Best electric box bikes to carry kids

A two or three wheeled electric box bike (or bakfiets) is a great way to carry one, two or three children on your bike. Some even allow you to carry up to four children! 

Your kids sit in a box in the front of the bike, which means you can see your children at all times and chat while you ride.

Box bikes are the original type of cargo bike and have been around for a long time. Both two and three-wheeled box bikes have seen an increase in popularity over the past two decades in places like Denmark and the Netherlands.

Another type of cargo bike to carry kids is the longtail bike, a bicycle with a longer pannier rack which is suitable for carrying two or three children. Find out more about the Best electric longtail cargo bikes to carry kids.

What is the best electric box bike for my family?

A box bike to carry children can be quite heavy and this is where the various e-bike motor and battery options come in. The addition of e-assist provides you with support while you pedal and also gives you a boost when going up hills.

A downside of an electric box bike is its size; a box bike is wider and longer than a normal bike, and also than a longtail bike. Lifting it onto steps on your own is impossible but getting onto a kerb is fine with most two-wheeled box bikes.

As with any electric cargo bike, the best way to find out what type is best for you is to test ride different types.

We have a multitude of guides to help you decide what is best for your family’s needs, including 2 vs 3 wheeled cargo bikes and What type of cargo bike is best for my family?

Dad holding Urban Arrow box bike with two children

We’ve set out some recommendations for the best electric box bikes for you and your family below.

If you’re not sure about the different types, or how it is to ride one, read our frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page first.

All prices are for electric box bikes without any accessories, although most bikes come with seating for children.

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Best electric box bikes with two wheels

A two-wheeled electric box bike is a great way to ride with your kids, in all weathers. 

Riding a box bike might take some getting used to, but with the weight of your precious cargo low down it will be easy to keep your balance.

Raleigh Stride 2

Best for: low step through and good value.
Price: from £4,299
Bike weight:
60 kg
Bike length: 258 cm
Cargo capacity in box: 80 kg

The Raleigh Stride 2 is a slightly heavy two-wheeled electric box bike which is comfortable and easy to ride. 

The bench is slightly higher up than on some other box bikes, making the centre of gravity slightly higher on this one. A range of accessories is available, including a toddler seat and a rain cover.

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Riese & Müller Load 60

Best for: multi-terrain riding.
from £6,309
Bike weight:
35.5 kg
Bike length: 248 cm
Cargo capacity in box: 70 kg

The R&M Load 60 is one of the two-wheeled electric box bikes from the R&M range, which are lightweight and all come with high specs.

This sporty bike is perfect for parents looking to go off-road with their cargo bike or for a comfortable ride on urban roads with potholes because of the full suspension.

Accessories such as the bench and seats are an additional cost, but there are lots of accessories available to suit this bike to your family's needs.

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Urban Arrow Family

Best for: carrying up to four children.
from £5,699
Bike weight: 48 kg
Bike length: 258 cm
Cargo capacity in box: 125 kg

Urban Arrow is a well-known Dutch cargo bike brand and their Urban Arrow Family is a comfortable two-wheeled electric box bike that is hard to fault due to its simple design and good specification.

Together with the rain canopy the Urban Arrow Family offers a true car replacement for families.

This is a Cycle Sprog tried and tested bike!

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Babboe Mini-E

Best for: value for money for up to two kids in an area without hills.
Price: from £3,294
Bike weight:
51 kg
Bike length: 235 cm
Cargo capacity in box: 80 kg

The Babboe Mini-E is the most compact two-wheeled box bike on our list. It is best suited for flatter areas because of its rear-hub motor with a significantly lower torque than the other two-wheeled box bikes we're listing here (torque is a measure for how powerful the motor of an e-bike is).

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Bakfiets Classic Electric short

Best for: up to two kids and small storage spaces.
Price: from £4,410
Bike weight:
Bike length: 228 cm
Cargo capacity in box: 80 kg

This classic Dutch box bike with wooden box is another compact option, featuring a mid drive motor and a wide range of accessories.

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Best electric box bikes with three wheels

A three-wheeled box bike, also known as a trike, is best for riding in urban or flat areas and if you’re not in a rush. Most box trikes have got two benches and can seat up to four children.

Going around corners should be done with caution on a trike as you’ll have a wider turning circle, but you will soon get to grips with this. The benefits of a trike are that they often have a larger box and they are stable.

Raleigh Stride 3

Best for: up to four kids in a flat area.
Price: from £4,499
Bike weight:
75 kg
Bike length: 215 cm
Cargo capacity in box: 100 kg

The Raleigh Stride 3 is a heavy box trike but the powerful Bosch mid-drive motor can compensate for the weight. The wide box can seat up to four children comfortably.

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Babboe Curve-E

Best for: value for money trike to carry up to four kids.
Price: from £3,349
Bike weight:
Bike length: 215 cm
Cargo capacity in box: 100 kg

The Babboe Curve-E has a large box which can suit up to four kids. This electric box trike is not suitable to use in hilly areas due to the rear hub-drive motor with a limited torque of 40 Nm.

