Best pump tracks for kids

Pump tracks are brilliant for kids and we get sent photos of your sprogs riding them every week here at Cycle Sprog. They are perfect for kids of all ages for some two-wheel fun, so it was about time we gave them their own special section of our website, and create a list of the best pump tracks for kids!

We'll also answer your pump track questions including what is a pump track, what bike your child needs to ride on a pump track, where you can find pump tracks near you, top tips for pump track safety and how to ride a pump track.

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Pump tracks are brilliant for children and family cycling days out because:

  • They are motor traffic free
  • They develop and hone children's balance and bike handling skills. 
  • They are ridable from balance bikes to adult bikes, offering fun for all ages! 
  • They are usually based in parks or woodlands, meaning there is loads of other entertainment around to do alongside the pump track!
child riding a pump track
boy on a green bike riding a pump track with an adult behind him giving a push

What is a pump track? 

A pump track is a purpose-built cycling track suitable for all ages and most types of bikes. The track has man-made lumps and bumps which create a fun flowing exciting track for a child to ride.

The corners and bends of a pump track are called berms, and usually they create a continuous loop, with entry and exit points.

Skilled riders will be able to ‘pump’ the lumps and bumps, creating speed meaning they can get around the track without pedalling, picking up speed and maybe even jumping over the humps- but children usually like to pedal away and will sometimes need an eager adult to run behind them and help push them up the steeper parts.

your favourite pump tracks

We asked on our Facebook and Instagram communities where your favourite pump tracks are and we had SO MANY responses! 

This doesn't attempt to be a comprehensive guide to all pump tracks- head to the where can I find a pump track near me section below to find all pump tracks.

We have created a collection on komoot of your favourite pump tracks, please do continue to tag us in your favourites and we can build on the collection!

Click on the images below for more information about each pump track and where it is.

your favourite pump tracks

click each image for more information

What bike does my child need for a pump track? 

Almost all bikes are suitable for a pump track! From first balance bikes to hybrids, mountain bikes and bmx bikes.


Where can I find a pump track near me? 

More Dirt has created an ultimate directory of all pump tracks in the UK

Learn More
little boy on an orange bike at a pump track

Pump track safety- does my child need a helmet? 

Pump tracks are fun, motor vehicle-free places, but often have other trail users so it's important to give each other space and share the track well- especially if your little one is moving around slower than other users. 

If your child is on a balance bike, we recommend your child can confidently balance, glide and stop before they venture onto a pump track, and you might need to run alongside to help and keep them away from other users. 

They will need to balance and control their speed on the bumps and hills to prevent crashing. 

Should your child wear a helmet is a personal family decision, but many pump tracks will have signage stating helmets are necessary, as the chance of falling and crashing is higher in this sort of hilly and flowing pump track environment. 

two children riding a pump track
boy doing a jump at a pump track

How to ride a pump track

Pump tracks are designed to be ridden in a continuous loop, without the need to pedal. Skilled riders will be able to ‘pump’ their bikes, in order to build speed around the track. Pumping is the act of weighting and unweighting the bike at certain times on the trail and is a fun skill to learn. 

Younger riders will need to pedal at certain times or get a push up bigger hills from an adult, but will still have a lot of fun! 

Pump tracks are to be ridden in one direction only and it's important to be considerate of other users to ensure you're sharing the facility fairly and safely. 


your favourite pump tracks

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There is a nice pump track in Goldworths park Woking, Moor Road Rec in farnborough and also at Hartland Country Park in Fleet/farnborough.

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