Best balance bikes 2024

When your child is ready to start their cycling journey, getting them one of the best balance bikes is the optimal way to invest in their lifelong enjoyment. 

While we don’t want to put more pressure on parents (who are under enough as it is!), it is important to choose the right starter bike for them. Choose wrong, and they could end up with a heavy and uncomfortable bike they don’t enjoy riding, or even worse, something cheap that will fall apart very quickly. 

At Cycle Sprog we’ve been through it all, and what’s more, we’ve connected with hundreds of parents online who share their own experiences and expertise with us. So here we bring you our roundup of the best balance bikes you can buy right now, as recommended by parents and fully endorsed by us.

Once you’ve chosen the right starter bike for your toddler, kit them out with one of the best bike helmets for babies and toddlers. If your child is older and just getting started with cycling, you can explore the options for big balance bikes for taller children. Likewise, if they're a bit too small for most of the options listed below, take a look at our list of the best bikes for a 1 year-old. Most importantly, before you make any kind of purchase, be sure that you’re buying the right size bike for your child by following our guide to how to easily measure your child for a new bike.

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How to use this guide

There’s a lot to consider when buying your child’s first bike, and we’ve included a huge amount of information below. However we understand that parents don’t always have a lot of time to sift through it all, so we’ve broken this guide down into helpful sections, and you can use the links below to jump straight to the most useful parts for your individual needs:

Best 26" mountain bikes for kids: a boy riding a mountain bike through long grass

Quick picks: for parents in a hurry

Not got time to go through a massive list? Then here are the top three balance bikes we think you should know about.

  • Best balance bikes overall: The Kidvelo Rookie can convert into a pedal bike, while the Hornit AIRO has a gorgeous modern design.


Tips for buying a balance bike

Buying a balance bike for your child is a big decision: it’s probably their first bike and you want to make the right choice. With so many makes and models available, it can be rather bewildering, so here are some top tips to bear in mind as you go through this list.

  • Buy a balance bike that fits your child - too large and they'll feel scared riding it, too small and it will be uncomfortable. Here’s how to easily measure your child for a new bike.
  • Solid tyres are cheap and great for indoor riding, but not so comfy for outdoor use.
  • Brakes aren't necessary and can be distracting for younger children. They can be helpful for the transition to pedal bikes for older kids, but aren't essential.
  • Most balance bikes have 12" wheels, but you can get smaller and larger balance bikes if needed.
  • Some balance bikes convert into pedal bikes, which can help your child transition smoothly to pedalling, as they’re already familiar with the bike.

Balance bike or stabilisers?

While you might be tempted to opt for stabilisers (since many of us learned to ride that way), we'd urge you to consider a balance bike instead. 

Stabilisers teach children to steer by turning the handles, whereas balance bikes teach them to lean their weight to steer, replicating the experience of a 'proper' bike and readying them for the next stage. 

This means that in most cases, children will find it much easier to progress to pedalling from a balance bike, than from using stabilisers.

For more on this, read does my child need stabilisers?

What size balance bike do you need?

Balance bikes come in different sizes, so it’s important to make sure you measure your child accurately before buying their first bike.

While it can be tempting to buy them something they’ll grow into, with a balance bike they need to be able to comfortably reach the ground in order to scoot along, which means a larger bike will likely be too difficult for them to ride.

So first things first, follow our guide to how to easily measure your child for a new bike, so you know which size to buy them.

The majority of balance bikes come with 12” wheels, and will be suitable for most toddlers. However you can get smaller ‘starter’ bikes with 10” wheels, which can work for children as young as one.

You can also get larger wheeled balance bikes, from 14” all the way up to 20”.

This is really important because not all children start cycling as toddlers. Whether they’re learning at an older age because of a lack of interest, or for physical or neurological reasons.

We’ve included a couple of options here, but be sure to check out our guide to big balance bikes for taller children if this is more suitable for your child’s needs.

Some parents may also find our article on teaching an autistic or neurodivergent child to ride a bike useful.

Best balance bikes on the market

If you’ve got a bit more money to spend, you’ll be glad to hear that there are some amazing balance bikes on the market. 

With that in mind, it can be very difficult to filter through all the options available, especially when many of them cost a similar amount and seem to be built the same. To make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up our top picks of the best balance bikes available on the market right now.

