The best kids bike trailers – Winter 2021

Buying a bike trailer to pull your baby or child behind you is a big decision – you want to make sure that they’ll be safe, secure, and comfortable during their ride.  Thankfully there are a number of brands who have spent years working on these aspects of child bike trailer design.


There was a HUGE surge in sales children’s bike trailers over the summer months, with many families enjoying getting out cycling with their babies, toddlers and children, with the majority of UK retailers sold out at point!

At the time of writing the following places had bike trailers in stock:

Halfords –  best for budget trailers

Alpine Trek – best for those with slightly higher budgets wanting a built in roll cage

eBay – various makes and models available new and secondhand

Tredz – good range of spare parts and accessories

There is also a new bike trailer rental scheme for Burley Trailers if you want to try before you buy, or just rent for a short time.

Please understand that not all the models featured in this article will be available. Hopefully, things will return to normal soon.

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Dad pulling son in trailer - Black Friday deals on kids bike trailers

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Single or double bike trailer?

In this post, we’ll be looking at the standard features of a number of different brands.   When it comes to the details we’ll be featuring the best single seat bike trailers for pulling one child or baby behind you in order to maintain consistency between measurements and weights.  If you’re looking for a double trailer with two seats all the advice is the same, and all the manufacturers do a double version. Obviously, the trailer will be heavier and the dimensions wider.

What to look for when buying a bike trailer

Safety is every parent’s prime concern, especially when cycling in traffic. There are four main brands available in the UK who make single seat child trailers that come with integrated roll cages. These trailers are robust enough to carry children and luggage. The frames are very rigid and designed to provide a reasonable level of protection for your child in case of impact. This photo shows what a roll cage looks like and you can see your child is sat well within the protective struts.

Croozer integratd roll bar for kids trailer safety

These trailers also come with reflective materials, 5 point harnesses and have additional accessories available to allow babies and younger children to travel in comfort and safety.   They are also easy to fold down and compact for storing and transporting.

Fold down compact single seat bike trailer than converts into a stroller pushchair

These brands usually have several different single seat trailers in their range, with varying levels of comfort and ease of use, but all have the same safety features. The brands making quality single seat bike trailers readily available new in the UK are as follows:

Each brand has two versions of their single speed trailer – a premium and budget trailer – but the differences are in the cost, the comfort of the ride, and usability rather than safety features. We’ll take a look at each trailer range in more detail in a minute.

WeeRide used to make a single seat trailer but that is currently difficult to buy new in the UK. However, it is occasionally available secondhand.

These children’s single seat trailers with a roll-bar do come at a price (£400 to £900) but give you peace of mind that they are built to last many years of regular use. These trailers also come with many features to make life easier for you to use and more comfortable for your child, including suspension, anti-roll mechanisms, reclining seats, easy fold and storage compartments.  Many also convert to strollers or joggers which make them ideal for active families. Many parents will invest in these trailers if they want to incorporate cycling into their daily lives or are planning long distance cycling adventures.

At the other end of the price spectrum, cheaper bike trailers cost between £100 to £150. These obviously aren’t manufactured to the same rigorous standards, but can provide families with a budget way to cycle with their child and are popular for gentle bikes rides on smooth traffic free surfaces.  Other families (ours included) commute successfully on a daily basis with a cheap trailer.  Just don’t expect them to last as long, have a high resale value, or be as easy to use. As they don’t have the roll cage, they don’t provide the same level of protection to your child if they overturn or are involved in an impact, which is something you need to make your own risk based decision on.

The best single seat bike trailers

In this article, we take a look at those single seat bike trailers easily available in the UK, either new or second hand.  The premium brands are often available used on re-sale sites like eBay, which is testament to the quality of their build and their durability. We’ve looked at each brand in turn, and given key statistics from the manufacturers where available to help you compare features. All these brands also have double seat trailer for two children – we’ve just not round to writing that post yet!!

Thule child bike trailers

Thule are one of the most popular and readily available bike trailer manufacturers here in the UK.  They originate from Sweden and aim to create quality products to get families active, whilst meeting the highest safety standards. Thule trailers come with a roll bar which provides structural protection for your child whilst they are inside, which is something missing from the much cheaper trailers available. This means some parents choose for their child not to wear a helmet inside these trailers, although this is entirely your choice.