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Christiania Classic Electric Steps

Best for: customising to your needs.
Price: from £4,790
Bike weight:
38 kg
Bike length: 208 cm
Cargo capacity in box: 100 kg

Christiania is a Danish brand who specialise in trikes. The Christiania Cargo Electric is fitted with a Shimano Steps mid-drive motor. 

This cargo trike is fully customisable and has a relatively small turning radius, compared to other trikes.

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How to choose the best electric box bike for your family

Choosing an electric box bike for your family can be tricky with so many options available.

Investing in an electric box bike can be daunting but we’d recommend you invest in the highest specifications you can afford, to avoid regret later on. And don’t forget your children will be growing!

We’ve got a full guide on this, called what type of cargo bike is best for my family?

What are the different types of electric box bikes?

Generally speaking, electric box bikes can be split into two main categories; two-wheeled and three-wheeled (or trikes).

Regardless of the number of wheels, all electric box bikes come with different specs and options such as suspension, extra benches, motor and battery configuration, and baby and toddler seats.

Why should I choose an electric box bike?

They are arguably the most fun type of cargo bike to ride with kids because they sit in front of you. You can see them and chat to them while riding.

One that comes with a rain canopy offers protection in all weathers, making it a good car replacement.

Another advantage is that you can chuck in all your coats, bags and snacks without thinking about how to secure them to your bike. An electric box bike can also come in handy when you want to carry another adult or carry a heavy load like a weekly shop or a piece of furniture even!

How many children can fit in an electric box bike?

This depends on the type. All electric box bikes can seat at least two children in the box.

Check each bike’s specifications to find out how many children the bike can accommodate. Sometimes it’s possible to install an extra bench, like for the Urban Arrow Family. This would allow three or four children to sit in the box.

It is sometimes an option to carry a child on the pannier rack of a box bike, allowing one more child to be carried. If you’re looking to carry more than two children make sure you check the maximum weight capacity of the bike.

Box bike with four children in it

What is the difference between a longtail and a box bike?

A longtail bike is another type of cargo bike, with a longer rear including a longer pannier rack which can seat two or three children. They are usually the same length or slightly longer than a normal adult's bicycle and are therefore fairly easy to store.

A box bike has either two or three wheels. Box bikes with two wheels, also called Long Johns or bakfiets, have a longer wheelbase at the front with a cargo box allowing you to carry between two or four children in it. Three-wheeled box bikes are tricycles with a box between the two front wheels. They have a shorter wheelbase than two-wheeled box bikes, but are still longer than a normal bike.

How do I choose between two or three wheels?

Two and three wheeled box bikes both have their advantages and disadvantages and it is a very personal decision as to what you prefer. The best thing to do is to test different types of bikes and ideally test the specific brands of bikes as well.

Two wheeled options offer a more agile riding experience, but will need to be held upright when stopping at junctions.

Three wheelers are less manoeuvrable but more stable when you stop. They are slightly wider, which can be important in terms of storage and getting through barriers.

For a more detailed explanation of both types, take a look at our guide to 2 vs 3 wheeled cargo bikes.

What age can kids ride in a box bike?

Children aged between newborn up to teenagers can be transported in a box bike.

A great benefit of an electric box bike is that you can carry your baby by using a stage 0 car seat.

Most electric box bikes provide an optional bracket to slot a car seat in. If you don’t want to wait until your child is old enough to sit in a bike seat, a box bike is a great option.

Box bike with car seat carrying baby

Will a box bike suit me as well as my partner?

It is very common to use an electric cargo bike with two adults of different heights and builds. This is absolutely fine and most box bikes will come with a seat post with a quick release lever so they are easy to adjust up and down.

Bike brands usually specify the minimum and maximum height of the rider, so look out for this especially if you are either shorter than 160cm (5'3") or taller than 185cm (6'1").

What is a bakfiets?

Bakfiets is a Dutch brand of mostly two-wheeled cargo bikes with a wooden box, and the brand name has become a synonym for a box bike or Long John bicycle, a cargo bike with a longer wheelbase and a box at the front to carry stuff or children.



Are electric box bikes heavy?

Yes, they are fairly heavy. Generally speaking, an electric box bike is heavier than the best electric longtail bikes, another type of cargo bike to carry kids.

The lightest electric box bikes start from around 35kg and the heaviest go up to 75kg.

What accessories are available for electric box bikes?

Most brands offer a range of accessories including different types of seating, rain canopies and other accessories such as a box cover and car seat bracket.

An electric box bike with a rain canopy transforms the bike into a snuggly cocoon for your children, making cycling through all weathers an easy undertaking, even with the smallest of children.

Rain canopy for cargo bike

Are electric box bikes good for hilly areas?

Since they’re fairly heavy compared to a longtail cargo bike or a regular bike, this will impact your ability to cycle up hills. The most important part of an electric box bike is therefore the motor. 

A powerful mid-drive motor can compensate for the additional weight of the bike and the cargo you’re carrying.

You can read our guide to e-bike motor and battery options for more information.

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Have you considered a cargo bike with a longer rear rack as well? These are called longtail bikes and they are great for carrying one or two children on the rear and on some you can carry up to three children.


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