When you pay more, you’ll get more, and in this price bracket you’ll see lots more variation in the tech available. You’ll also see a couple of convertible ranges that can transform from a balance bike into a pedal bike, plus one which grows with your child. 


Kidvelo Rookie 12

Best range with convertible options

Best balance bikes: A Kidvelo Rookie 12 photographed on a path in front of some trees

  • Wheel size: 12”, 14”, 18”
  • Price: from £130.00
  • Weight: from 2.89kg
  • Inside leg: 30–47cm (12”), 40–59cm (14”), 48–68cm (18”)
  • Colours: Blue, green, pink, red

Buy if: You want a balance bike that converts easily into a pedal bike

"Absolutely thrilled with my Rookie 12! It has exceeded every expectation!  — Kazzi

If you're looking for a quality balance bike that's designed to fast track your child to pedals, then look no further than the Kidvelo Rookie range. It’s built around a lightweight and modern frame with confidence-inspiring geometry that makes it easier for small riders to experiment and progress their riding skills.

We were really impressed with the level of detail that's gone into the design of this bike, which is to be expected, as it's the brainchild of four people who've worked in the balance bike industry for decades.

Our reviewer was particularly impressed with the frame design, and his 3 year-old loved how light it was, and how easy it was to handle.

Kidvelo also makes larger 14" and 18" wheel balance bikes that convert into pedal bikes, which are a great idea if your child is at that in-between stage and not quite ready for a full pedal bike yet.

You can read our Kidvelo Rookie 12 review, as well as our Kidvelo Rookie 14 review if you want to know more.

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Hornit AIRO

Best for range of colour options

Best balance bikes: A Hornit AIRO photographed in woodland

  • Wheel size: 12”, 14”
  • Price: from £139.00
  • Weight: from 2.95kg
  • Inside leg: 30–46cm (12”), 40–53cm (14”)
  • Colours: White, red, blue, pink, yellow, green

Buy if: You want a stylish, modern bike with lots of colours to choose from

"What was immediately noticeable compared to our old balance bike was the seat height. With the AIRO the saddle would go lower and he could confidently get going immediately and more comfortably" — Ewen

The Hornit AIRO range combines a lightweight bike frame with pneumatic tyres, which means a much more comfortable ride than on a cheaper bike with solid tyres.

The frame design of the Hornit AIRO allows a lot of variation in the height of the seat post.  The smaller AIRO 12 is suitable for children with an inside leg between 30cm and 46cm, whilst the larger AIRO 14 is suitable for taller children with a 40cm to 53cm inside leg. 

We were impressed with how Hornit has combined the best bits of so many different bikes in this one package. You get some neat features like a cushioned stem cover to protect delicate parts if ever needed, and a footplate for your child to rest their feet on as they gain confidence and start moving at speed.  The smaller bike doesn't have brakes, but the AIRO 14 does, making the transition to a pedal bike easier.

Hornit have managed to come up with a really cool looking bike by using magnesium alloy, a lightweight material that is a bit more environmentally friendly, because it’s a fully recyclable alternative to aluminium.

In fact, Hornit are so confident in the quality of their balance bikes that they’re giving it a lifetime warranty on the frames and forks, which can be registered for free online once you've received your bike.

Take a look at our Hornit AIRO 12 review for more details.

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Kids Ride Shotgun Dirt Hero

Best for off-road use

Best balance bikes: A Kids Ride Shotgun Dirt Hero balance bike pictured in the woods

  • Wheel size: 12", 14"
  • Price: from £220.00
  • Weight: from 4kg
  • Inside leg: min. 34cm (12”), min. 37cm (14”)
  • Colours: White

Buy if: You want to take them on the trails

“Sure it's expensive, but the Dirt Hero is offering something unique - a balance bike designed for the trails with the option to have disc brake fitted from new. If you want to encourage your small rider to get their wheels dirty and join you off-road, then it's hard to think of a better bike for the job.” — Ewen

If you know from the get-go that you're going to be heading off-road with your little one, and you want to plant the mountain biking seed early, then Kids Ride Shotgun's Dirt Hero balance bike is just the thing you need.

It's designed for the trails, with its chunky, knobbly air-filled tyres, slack head angle for off-road stability and comfort, and the option to have a disc brake at the back.