The Thule Single Seat trailers are designed to be bike trailers and strollers and you can buy additional conversion kits for jogging and skiing. Thule also offer a wide range of additional accessories and spare parts you can adapt the trailer as your needs change.

One of the most popular accessories is the infant sling which attaches inside the trailer and is for use by babies who cannot sit unaided between the age 1 – 10 months old, weigh less than 10kg, and are shorter than 75cm. (Please note that the Thule safety disclaimer is to only use the sling for the strolling function, so each family must make their own decision on when/if they wish to start cycling with their baby).Thule baby sling for carrying a baby in a bike trailer

For slightly older children (aged 6-18 months) there is the Thule Baby Supporter which has padded sides and head support to ensure your baby sits comfortably upright.  The head support adjusts upwards as your baby grows, but can also be totally removed if you prefer to have your child wearing a helmet inside the trailer. Thule Baby Supporter for toddlers in a single bike trailerThule have three different models of single seat bike trailer available:

Here’s a summary of the key features of each for the single seater (obviously you need to factor up for the double version):

  Thule Chariot Cross 1 Thule Chariot Lite 1 Thule Chariot Cougar 1
Trailer weight (inc towbar, hitch, flag) 13.8kg 11.7 kg 11 kg
Max cargo weight 34kg 34kg 34kg
Interior Seated Height 68 cm 68 cm 67cm
Interior Shoulder Width 36.5 cm 36.5 cm 40cm
Suspension   Yes Yes
Reclining Seats Yes No No
Cargo Space XL Limited Medium
Size Folded L x W x H (cm): 87 x 65 x 37.5 87 x 65 x 37.5 107 x 61 x 26 cm
Stroller conversion kit Yes Yes  
RRP £850 £615 Was £625 new
Available Tredz eBay Secondhand

Thule Chariot Cross (RRP £850)

Thule Chariot Cross Single Seat trailer for one child

The Chariot Cross 1 is Thule’s premium child trailer and was upgraded in 2017 from the previous model, the Chariot Cougar. It’s designed for active families who want a trailer for cycling, walking, running and even skiing.  Out of the box, the Chariot Cross trailer is suitable for cycling and strolling and you can buy additional attachment kits for jogging and skiing.

The trailer is fitted with adjustable suspension and a reclining seat for a comfortable ride. It is very easy to move from bike trailer to stroller making this a versatile trailer for daily use, as the non-required parts store away very cleverly. It has a fold away storage area which gives you more legroom when it’s not in use but provides capacity for carrying shopping or all your Sprog’s “stuff” when you need it.

This video explains the main features of the Chariot Cross and shows how to convert from one mode to another – the video shows the double trailer, but the same features apply to the single mode:

BUY NEW:  Thule Chariot Cross 1 

BUY SECOND HANDThe Chariot Cross 1 was only released in 2017 so there aren’t currently many available secondhand.  Its predecessor, the Chariot Cougar 1 is often available on eBay (see two below for more details of this trailer). 

Thule Chariot Lite (RRP £625)

Thule Chariot Lite Single Seat child bike trailer which converts into a pushchair stroller and is suitable from birth

The Thule Chariot Lite has all the same safety features as the Chariot Cross so you have the same peace of mind about your child’s safety, and it’s also a bike trailer/stroller with an option to upgrade for jogging and ski-ing. However, being a cheaper model means the Chariot Lite doesn’t have reclining seats, the suspension isn’t adjustable and there isn’t the same amount of storage space. This means it’s a great choice for shorter everyday trips, but you may want to consider the Chariot Cross if you’re planning longer adventures or if you know your child is going to be sleeping a lot whilst it’s in use.  You can see the features of the Chariot Lite in the first part of this video – be aware that the jogger and ski conversions use the more expensive trailer to demonstrate:

Buy new:  The Thule Chariot Lite 1 

Buy second hand: Keep an eye out on eBay just in case one comes up when you need it! 

Thule Chariot Cougar

The Thule Chariot Cougar was their initial premium single seat bike trailer, and we’ve included it here as it quite frequently comes up for sale secondhand on eBay.

The main differences between the older and newer trailers are the folded size (the newer one is easier to fit into small car boots) plus the Cougar lacks removable/washable shoulder pads and the plastic step to help your child get up into the trailer. However, the Cougar remains a great trailer and should give you years of cycling fun with your Sprog.

