Mycle release new family cargo bike

One of the things I know many Cycle Sprog readers have been desperately wanting for years is an affordable electric cargo bike.

A way to quickly cycle their children around but without having to spend an eyewatering amount on the bike.

You can imagine my excitement when I got an email from Mycle telling me that they were about to launch a longtail electric cargo bike for under £2,000.

And that is was going to have various family cycling accessories to support a growing family!

They wanted to know if I thought this would be something Cycle Sprog readers would be interested in?

And if so would we like to help them promote their launch?

Well, dear reader - how could I say no?  I know this is going to be another big step towards making family cycling more accessible and popular.

I know some of you with little ones will be very excited about what this means for your family - opening up the option of replacing your regular car journeys with cargo biking.

And those of you with older Sprogs will be wishing this had been around a few years ago (whilst mentally trying to work out how you can justify one anyway!)

Disclosure:  Mycle have paid us for our time to write this article, and provided us with all the photography. At this stage, we have not yet test ridden the bike. 

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The new Mycle Electric Cargo Bike is a "long tail" cargo bike, so it looks like a normal bike but with an extended platform over the rear bike for your cargo.

This is where your passengers sit. There's room for two - either in rear child seats or sitting freely depending on their age.

The maximum rear cargo weight is 125kg so you can even take an older teenager - useful for those years when your sole purpose in life is being a taxi.

You can also fit a front bike seat if required, so long as your total overall load on the bike does not exceed 210kg.

Size wise, the lowest saddle position is 76cm off the ground, allowing for a range of heights of rider.

The range of the battery is about 60km, but the Mycle Cargho actually has slots for two batteries (the second battery is an additional cost).

This means you can have peace of mind that you're never going to be hanging around waiting for the single battery to charge (which takes 5 hours), as you'll always have that spare battery ready to go.

Plus, you have the capability to head out on a much longer adventure too if you were to have both batteries fully charged.

My first thoughts on this bike are that it's been designed by someone who knows what it's like to ride every day, year round, with a growing family.

Some of the standard features of the bike that caught my eye include:

  • Battery powered - helps to flatten hills, plus you can carry on cycling as your kids get heavier
  • Affordable - a new e-cargo bike for under £2,000
  • Dual leg bike stand, so the bike doesn't tip - making it much easier to load up your children
  • Modular seating system allowing one or two rear child seats, which is compatible with the vast majority of rear child seats
  • Ability to fit a front child seat to allow a third passenger (note there's a maximum overall load limit of 210kg)
  • Designed to be left outside in all weather
  • Lockable battery and lockable seat post
  • Rear brake light
  • Integrated front light
  • Puncture resistant tyres with reflective strips for additional visibility in the dark
  • Optional extra of a phone holder - useful for navigating

Coming soon will be:

  • 3 sizes of front basket (small, medium and large)
  • 2 sizes of rear basket (medium and large)
  • Deck pads for making seating more comfortable
  • Child seats appropriate for the rear rack

Coming later in the year are:

  • Caboose - a frame for keeping younger children inside whilst they're sitting on the rear deck
  • Deck hand - a little handlebar for mounting on the rear rack for your passenger to hold on to


Who are Mycle?

For those of you who are wondering who Mycle are, they launched in 2021 with the aim of making urban travel fun, accessible and affordable.

Up until now, their range has included adult e-bikes and e-scooters.

I asked Ali Wooldridge, Co-Founder of Mycle, why they were now moving into family cycling:

"Since we started Mycle our mission has always been to help as many people as possible embrace a life lived locally. That's why we're so excited to be able to release the Cargo and give families a viable alternative to taking the car.

Cargo E-Bikes have often been unattainable due to their high cost so it's great to be able to bring such a useful tool to more people than ever.

One of the things that we're really proud of about the Cargo is its versatility and ability to adapt to your family.

Whether it's carrying the little ones securely using kids seats, bigger kids using the caboose or just moving as much stuff as possible with front and rear cargo racks there are lots of different configurations you can try to find what's perfect for you and your family."

How much does the Mycle Electric Cargo Bike cost?

The standard Mycle Electric Cargo Bike costs £1,899 which includes a 12 month warranty.  You can upgrade to a 24 month warranty for an additional £100.

This is comparable with the cost of several other longtail cargo bikes, but with the Mycle you're also getting e-assist.

The rear rack is compatible with virtually all rear child seats with the required adaptor provided, so you can either use your existing seat or choose one that fits your requirements and budget.

The Mycle Electric Cargo Bike is available direct from their website.  They assemble all their bikes here in the UK, and they offer free delivery on all their bikes.

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What do you think about the Mycle Cargo? 

These are my thoughts on the Mycle Electric Cargo Bike - I'd love to know what you think.  Do drop me a comment in the box below.

We're hoping to get our hands on a Mycle Cargo very soon to put it through its paces (in fact our review team are already arguing about who is going to get this one!) 

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