Myklops Bicycle Rear View Mirror Review

In this review, we're looking at the Myklops rear view mirror, an innovative wrist mounted mirror allowing riders to keep an eye on what's coming behind them or simply to keep an eye on the kids!

Rear view mirrors may be standard on cars, but you don't find many attached to the handlebars of bicycles.

Previously if you wanted a mirror there were only options for handlebar-mounted mirrors, usually attached to drop handlebars.

The Myklops rearview mirror does the same job but attaches to your wrist, meaning you can swap it between bikes or riders and it is very easy to use.

Of course, seeing traffic sneaking up behind you is useful, but even more so is being able to keep an eye on a child, either in a seat, on a tag-a-long, or simply riding behind you.

Photo of the Myklops rear view mirror we were sent to review resting on top of a piece of wood. The mirror is in the open position so you can see the mirror screen as well as the black casing

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How does the Myklops bicycle mirror work?

The Myklops mirror simply straps onto your wrist with a velcro strap that is fully adjustable.

It'll work on either wrist but for the UK, the right-hand wrist is obviously the one to use to keep an eye on traffic.

The mirror folds out, extends and rotates so you can get it in the perfect orientation to see traffic or children or both.

The adjustability means it works with both flat bars and drop bars, all that is required is to orientate the mirror and you're good to go.

There are videos that show how the adjustability works much better than I can explain here, so it's worth spending some time watching them before your first ride out.

Myklops mirror review

Once attached to your wrist the Myklops mirror is comfy and unobtrusive.

The mirror gives a good, wide field of view and whilst not a large mirror, gives enough visibility to see what's going on.

I would recommend spending some time on your bike alone getting used to using the mirror before using when out and about with your kids.  The first time of using it can be a bit distracting, before you develop habit of checking the mirror whilst riding along.

Getting the mirror perfectly aligned can be tricky, and it's better to simply get it just about right, and then just use a small amount of flex in your wrist to see what's going on behind.

This means you can see more and control what you are seeing easily.

I set the Myklops up so I can see the tag-a-long bike and then twist my wrist if I needed to fine-tune it.

The optical quality from the mirror is good and gives a clean undistorted image which aids visibility.

Review of the Myklops mirror - photo of it on a riders wrist in the closed position
Closeup photo of the review Myklops biycle mirror being used whilst riding a flat handlebar bike

The plastic construction doesn't scream durability, but the kids got hold of the Myklops and enjoyed playing with it without breaking it, which is always a good sign!

The mirror itself has held up well and has avoided any scratches, in part to the fold-away design and also the quality of the material.

It is quite chunky on the wrist, so if you are wearing a jacket with tight cuffs it's best to put the mirror on and take it off before your jacket (or risk getting your arm stuck - not the most elegant look!)

Myklops Bike Mirror Review - photo of the mirror in use on drop handlebars

The Myklops is fully articulated to work in any hand and arm position on the bike. It rotates and folds in numerous ways to get the perfect angle.

The Myklops mirror being worn whilst riding a drop handlebar bike

The mirror works well with any type of bar, just simply move the mirror into the correct position. Any fine tuning can be done with a flex of the wrist while cycling.



Overall verdict on the Myklops rear view mirror

The Myklop rearview mirror is a helpful tool when riding with a trailer or passenger and is a confidence boost to know that you can keep an eye on your child behind you.

Even with the Myklops I'm still going to be looking over my shoulder, but for those that struggle with looking behind or want extra security on the roads, it's a great addition to one's cycling set-up.


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