Here’s a video of the features of the older Chariot Cougar so you can compare with the newer Chariot Cross:

Buy secondhand:  The Thule Chariot Cougar often comes up for sale secondhand on eBay. Be aware that there are double and single versions available so check with the seller if the listing is not clear.

Burley child trailers

Burley is an American company who have an extensive range of trailers for different purposes.  All Burley trailers come with impressive safety and usability features, the most important of which are:

  • a “flex connector” which allows your bike to lay flat while the trailer remains upright – very useful whilst sorting your child out;
  • a full internal aluminum roll cage for protection in case of an accident – hopefully never needed, but designed to protect your child and means many parents choose not to have their child wear a helmet when inside a Burley trailer; and
  • If you do decide your child needs to wear a helmet, there’s a recessed helmet pocket for extra headroom.

Burley have a support for young children, although their “Snuggler” is designed for ages 6 to 18 months of age, so not from birth (which is why the Thule is popular with parents of very young babies).  The Burley website has the following disclaimer on their website: “Snuggler may be used for towing your child behind your bicycle if your child may sit upright unattended while wearing a bicycle helmet”. It is therefore up to each family to make a risk based assessment as to when they wish to start cycling with their child.

Burley Burley Snuggler for transporting a baby inside a bike trailer

Burley has two single seat child trailers available, depending on the type of cycling you’re doing, the height of your child and your budget:

Both trailers come with the same safety features, it’s the functionality that varies.  Here are the key specification details and we’ll take a closer look at each trailer in more detail.

  Burley D’Lite Burley Minnow
Trailer weight (inc towbar, hitch, flag) 12.5kg 9.9 kg
Max cargo weight 34kg 34kg
Interior Seated Height 60.9cm 69.85cm
Interior Seat Width 47cm 40.6cm
Interior Shoulder Width 55.8cm 45.7cm
Seated Leg Room 54.61cm 53.3cm
Cargo Space 40 litres 36 litres
Size Open L x W x H (cm): 84.5 x 69.9 x 97.2  82 x 66 x 91.4
Size Folded L x W x H (cm): 91.4 x 69.9 x 38.1  82 x 66 x 28.6
Stroller conversion kit Yes No
RRP £700 £360
Buy now From Tredz From Tredz

Burley D’Lite

Burley D'Lite Single Seat child bike trailer

The D’Lite Single is Burley’s top of the range single seat bike trailer which comes with a conversion kit that turns the trailer into a stroller for when you’re not on the bike. You can also buy extra conversion kits for use for hiking, jogging and skiing, making this a really good choice for adventurous families.

In bike trailer mode the Burley D’Lite Single has adjustable suspension meaning you can ride off road without your little one feeling uncomfortable.  This being their premium model, Burley have fitted the D’Lite Single with other features to make your child’s ride extra comfortable including padded seat back and head rest together with three reclining seat positions.

Burley D'Lite - inside the single seat D'Lite trailer

The D’Lite Single is wider than the cheaper Minnow, giving more room for your child to spread out inside, plus it has more cargo room. However, it does have slightly less headroom, which is worth knowing if you’re planning to use with a much older/taller child.  Here’s a quick video Burley have made showing the features of the D’Lite trailer:


Buy new:  The Burley D’Lite Single Seat trailer

Rent:  You can find out more about hiring Burley kids bike trailers here

Burley Minnow

Burley Minnow Single Seat bike trailerThe Minnow is Burley’s “Recreation” range single seater bike trailer, aimed at families using a trailer for cycling on smooth surfaces (it lacks the suspension of the D’Lite).  The Minnow is just a bike trailer, so doesn’t have the conversion kit to be a stroller or jogger. This video from Burley explains the features of this trailer:

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a single seat trailer for riding on roads or flat cycle paths and would be ideal for those wanting to ditch the car and start doing the school run by bicycle.  It’s got a high passenger area compared to many other trailers , meaning that your child has plenty of growing room upwards, but is quite narrow width wise.  It folds down more compactly than the D’Lite which may be an important consideration for storage or transportation.

