Mycle launch new accessories for cargo bikes

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Earlier in the year, we were very excited to hear about the new Mycle family cargo bike, which allows you to carry your kids around for less than £2,000. Read the article here.

Well, they promised that accessories were going to arrive soon to make it easier to cycle with younger children, and indeed they have.

This makes the bike much easier to use with smaller children, and includes bike seats, passenger handles, deck pads, baskets, bags, caboose, phone holders and more!

All the accessories are designed to be used with the Mycle Cargo bike, but most are also compatible with the other electric bikes in their range.

Mycle launch accessories for cargo bikes

Passenger Handle - £49

This rear handle screws into the rear rack of the Mycle cargo bike and ensures your passenger is balanced and comfortable. They can choose whether to sit facing forward or backwards with this handle to keep them stable.

It's pictured here with the deck pad, which is available separately (see below).

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Caboose - £129

A caboose provides additional stability and security for the rear cargo bike passengers and is especially good for younger children.  It easily attaches to the rear racking of the Mycle cargo bike.

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Front Basket - £69

Ideal for extra storage for shopping trips, school bags, picnics etc the basket is easy to attach to the front of the Mycle cargo bike. It features a wooden base and metal exterior and is weatherproof too - so you don't need to keep removing it every time the rain starts.

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Deck Pads (set of 2) - £55

Attach these two cushioned pads to the back of your Mycle cargo back to ensure your passengers have a comfortable ride - what ever their age. Single deck pack also available here for £30.

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Phone Holder - £20

Made to fit all Mycle e-bikes, the holder is a safe and easy way to store your phone on the handlebars while riding your cargo bike. Great for use of navigation when you're out on your family adventures.

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Front and rear child seats from £100

Mycle are also now stocking the front and rear Thule Yepp bike seats - these are compatible with virtually all their electric bikes, meaning it's quite easy to turn any of their bikes into a family friendly commuting option whilst you're kids are too young to ride themselves.

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Small rear basket & bag - £138

Practical and convenient storage for your cargo bike if you've left the kids at home! The rear basket easily attaches to the bike and ensures your belongings are protected.

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The Mycle Cargo Bike is an electric long tail cargo bike designed to carry between 1 and 4 children.

It was launched earlier in 2022, with prices starting from £1,899 making it one of the most affordable ways to transport your growing family.

Don't forget to check out our article about the Mycle family cargo bike!

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Side view of the Mycle Electric Longtail Cargo Bike in White


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