There are several different builds available, with the option to have 12" or 14" wheels, and either a brake or brakeless build.

Check out our Kids Ride Shotgun Dirt Hero review for even more.

Black Mountain balance bikes

Best if you love to tinker

Best balance bikes: A Black Mountain Pinto photographed from the side in a grassy park

  • Wheel size: 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”
  • Price: from £449.00
  • Weight: from 5.73kg
  • Height range: 90-109cm (14”), 102-121cm (16”), 110-128cm (18”), 118-134cm (20”)
  • Colours: Green, orange, purple, blue

Buy if: You love tinkering with a bike and appreciate great engineering and design

“WP fell in love with the SKÖG the moment she saw it. After not having wanted to get on her bike at all, she jumped straight on it in the middle of Karen’s dining room and proceeded to bike up and down the kitchen and back into the hall” — Penny

Black Mountain bikes have a unique "growing frame" that extends as your child grows. They start in balance bike mode, and come equipped with everything you need to transform it into a pedal bike when the time comes.

So you actually get three bikes for your initial outlay, which can be comforting at a time of uncertainty about future product availability, prices and income levels.

Because of its design, even the smallest of the 4-bike range, the Pinto, is heavier and larger than the other bikes listed on this page (5 kg in balance bike mode with 14" wheels). This means it's more suited to slightly older and stronger children, probably aged 3 and over.

The additional weight is worth considering if you're intending to carry it on a regular basis (say, home from nursery or pre-school), but our reviewer found the Pinto to be very easy and fun to ride in balance bike mode.

There are also 16" Skog, 18" Kapel and 20" Hutto options in the Black Mountain range which means there are options for up to about 7 years of age (depending on your child's height of course).

One of the key draws for this range is that it’s highly engineered and requires some mechanical prowess to adjust it, making it perfect for a fettling parent who loves getting the spanners out.

Check out our Black Mountain Pinto review for even more.

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Frog Tadpole Mini

Best for the smallest riders

Frog Tadpole Mini Green 2021 is one of the smallest balance bikes for toddlers

  • Wheel size: 10"
  • Price: £220.00
  • Weight: 3.46kg
  • Inside leg: 23–31cm
  • Colours: Yellow, green, pink, red

Buy if: You want the best possible starter bike for a tiny toddler

"The Frog Tadpole is brilliant. The paint chipped quite quickly so the company replaced it and we've had no problems since. It's easy to ride, light but stable. He loves it. I have just bought a Frog 43 for Christmas now he's 3 and a half." — Simon

We’ve reviewed a number of Frog bikes over the years and have always been impressed. Their Tadpole range comes in three sizes, so there's a balance bike suitable for virtually every height or age of child.

All the Frog Tadpole balance bikes come with a rear brake to get your child used to the concept of braking (although they will probably still use their feet a lot to stop, especially in the early days).

The tyres are pneumatic, so good for use on a variety of terrains, and all three bike models come with features such as a steering lock to prevent over-steer accidents and a quick-release seat post, plus a 5-year warranty on the frame and forks.

For very little kids there is the Tadpole Mini, which is suitable for children with an inside leg of just 24cm. There’s also a Tadpole Plus, a 14" wheel balance bike for taller children, with a minimum inside leg of 38cm. This will probably equate to 3 or 4 years and over.


Hoozar Cruz 12

Best value balance bike with a brake

Best balance bikes: A Hoozar Cruz 12 photographed on gravel in front of a bush

  • Wheel size: 12”
  • Price: £199.00
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Inside leg: 30–46cm
  • Colours: Pink, blue, red

Buy if: You want them to learn braking technique from an early age

The Hoozar Cruz 12 is a great option to consider if you're looking for a balance bike with a brake, which can be helpful for confident riders transitioning from balance biking to pedalling.

Designed by a husband and wife team who wanted to merge the best features of the leading balance bikes into one affordable package, the Hoozar is extremely lightweight at 3.2 kg, meaning small riders can manoeuvre it easily and enjoy some independence on their bike.

Other features include an ergonomically designed scoop saddle and a foot rest for when your little one is picking up speed. It’s also another balance bike that uses pneumatic tyres, and the knobbly tread, delivers a comfy ride with traction on all kinds of terrain.