Buy new: The Burley Minnow child trailer 

Buy second hand:  The Minnow is the new name for the Burley Solo, which quite often comes up on eBay if you’re searching for used bargains

Rent:  Find out more about renting Burley double trailers here

Croozer bike trailers

Croozer are a German company who have been making some of the best kids bike trailers for decades.  From 2019 they included both the stroller AND the jogger adaptor kits in the box, which make them a great choice for parents who want to both run and cycle with their child. Of course, be aware older 2018 and second hand models won’t have the jogger kit.  They also come with two universal adapter hitches, great if two different people are doing drop off / pick up duties.

As with the other trailers featured so far in this article, the Croozers come with an integrated roll bar, designed to keep your child protected if you were ever involved in an accident.

Croozer have two models of single seat bike trailer:

  • Croozer Kid Plus for 1 – their premium trailer with suspension
  • Croozer Kid for 1 – their budget trailer
  Croozer Kid Plus for 1 Croozer Kid for 1
Trailer weight 15.7 kg 14.2 kg
Max cargo weight 35kg 35kg
Interior Seated Height 62cm 62 cm
Suspension and integrated light Yes No
Size Open L x W x H (cm): 112 x 76 x 87 112 x 72 x 87
Size Folded L x W x H (cm): 106 x 72 x 28 106 x 72 x 28
Stroller/jogger conversion kit Included Included
RRP £756 £650
Available eBay eBay

Croozer Kid Plus

The Kid Plus for 1 is Croozer’s premium single seat bike trailer. The 2019 model is a jogger and stroller as well as a bike trailer.

Croozer Kid Plus for 1 single child bike trailer

The Croozer Kid Plus for 1 has suspension, so is ideal if you’re planning to ride on ‘non-tarmac’ surfaces, or want a more comfortable ride for your child over longer distances. It’s got the roll bar safety features of all the other trailers above, plus you also get two hitches, making this a good choice if you’re planning to share the pulling duties.  Their premium model also comes with an integrated light, which you can just see in the handle in the picture above.

BUY NEW:  The Croozer Kids Plus for 1 is stocked by Alpine Trek 

BUY NEW: From eBay

BUY SECONDHAND: Due to their longevity, Croozer trailers do come up on eBay.  Check whether you’re getting the Kid Plus version with the suspension if it’s not clearly mentioned in the listing

Croozer Kid

The Croozer Kid is the cheaper sibling of the Croozer Kids Plus and the main difference is that you don’t get suspension, so this trailer is great if you’re only planning to ride on roads.  You also don’t get the built in light in the frame but virtually all the other features are the same as the Kid Plus.

Buy new: The Croozer Kid is available from Alpine Trek, who offer free home delivery. 

Buy new: from eBay

Buy secondhand:  Croozer Kid trailers are so well made it’s worth keeping an eye open for a secondhand bargain on eBay.

Hamax child trailers

Hamax are a Norwegian company who are particularly renowned for their wide range of kids bike seats. They also have two single seat child trailer options available, both of which come with a very robust roll cage and various safety and utility features.

Hamax have two models of multifunctional bike trailers:

  • Hamax Outback – their premium trailer with suspension and stroller/jogger conversion kit
  • HAMAX Avenida  – their budget trailer/stroller without suspension.

Both have the integrated roll cage as standard.

  Hamax Outback ONE Hamax Avenida ONE
Trailer weight (excl tow bar) 15.5kg 13.5 kg
Max child weight 22kg 22 kg
Max total cargo weight 34kg 38 kg
Max child height 117cm 117cm
Suspension / reclining seats Yes No
Size Open L x W x H (cm): 109 x 33 x 95 102 x 28 x 100
Size Folded L x W x H (cm): Not stated Not stated
Stroller / jogger conversion kit Yes Just stroller
RRP £800 £370
Available eBay eBay

Hamax Outback Trailer

Hamax One Single Seat reclining trailer

The Outback is Hamax’s premium single seat, multi-functional trailer. As with most of the other top of the range trailers, it can be used for cycling, walking and jogging plus ski-ing if you purchase the conversion kit.

You can also get a special seat for babies up to 10kg, which Hamax say should only be used for strolling and not cycling.

