Local elections – ask candidates about cycling

Many towns in England and Wales are gearing up to the local elections taking place on 2 May 2024. Depending on where you live, you will be voting for councils and mayors and/or police and crime commissioners.

If you live in an area with elections coming up, you probably have received leaflets through the door and hopefully transport was one of the topics in there.

You might get candidates or volunteers for political parties knocking on your door to ask you which way you’re voting.

Whatever your political views, we’d encourage you to ask them what their plans are to improve cycling in your area, and especially for children. 

The more people ask about this, the more the political parties will realise it’s an issue that people care about.  

Here at Cycle Sprog HQ, we are keen campaigners for active travel provision for everyone, and particularly for children.

We have written about this in the past, check out our article on why kids cycling to school shouldn’t be rocket science. 

This is actually a good starting point for anyone who’s curious to know what we could do to get more kids cycling to school. 

Asking candidates for their view on cycling may also help you decide who to vote for.

people cycling on a traffic free path

3 questions to ask candidates

Here are some questions to get you going;

  1. Do you support School Streets?
  2. Do you support the implementation of (more) 20mph speed limits in all built up areas?
  3. What are your plans for improving the situation for walking and cycling in our area?

School streets

A School Street is a road outside a school with a temporary restriction on motorised traffic at school drop-off and pick-up times. The restriction applies to school traffic and through traffic.

The School Streets website is a very useful resource to find out more about school streets, including a map of current School Streets.

20mph speed limits

A speed limit of 20 mph will reduce the risk of collisions, help people feel safer and benefit people’s physical and mental well-being. A child is 3 times more likely to die if hit by a car on a 30mph road than on a 20mph road.

Wales has introduced a 20mph speed limit on restricted roads in September 2023.

The 20 is plenty campaign website offers lots of useful information about 20mph speed limits and their benefits.


Local issues

If you have a local issue that you feel particularly strongly about; this is your chance.

Talk to your local candidate about that dangerous crossing near your kids' school or the lack of cycle lanes to local shops, sport club, or nursery.



Other topics to discuss

There are plenty of other things you could ask about such as:

  • Secure on-street cycle storage
  • (Cargo) bike loan schemes
  • Bikeability training for all children
  • Loans and grants to purchase cycles and accessories
  • Protected cycle lanes along all main roads
  • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

If you want some more inspiration on what to ask, and to be prepared for some potential responses, Walk Ride Bath have published the questions asked (and responses from) the candidates for the Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Elections

Photo ID required

Don’t forget to vote on 2 May and remember to take a photo ID to the polling station, as this is now a legal requirement.


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