Decathlon’s longtail e-cargo bike now available in UK

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Some good news for families thinking of switching away from cars and to a cargo bike (which we know a lot of you are considering for cost of living and environmental reasons).

Decathlon have just released their much awaited long-tail electric cargo bike here in the UK.

This bike was launched in Europe several years ago but issues with importing it have meant we've had to wait a long while for it to arrive in UK stores.

The longtail cargo bike is retailing at £3,499.99 plus you can add panniers, seat pad and rear bike seat too.

The total load (including rider) is 170kg, with a load of 80 kg max on pannier rack, making this an ideal option for cycling two kids to school.

The battery life is up to 90km (on the flat with no passengers / cargo) and the battery takes just over four and a half hours to charge fully.

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Decathlon Elops double pannier bags for R500 longtail cargo bike


The following accessories are available for the Decathlon R500 cargo bike:

Hamax Chill Pannier Rack Child Bike Seat
Price: £79.99

Elops Longtail Cargo Bike Cushion
Price: £19.99

Elops 2x50 L Longtail Cargo Bike Pannier Bag
Price: £79.99


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