One of its key features is a Tektro rear brake with a child-friendly lever, which you don’t see on many balance bikes. They of course will most likely use their feet to brake at the start, but as their motor skills develop, this can be a great opportunity to teach them braking from a young age, readying them for a pedal bike.

For more information, take a look at our Hoozar Cruz 12 first impressions review.

Best balance bikes on a budget

Not everyone wants to spend over £100 on their child’s first bike, and there are a lot of cheap balance bikes available through the major online retailers. However, while some are fit for purpose, there are plenty that will either break very quickly or be so unpleasant to ride that your child may swear off cycling because of them. Either way, it’s money wasted!

If you’ve got time to read more on the subject, we’ve outlined all the reasons why you shouldn’t buy a REALLY cheap new kids bike. If you’re in a rush, these are the key things to consider, and avoid:

  • How much does the bike weigh? Anything over 3.5kg is far too heavy for a toddler to lift and manoeuvre.
  • Are the tyres made of plastic? While some parents can’t bear the thought of fixing a puncture, plastic “puncture-proof” wheels can be very uncomfortable to ride outside.
  • Is it just about the graphics? It’s tricky to steer your child towards a good quality bike when they’ve seen one that looks like their favourite cartoon character. Typically, a cheap ‘Frozen’/’Cars’/’Thomas the Tank Engine’/You name it bike isn’t worth the money. Consider buying some stickers to decorate a better quality bike to keep them happy. We love the sticker options from Dyed Bro, and Veloviz, and there are lots of great accessories available on ebay, like these Disney bike baskets and Disney bike pinwheels.

To help you out, we’ve gone through all the cheaper balance bikes available and highlighted the ones we think will be up to the job. 

Chicco Bullet

Best cheap new bike

Chicco Bullet balance bike on a blank background

  • Wheel size: 12”
  • Price: Varies
  • Weight: 2.7kg
  • Height range: 85cm minimum
  • Colours: Red, green, pink

Buy if: You’d rather buy something brand new and affordable

"We love our basic Chicco bullet, now using it with our second child, very light frame and easy to master" - Correen

“Given my kids were only without pedals for a few months each I would definitely go with the Chicco, which is more than good enough for this stage - save your money for getting a really good pedal bike when they're ready!" - Jo

The Chicco Bullet is the bestselling balance bike on Amazon, so there are a lot of kids out there riding this bike! It gets recommended for its light weight and for being great value for money.

At this price you're only getting solid plastic tyres, so the ride won't be anywhere as near as comfortable as a more expensive balance bike with pneumatic tyres, but given how quickly they're likely to be progressing onto a pedal bike, the Chicco allows you to save now for when they move on up to pedals.

Buy Now

Zinc Flyte Dash

Best value for money

Flyte Zinc Dash balance bike on a blank background

  • Wheel size: 12”
  • Price: £59.99
  • Weight: 2.97kg
  • Inside leg: 32-47cm
  • Colours: Red/black

Buy if: You’d prefer not to shop with Amazon

The Chicco may come with a great price tag, but not everyone likes to shop with Amazon and we know some would prefer to buy elsewhere. For those people, we’d recommend the Zinc Flyte Dash, which is available through Decathlon. 

While it’s not CHEAP, it does offer excellent value for money, with a relatively lightweight 2.97kg frame that’s easy for young children to manoeuvre, and shouldn’t be much of a burden for you, the parent, who will inevitably have to carry it!

The Zinc Flyte is a 12” wheel balance bike with solid tyres, making it more suitable to indoor riding than outdoor, as well as a well-placed footrest for when they pick up speed.

Despite the fact that it’s not ideal for cycling outside, it does come with a built-in rear mudguard, so if your little one is comfortable enough with the solid tyres on uneven surfaces, then at least it’ll keep the road spray at bay.

Toddlebike / Lena My First Scooter

Best for under 18 months

Best balance bikes: A colourful four-wheeled Lena Toddlebike on a blank background

  • Wheel size: <10”
  • Price: £22.00
  • Weight: 0.8kg
  • Inside leg: 20cm minimum
  • Colours: Red

Buy if: They’re too small for a balance bike

"The Toddlebike was really useful for when our youngest was too small for the Islabike Rothan" — Dominic

The Toddlebike isn’t strictly a balance bike, but as it was recommended to us by so many parents we felt we should include it here. It’s designed to be a "pre-balance bike" for toddlers aged as young as one, who are too small to ride a proper balance bike.

