIG THANK YOU form me.
Cheers Bob.


Hi Bob, So sorry to hear you’ve been suffering too. It’s so frustrating, isn’t it? I’ve been learning a lot about post viral fatigue and it’s a shame there’s no one diagnosis and simple cure! I’m learning to listen to my body and respect it more, plus not judge myself on how far / fast / often I do things but enjoy them more for the fact I can do them at all. It’s hard!!! I’m also learning to be aware of when my mind is going into “over protection mode” and trying to keep me safe from harm – it likes to tell me to stay in bed when really it’s just a bit afraid I overdid it the day before – it’s a weird and delicate balancing act that I often get wrong! If it helps you to know – I’m feeling a LOT better now, although still a way to go until I’m back to full fitness but I’m back out cycling several times a week. Wishing you well, Karen

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