Tern launches affordable longtail cargo bike

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Tern has just announced the launch of its brand new model, the Tern Quick Haul Long, its most affordable longtail cargo bike yet.

The brand is best known for their premium midtail and longtail cargo bikes, carrying one or two children on the rear rack. The Tern GSD is arguably one of the best electric longtail cargo bikes in the UK, if its popularity is anything to go by. However the price tag, from £5,100, can be a considerable barrier for people looking to carry their children on a cargo bike.

At Cycle Sprog HQ, we were very excited to learn about Tern's newest product, the Quick Haul Long, which is more affordable at £3,500, without accessories.

The Tern Quick Haul Long is basically an elongated version of Tern's most affordable electric cargo bike; the Tern Quick Haul, which is a so-called midtail, carrying up to one child on the rear rack.

What are the differences between the Tern GSD and the new Tern Quick Haul Long?

If you've been coveting a Tern GSD but were put off by the price tag, then the new Quick Haul Long should be of interest.

While the GSD comes with an array of top-tier features, like front suspension, folding handlebars, integrated cable routing, 10-speed Shimano Deore gearing and dual battery options, the Quick Haul Long does away with these in order to be a more affordable option.

It comes with 9-speed gearing instead, which is only a slight step down, and your bike mechanic will certainly not complain about the cables being more accessible when you take it in for servicing!

It is great to see a premium brand designing a longtail bike for people wanting to purchase an electric longtail bike with a more affordable price tag.

With the same motor as on the Tern GSD S10 (Bosch Cargo Line), the option to store it vertically, and a wide range of accessories available, this longtail bike will be a great option for families looking to carry up to two children.

Just like the Tern GSD Gen 2, the Tern Quick Haul Long has a frame-integrated trailer mount, meaning if you've already invested in one of the best kids bike trailers, you'll be able to tow it behind you to carry more stuff or another child.

Tern Quick Haul Long longtail cargo bike in red

Safety tested

When you carry your children on a cargo bike, you want to ensure it is safe. Germany has recently published the first national testing standard for cargo bikes - DIN79010.

According to Tern, the Quick Haul Long is independently tested, and may be one of the first cargo bikes available in the UK to adhere to these new safety standards.

Tern Quick Haul Long longtail cargo bike with children on the rear rack

What more do we want to find out?

Here at Cycle Sprog, we would like to know a few further details about this new electric cargo bike:


Tern usually offers a 5-year warranty on frame, handlepost, and fork. We would like to know if the same applies to this bike.

Test ride?

The most important thing about purchasing a cargo bike is to go for a test ride - this way you will find out if the bike is comfortable for you and your children.

We are not sure yet when the Tern Quick Haul Long will be available in UK shops to test ride.

Read more about the top things to look out for when buying an electric cargo bike.

Tern Quick Haul Long longtail cargo bike with children on the rear rack

What we think

We get quite excited about every new brand and type of cargo bike - we need a wider range of bikes to carry children on, that meet a variety of budgets, so that people have more to choose from, and a dealer near them to go for a test ride.

Tern is an established brand, widely available in the UK, so this more affordable option within their range is very welcome. We would always recommend spending as much as you can on a cargo bike, but we believe this is a great option for a medium budget.

The latest Tern accessories seem to be compatible with the Quick Haul Long, including the popular club house, storm shield and storm box which helps to protect your children from the elements.

The Tern Quick Haul Long will be an excellent option for people with a medium budget looking for a longtail bike with reputable components, a wide range of accessories and plenty of bike shops experienced in servicing this brand and its components.

When and where will you be able to buy the Tern Quick Haul Long?

According to the press release, the Tern Quick Haul Long will begin arriving in shops from August 2024. We'll update this article when we know more about when and where the bike will be available.

Let us know your questions!

Please send your questions to [email protected] or post them below as a comment.

We'd love to know what you think of this new longtail cargo bike and if you'd consider buying it.


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