It’s a brilliant way to introduce your little one to the joy of cycling from an early age, and especially handy if you have a toddler desperate to be like their older sibling who already has a two-wheeled bike.

It’s durable and lightweight, and should give your child the confidence to move onto a 12” balance bike when they're old enough.

We’ve had some hands-on experience with it as well, and our reviewer was particularly impressed with how lightweight, practical and robust it is, and the value for money that it offers.

The Toddlebike company has now gone out of business but the product is still available, now under the name Lena My First Scooter. They’ve been upgraded slightly over the years to be stronger and more fun to ride.

Take a look at our Lena Toddlebike review for more detail.

Best second hand balance bikes

Not everyone wants to buy a brand new bike, and there are lots of reasons to consider second hand instead. It’s better for the environment, because it doesn’t contribute to mass consumption, and it offers perfectly decent bikes a second life.

You can also get some serious bargains when you buy second hand. Islabikes, for example, is a brand that’s still well-loved among parents today, even though they’ve sadly ceased production. Those bikes used to cost a pretty penny brand new, but you can now pick them up second hand for half their original price.

Vitus Nippy

Best second hand starter bike

A Vitus Nippy balance bike in green on a blank background, seen from the front and side

  • Wheel size: 10”
  • Price: Varies
  • Weight: 1.9kg
  • Inside leg: 31–38cm
  • Colours: Blue, green, pink

Buy if: They're still very small and need a bike that hardly weighs anything

"For our youngest we've got the Virus Nippy and he loves it. It's so light so easy to carry should we need to. Can lob it in the boot of the car or on a bike rack or the like. Admittedly it's only got the hard foam tyres but they work great for pavement riding which is most of what he does. " - Pete

"Another vote for Vitus Nippy. I recommend it to everyone for value for money and the fact it is so light." - Sarah

"I think the Vitus Nippy is such a good option. It's ridiculously lightweight and pretty budget friendly. £45 rrp and I'm sure we bought on offer for £30" - Richmal

The Vitus Nippy balance bike is one that comes very highly recommended by parents looking for value for money. As its name suggests, it's lightweight and enables your youngster to whiz around as fast as they like.

Unfortunately with Wiggle closing its doors last year, the future of Vitus is a bit uncertain at the moment, and it's difficult to find them brand new. However if you keep an eye on ebay you can sometimes find one second hand.

Islabikes Rothan

Best second hand investment

Best balance bikes: An Islabikes Rothan photographed in front of a garage door

  • Wheel size: 12”
  • Price: Varies
  • Weight: 3.1kg
  • Inside leg: 30-42cm
  • Colours: Teal, pink, orange

Buy if: You want something that will retain its value to resell later

"We went for Islabike Rothan for E and were quite pleased at the time - low stepover, relatively light and given his time on a Toddlebike he took to it like a duck to water." - Jo

While they’re now discontinued, Islabikes are still renowned as the premier kid's bike brand in cycling circles. It’s still relatively easy to find them second hand, meaning you’re going to get a good price for a premium quality bike. 

The Islabikes Rothan has parents raving about its low weight, inclusion of a rear brake, and superb attention to detail. 

Our reviewer loved his time riding the Rothan 12, feeling relaxed and in control from the get-go. It was light enough for him to carry, making it easy to lift and change direction.

See the bike in more detail with our Islabikes Rothan 12 review.

How to choose from the best balance bikes

If you’re still looking for some guidance, here are some key considerations to make when choosing the best balance bike for your child.

Are they big enough to ride a balance bike?

Don’t be tempted to buy a balance bike for them to grow into, because it’s important that your child can put both their feet flat on the floor while sitting on the saddle, to ‘scoot’ along. The most common size balance bikes come with 12″ wheels, and need an inside measurement of approx. 32cm. However as balance bikes are all different, do make sure you measure your child’s inside leg length, or get them to stand over the frame before you buy. Follow our guide to how to easily measure your child for a new bike for help with this.

How heavy is the balance bike?

Very heavy steel balance bikes can be difficult for young children. Your little one needs to be able to hold the bike up by themselves and propel it along, and pick it up when they’ve left it on the ground. You need to be able to carry it when they’ve had enough. The lighter the balance bike, the better.