Hamax Outback Trailer baby seat

When you’re attaching the trailer to your bike or swapping between different modes there’s a safety feature which shows green when you’ve connected it properly and red when you haven’t.  A new feature in 2019 is the reclining seat functionality, which is great if you’ve got a little Sproglet who wants to sleep on the journey. You can see both of these in this video:

BUY NEW:  The Hamax Outback Reclining Child Trailer

BUY SECONDHAND:  Due to the durability of this trailer, it’s worth keeping an eye on eBay for any coming up for sale second hand. They do a single and double version, so check the listing carefully for which you’re getting, and also check features like suspension and reclining seats if these are important to you as older models can vary. 

Hamax Avenida Child Trailer


Hamax Avenida Single seat cheap kids bike trailer

The Avenida ONE is Hamax’s budget cycle trailer. It has the same safety features as the Outback in terms of roll cage, reflective materials etc, but is less of a multi-use trailer. It converts to a stroller, but as it doesn’t have suspension doesn’t allow for jogging or skiing. It doesn’t have reclining seats either, which is worth considering if you’re planning longer rides for little ones.

BUY NEW: The Hamax Avenida from Halfords

BUY NEW: from eBay 

BUY SECONDHAND:  It’s quite rare to find this trailers secondhand at the moment, but it’s worth keeping an eye out on eBay just in case. 

Halfords Trailer (RRP £85 – £110)

Halfords Single Seat Bike trailer

All of the trailers featured above come with an integrated roll bar, which offers a reasonable degree of protection to your child should the trailer overturn or be involved in an impact. The Halfords single seat trailer doesn’t have this roll bar, meaning it’s much cheaper. This makes it a much more affordable option, especially if you’re only planning to use it a couple of times, say during a holiday. Other families, ours included, are happy to commute daily with such a trailer – a lot will depend on the nature of the route you’re taking and your attitude to risk.   It’s worth pointing out that the advice is to ensure your child is wearing a helmet whilst sitting in this trailer, and it’s not suitable for children under the age of 12 months.  Also, note that the hitch is not compatible with ‘Thru Axles’ but only standard bolted or QR axles.

There’s obviously no suspension, anti-roll mechanism, reclining seats or additional comfort and storage features that you get with the more expensive trailers but it does come with a high visibility flag.

BUY NEW: There are two versions of the Halfords single seat bike trailer available – one is just a bike trailer  and the other with a stroller conversion kit . 

BUY SECONDHAND:  Due to the low price of these trailers, lots of families buy them and then only use them a few times. This means they often come up for sale on eBay. Do check the listing carefully if you want the stroller attachment as it’s not standard

WeeRide Classic Trailer – DISCONTINUED

WeeRide Classic Single Seat childrens bike trailer

WeeRide are very well known for making front bike seats and tagalongs, and in the past, they have had a single seat bike trailer called the WeeRide Classic, which has a full aluminium roll bar and 5 point harness.

BUY SECONDHAND:  The WeeRide Classic single seat trailer is now discontinued, but it’s worth keeping an eye on eBay just in case one comes up Details of the specification are here if you need it.

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I’m desperate to get my hands on a reasonably priced single trailer with a reclining seat. Is there something you can suggests? I like the solo but it’s £600 at most stockists! I doubt there’s anything much cheaper but was wondering if you’ve heard of anything.
Cheers liz.

Penny Millar

Hi Liz
Thank you for your comment. We’d recommend asking your question on the Family Cycling UK page on Facebook. They have hundreds of members who are very helpful at making recommendations based on personal experience. We hope this helps! Penny



You might want to revisit some of these. The Thule and Burley models are all out of stock at the retailers you suggest (and many others).

Penny Millar

Hi there
Yes, we’re currently we’re seeing a lot of items flying out, thanks to Covid-19! Sales volumes are very high at the moment, as you can imagine. We do check the pages and try to make sure we are showing where a bike or trailer etc is available but unfortunately it’s not always possible as they may be out of stock nationwide. Stockists are working very hard to ensure they get items back in as soon as they can though so it’s always worth keeping an eye on a page if there is something in particular you are looking out for. Many thanks, Penny


This is a great resource. Wish it had been around 2 years ago.
In the Burley section though, the Minnow isn’t just a renamed Solo. The Solo sits between the two they currently make with adjustable suspension, the ability to convert to a stroller, padded seat, break, and adjustable sunshade.
Probably a moot point as it’s not manufactured any more but you include other discontinued lines so I thought it might be relevant.
Thanks for your work on the site, I’ve found it helpful on several occasions.

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