We’ve been test riding the newest family cargo bikes for 2024

One of the most exciting things to happen in the wonderful world of family cycling over the past few years has been the massive growth in popularity and availability of cargo bikes for carrying kids. 

What would I have given to have had such choice when my two Cycle Sprogs were younger!  

Another sign of the changing times is that there’s now even a Cargo Bike Festival dedicated solely to this amazing mode of transport. Now in its second year, the 2024 festival took place at the Oval Cricket ground in London and I (Cycle Sprog’s founder, Karen) went along with our cargo bike editor Saskia, to discover the latest models on offer. 

We were very pleased to see some new brands and models coming to the festival and we learned more about the 'try before you buy' offer by Hackney-based Carry Me Bikes.

Quite a few of the bikes on display were similar to last year, so if you missed our report on the 2023 Cargo Bike Festival that will bring you up to date with a lot of the more established models. 

In this article, we’re going to be looking at the new innovations that we saw and test rode at the 2024 London Cargo Bike Festival.


Karen at London Cargo Bike Festival

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Brand new cargo bike models for 2024

There were quite a few new bikes for us to test out this year.

Here's what we thought of them...

Benno RemiDemi XL (from £4,100)

Benno RemiDemi XL longtail cargo bike in yellow

The Benno RemiDemi XL is an exciting proposition as it’s hitting the sweet spot of a longtail with a branded Bosch mid drive motor and a £4k price tag. 

This bike has only just been released, so it was brilliant to be able to test it.

Benno are already well known for their “Boost” and single “RemiDemi” models - the new RemiDemi XL is designed to carry two children on the rear rack.

Saskia’s first thoughts were: “Even though I don't like the look of fat tyres, I have to admit it made for a very comfortable ride without the need for suspension. Combined with the low step through and swept back handlebars I think this new model will be a popular option for families."

Tern Orox (from £5,900)

Tern Orox at London Cargo Bike Festival 2024

When we learnt about the launch of Tern’s first off road adventure cargo bike, the Cycle Sprog team were divided. Cycle Sprog’s main office is in Kendal, Cumbria on the outskirts of the Lake District, and Emily, our Reviews and Rides editor and I were immediately salivating over the photos of the bike. The possibilities it opens up for both daily commuting and weekend adventures in such a hilly part of the country are so exciting.

Saskia, who always cycles in urban areas or on paved routes thought it was totally OTT! 

It really depends on what your intended use is going to be, or how rugged you want to look. 

Tern Orox Cargo Bike at the Cargo Bike Conference 2024

Speaking to one of the Tern distributors, he confirmed my suspicions that quite a proportion of the pre-orders for this bike are from people living in central London who plan to use it for their local commute. Whilst we certainly mustn’t complain that the Range Rover brigade are moving onto cargo bikes, it does seem such a waste, as this bike is just begging to be taken out into the wild. 

A couple of laps of the tarmacked test track can’t do any bike justice, but the Orox in particular deserves so much more.

What I did take away from the couple of laps was that this is one seriously thought through bike, with the obsession to detail and quality that Tern are renowned for having clearly been brought to their latest offering. 

The Tern Orox definitely deserves its place on my dream bike list, and with the first shipment arriving later this summer I suspect it won’t be long before we see them not only on the streets of London, but on the tracks and trails of more rural areas too. Don’t expect to see Saskia on one any time soon though!

Ca Go FS 200 Life – a safety rated cargo bike

Ca Go FS200 Life at London Cargo Bike Festival 2024

One thing that is stopping some parents switching to a cargo bike (especially those who haven’t cycled extensively before having children), is the lack of detailed safety information about individual brands. Until now it’s been difficult to convert this group of parents to the joys of cargo biking. 

This is why we were so excited to see the Ca Go FS 200 Life electric box bike, which has passed an independent crash test with distinction by German surveyor experts at Steinacker. 

The obsession with safety was clear to see – they were the only stand at the festival who asked us to sign a disclaimer before getting on their bikes and the only stand asking if we’d like a helmet (a couple of other stands had them available, but no-one was wearing them!).

Ca Go FS200 Life at London Cargo Bike Festival 2024

The front box can fit two children forward facing at the back of the box plus another baby in a maxi-cosi car seat. It can also be used with an additional Urban Iki seat on the rear rack. You can potentially carry four children with this bike, although there’s not much space for children’s legs if you carry a baby in a car seat as well.

The safety features that will really appeal to come parents may annoy others for whom functionality and longevity are more important. This includes features like a very low bench which will mean children will be sitting with their legs stretched out in front of them and the lack of a second bench seat for rear facing passengers too big for the car seat option. 

