Welcome to Cycle Sprog! We're here to guide you through the wonderful world of cycling with kids.

We started back in 2012 when our founders Karen and Chris were trying to work out how to keep riding their bikes when they became parents. 

Cycle Sprog has grown a lot since then (as have the OG Cycle Sprogs!)

We're now the leading resource on cycling with kids of all ages from bumps and babies to tween, teens and beyond.

Our website is full of family cycling advice - whether you want to buy, to learn or be inspired. 

If you're a beginner bike rider or seasoned cyclist we're here to get (and keep) you pedalling - whatever the age of your child.

The Cycle Sprog family in 2012 - Cornwall Coast to Coast route Karen Gee and Chris Jones

Buying bikes for all the family

Kids love bikes! But buying them the right size and type of bike is crucial if they're really going to enjoy riding their bike. We've got loads of kids bike buyers guides to help you choose the very best bike for your child, whatever their age and riding ability.

Rest assured we only ever recommend bikes that are safe and fun to ride, in a range of prices - both new and used. We pride ourselves on only recommending bikes we'd be happy for our friends and family to use as we've know what a difference a properly sized, good quality bike makes.

If you'd prefer you can search yourself using our comprehensive kids bike search. You can choose the wheel size, type of bike and even their favourite colour! 

See all our advice on carrying kids by bike

New online course: "Understanding Cycling Gear for Babies and Toddlers"

These early years are so precious - don't miss out on cycling with your little one!

Our new online course is a great way to quickly learn about all the different equipment available to cycle with babies and toddlers, plus the pros and cons of each, so you can decide what suits your family and get out riding ASAP.

Sign up now for our Understanding Cycling Gear for Babies and Toddlers course and start making memories this summer.

About Cycle Sprog

Cycle Sprog is a website all about cycling with kids, which husband and wife team Chris Jones and Karen Gee set up in 2012.

The idea for Cycle Sprog emerged out of frustration at the considerable time they were spending online trying to find cycling solutions to each time one of their two boys grew.

When we were moving from a trailer to a tag along and front seat combination we were moaning about how little information there was online for parents who want to cycle with their children.

We realized just how much time we’d spent over the years searching for honest advice and finding places to buy all the equipment, clothing and accessories so the idea of creating a family cycling website aimed specifically for parents was born.

It's just kept on growing, along with our boys!

The Cycle Sprog family in 2012 - Cornwall Coast to Coast route Karen Gee and Chris Jones

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Welcome to Cycle Sprog – the home of family cycling. Whether you’re a cycling novice or a passionate expert we are here to help you keep pedalling with practical advice and recommendations what ever age your child.

One of the joys of cycling with children is that they are always growing and able to go further and faster, so we have loads of advice to cover pregnancy through to the teenage years.

Happy cycling!

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