Do you need brakes on a balance bike?

Not all models of balance bikes come equipped with brakes. Whilst this can be off-putting to some parents, remember that a 2 year-old is unlikely to have the coordination and response times needed to use brakes. With balance bikes it is the feet that generate the momentum, and they are also the main tool used for stopping.

Brakes will obviously add cost to the bike, but some parents like their child to get the feeling of using a brake before moving onto a pedal bike.

Where and how often will you be using it?

If you’re going to be using the balance bike on a daily basis, or taking it off-road, then the quality of the frame and components, plus tyre type, are going to be very important to you. Cheaper balance bikes often have components that will rust if used in the rain and are heavy to ride or carry.

What is the balance bike constructed from?

There are balance bike models on the market made from metal, plastic or wood, so there really is something to suit all requirements and budgets. As with all kids’ bikes you do get what you pay for in terms of quality. More expensive balance bikes tend to have lightweight aluminium frames and come fitted with pneumatic tyres, because these are more comfortable than solid plastic tyres, especially if they're going over bumpy ground. However, the trade off is that you do run the risk of getting a puncture, although tyres and inner tubes are more robustly made these days, so this doesn’t tend to happen very often.

Will the seat grow with your child?

Most balance bikes have a standard seat and post arrangement, so you can change the height quickly and easily. On some models, handlebars can be lowered or raised to take account of rider size and get them comfortable for the fun ahead. Check manufacturers’ guidance to confirm what can or cannot be adjusted.

Do they need a bigger balance bike?

While most balance bikes come with a 12″ wheel, there are a few manufacturers making 14″+ balance bikes for taller and older children who aren’t ready to move onto a pedal bike. See our article on big balance bikes for taller children for a full selection. Another alternative is the new range of “growing” bikes from Black Mountain, which convert from balance bikes to pedal bikes, and are available in wheel sizes 14″ through to 20″.

Would you rather own or rent a balance bike?

We’re all getting increasingly uncomfortable with living in a throwaway culture, and balance bikes are one of those things that children grow out of rather quickly. Thankfully you don’t have to add to the mountain of waste, as it’s now possible to lease a balance bike through The Bike Club. If you’ve not heard of them yet, they’re a subscription service where you pay a monthly fee in return for the use of one of their quality kids’ bikes. When your child outgrows it, you send it back and upgrade to the next size.
At the current time of writing, they offer balance bikes from Frog, Forme and Woom, meaning your child can enjoy the benefits of a quality balance bike, without the upfront cost (or the environmental impact of yet another purchase).

A massive thanks to all the Cycle Sprog Facebook followers plus the members of the Family Cycling UK and Preowned Frog Bikes For Sale Facebook Groups for taking the time to let us know their recommendations for the best balance bikes.

Do drop a comment in the box below to let others know which balance bike you recommend, and why - thank you!




Karen Wood

Hello. We appreciate feedback at Strider but as you aren’t a verified purchaser from the same review you left on our website then I think you may have your brands confused. The Strider, without the pegs on, doesn’t stick out. However if a child’s legs are that close to the frame then you do not have the seat height correct. It would need lowering. This bike is used by Strider Instructors in over 700 schools in the UK and in 6 years this is the first ever complaint. If you would like training on how to use the bike correctly please get in touch.


Please do NOT buy a STRIDER 16 SPORT YOUTH BALANCE BIKE. The design is incredibly poor. Two hubs at the bottom of the frame, which allow footrests to be added, actually stick out on either side of the frame. This means that children can very easily hit their legs against the frame, causing pain and bruising. I go into schools to teach children to ride bikes and balance bikes, and a lot of the children complain about this problem with the Strider bikes. Today, I had a child in floods of tears after hitting her leg, which has prompted me to write this review. Strider really should remove this design from sale and drastically improve it. It is currently not fit for purpose.

Pavlina Greatorex/Bubble Bike Store


I run an online shop selling balance bikes and kick scooter bikes. I am interested in getting a review on your website – is that possible and what would I have to do for that?

Many thanks for your help!

Pavlina, Bubble Bike Store


Hello Pavlina, Thanks very much for your message. I have just sent you an email – look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Karen

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