The SPF 50 protection on the canopy (which also converts into a rain shield) is a great idea.

Estarli eCargo

Estarli eCargo longtail cargo bike at London Cargo Bike Festival 2024

One issue with most of the electric cargo bikes we test rode is that you do need to have at least £4,000 to spend. Whilst this does compare favourably with the cost of a new car, and salary sacrifice schemes can help reduce and spread costs, this can still be too much for many families.

The Estarli eCargo is therefore an important addition to the market, as it sits at the £3,000 price point (excluding accessories) whilst also being well thought out for families. 

The lower cost obviously comes with a lower specification, and there are certain considerations around this especially when it comes to the Ananda mid drive motor, which is not a well known brand.

Saskia's view: "The Estarli eCargo is an interesting newcomer on the market, with a very attractive price tag. However, this price tag means there's going to be compromises to the specification. During my quick ride I noticed he lower quality of the kickstand, cabling and that there was no way to adjust the handlebars. Having said that, this bike has some impressive specs for the price you pay, including a belt drive and mid drive motor."

We will be running a course on choosing a cargo bike later this summer that will include what to consider when you’re buying at different price points, so sign up now to our newsletter if you're curious about getting a cargo bike but don't know where to start. 

Bike43 premium pack

Bike43 longtail cargo bike at London Cargo Bike Festival 2024

Sometimes you don’t need an entire new bike model to get excited about. Accessories and how they work are equally important, and it was good to see the Bike43 premium pack up close.

Perhaps the neatest feature is the movable caboose, which makes it so much easier for children or an adult passenger to get on board. This will be a game changer for those wanting to keep younger kids contained whilst also using the bike with older family members or friends. 

Other features of the premium pack include waterproof seat cushions and the latest Bosch e-bike system.

If you want to know more about this bike read our review of the Bike43 longtail cargo bike.

Velo de Ville FR8 Heavy Duty (from £6,299)

Velo de Ville FR8 Heavy Duty cargo bike at London Cargo Bike Festival 2024

This French sounding bike is actually German! And for the first time available to purchase here in the UK.

There are two striking things about this bike. Firstly, it weighs in at a whopping 75kg making this a seriously large and heavy proposition. This is something to be mindful of if you’re prone to letting batteries go flat and having to rely on pedal power alone, if you’re limited for space or if you’re of slight build.

The box area is very spacious, with capacity for either a car seat or an additional bench in addition to the two seats shown.

Velo de Ville FR8 Heavy Duty cargo bike at London Cargo Bike Festival 2024

The other thing is that it’s fully customizable, and each bike is made bespoke in their German factory (so no walking into the shop and riding away). Features you can customise include colour, GPS tracking and seatpost and handlebars.

For some people this will be a dream come true, for others it will be totally overwhelming! 

Velo de Ville FR8 Heavy Duty cargo bike at London Cargo Bike Festival 2024

Ca Go CS

Ca Go CS cargo bike at London Cargo Bike Festival 2024

As kids grow, so do your transportation needs, and now I have two teenagers who are reasonably self-sufficient in getting themselves around town, I’m no longer obsessed with how to carry them both by bike. 

I had thought therefore that my need for a daily cargo bike is probably over, and I’d missed out on this type of ownership. That was until I saw this particular set up of the Ca Go CS. Saskia and I both really enjoyed riding this bike. It may look very unsual, but it was surprisingly easy to ride! 

My role as mum of two active teenage boys seems to mainly centre around how to keep enough food on hand to satisfy insatiable appetites, plus the occasional lift to and from places too far to walk or ride under their own steam. And as a couple, Chris and I are gradually getting more time to head out together, and empty nest syndrome is slowly coming into view. 

This particular set up would be almost perfect for my current and future needs, with plenty of cargo space and room for a passenger. If only the rear seat foot pegs were low enough to accommodate those over 6 foot tall!

This was a very timely reminder that there are now so many cargo bikes available there really is one to suit every stage of life. Better get saving! 

The Ca Go bikes are currently available in 4 outlets in the UK; two in London, one in Stafford and one near Blackburn.

What to know about even more about the bikes we saw at the Cargo Bike Festival?

A lot of the cargo bikes we saw at the festival were the same models as we test rode and wrote about last year. You can read all about our thoughts on them in our write up of the 2023 Cargo Bike Festival

Before you go......

If you're interested in finding out more about which cargo bike would be best for your family head over to this article now for more advice - What type of cargo bike is best for my family? and if you want to hear when we launch our new course covering everything you need to know about buying a cargo bike, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter.


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