Black Friday deals on kids bikes 2022

The Black Friday deals on kids bikes are always a great time to get a discounted bike, and we'll be busy collecting together the best discounts, voucher codes and offers we can find.

Black Friday is on Friday 25th November 2022.   The sales will last until Cyber Monday (28th November 2022) but remember once the kids bikes have been sold, that's it.

You've come to this article on Black Friday deals for kids bikes a bit early, so do book mark this page and come back nearer the time.

Until then, here's a reminder of the deals that were to be had during the last Black Friday:


Now this year, with 2021 being what it's been, there's not quite as much Black Friday discounting on children's bikes as we were used to pre-pandemic, but there's certainly a lot more offers than this time last year.

Whilst there's not all that many kids bikes with actual money off, there are some good freebies to be had, or cheaper add ons, which can make your overall spend less.

We have managed to track down some kids bikes with discounts this Black Friday, but do always take prices and discounts with a pinch of salt - it's only a good deal if it's the bike you really want!

We'd recommend buying early to avoid disappointment, as stock is quite limited this year. 

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Is a Black Friday deal on a kids bike really worth it?

Here at Cycle Sprog we only ever recommend "proper" kids bikes that are safe for your child to ride, and are built to last.  You will probably see some really cheap kids bikes being discounted this Black Friday, but do be careful.  You don't want tears on Boxing Day when you take the bike out for a ride and find it's already broken, or that it's just so heavy your child can't ride it, or that that (even worse) the brakes don't work properly.

If you think I'm exaggerating take a quick look at this article on why you shouldn't by a really cheap kids bike.

We do have another article with a list of the value (i.e cheaper) brands of kids bikes we recommend all year round - it's worth a look if you can't find what you want on this page.

We always recommend spending your money on a decent second hand kids bike, than a substandard new one.

Deals on kids bikes - Black Friday 2021

Here's our pick of the best Black Friday kids bike offers:

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between £15 and £300 off at Tredz

Tredz Black Friday deals on bikes for teenagers


Tredz are one of our favourite bike retailers for several reasons:

  1. They stock a wide range of quality bikes
  2. They have a really handy "In stock" indicator so you don't have to spend ages wading through sold out items
  3. They have excellent customer service - evidenced by their Trust Pilot scores - if something goes wrong with your order you can actually get to deal with a human!

Sadly their Black Friday Spend and Save is not valid on kids bikes, but it is valid on some adult hybrid and sports hybrid bikes - plus turbos, clothing and other accessories.

They have XXS, XS and S size bikes listed, so these could be good options for teenagers who have outgrown the largest of the kids bikes.

It's a bit hit and miss which bikes it's valid on - Specialized are out of scope, and only certain "types" of bike such as hybrid and electric hybrid seem to work, so don't get overly excited about any Black Friday discount before you actually key in the code.

The Black Friday codes are as follows:

Spend between £100 and £250 - use code SAVE15 for a £15 discount

Spend between £251 and £500 - use code SAVE40 for a £40 discount

Spend between £501 and £750 - use code SAVE75 for a £75 discount

Spend between £751 and £1500 - use code SAVE125 for a £125 discount

Spend between £1501 and £2000 - use code SAVE250 for a £250 discount

Spend over £2000 - use code SAVE300 for a £300 discount

Offer ends 23:59 on Monday 29th November 2021

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Commencal Meta HT 20

WAS £1,199 NOW £999

Commencal Meta HT 20

OK - this isn't your usual kids bike Black Friday deal - but if you've got £1,000 to spare and are looking for a top notch 20" wheel bike mountain bike for having great off road fun, then the Commencal Meta HT 20 is the bike for you!.

It tips the scales at just 10.6kg, which is nice light weight for a 20" wheel bike with a suspension fork.  This light weight combined with 10-speed, 11-36T / 32T gearing should hopefully stop too much moaning when you're climbing the hills.

The 100mm travel on the suspension, the 2.6" VEE Crown Gem tyres and the Tektro HD-J285 hydraulic disc brakes should mean huge grins on the downhills!

Commencal offer 5 year warranty on the frame and 2 year on components, so you're getting peace of mind too.

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Bit too rad?  Here's our pick of 20" wheel kids bikes


Free backpack with every kids bike


Black Friday deals on kids bikes - Free backpack offer - Tredz

Tredz might not be doing their Spend and Save on kids bikes (see above), but they do have an offer which might appeal.

Buy any kids or junior bike and you get a FREE rucksack, which they say is worth £24.99 - it also comes with a pencil case, some bits of stationery, some stickers and a slap band.

Could be useful for keeping those extra layers in when they head out on their first ride on their new bike.

Tredz have a great range of quality kids bikes, including Frog, Specialized, Giant, Orbea, Squish, and Early Rider, so there's plenty to choose from.

Just add the code FREEBACKPACK at checkout.

This promotion will end 23:59 18th December 2021 or once stock runs out, whatever comes first. 

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Get a FREE Fitbit Ace 3 with every pedal bike leased via the Bike Club

The Bike Club is a brilliant way to get a quality kids bike, without the upfront costs.  You simply lease a bike for your child for a low monthly cost, and when they outgrow it you send the bike bike and exchange for the next size up.

Black Friday deals on kids bikes 2021

They only stock quality kids bike brands that we've reviewed and recommended here at Cycle Sprog.

And this Black Friday they're giving away a FREE FITBIT ACE 3 with every pedal bike (whilst stocks last)

Rent Now

Bike Club not got the brand you want?  Use our new KIDS BIKE FINDER to pin point the perfect bike for your child

50% off a helmet when you buy a kids bike at Hornit

Hornit Hero 16 - a kids bike with a belt drive train rather than a chain

Hornit kids bikes are some of the newest kids bikes around - they were only released this summer.  There's two sizes available at the moment - a 14" and a 16" wheeler - meaning these are ideal for smaller children just starting their cycling journeys (they also do a smaller balance bike too).

The bikes have got a belt drive rather than a traditional chain, which makes things cleaner (no greasy little fingers or clothes) plus easier to maintain.

You can read our review of the Hornit 14 for more details on the bike - we were very impressed with the quality of this bike.

Their Black Friday deal is giving you 50% off one of their really cute Mini Hornit helmets (check out the range - flamingoes, sloths, sharks, llamas to name but a few options!) when you buy one of their kids bikes.

Just add a helmet and a bike to your basket and add the code LIDS50 at checkout for 50% off a Hornit helmet

Offer ends 23:59 on Monday 29th November 2021

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Ghost Lanao 24 Essential Kids Bike

WAS £530 NOW £450

Ghost 24 inch wheel kids mountain bike in the Black Friday sales

Ghost is a German bike brand (with an HQ in Bavaria) who aren't particularly well known here in the UK.  We've not been able to test them yet, but looking at the specification of the Ghost Lanao 24 Essential Kids Bike you're getting a reasonably light weight (12.8kg) 24" wheel mountain bike at a decent price. For comparison a Frog 24" wheel MTB is 11.3kg so this is only a bag and a half of sugar difference in weight, but comes in at a £210 less.

One thing to note is that there's a double chain ring at the front, so your child will have to change gears with both hands - something that may complicate things if they're not used to this.

Chain Reaction Cycles, who have this kids mountain bike discounted in their Black Friday Sale are a reputable on-line bike retailer, who have a Trust Pilot score of 4.5 with 85% of reviews Excellent.

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Missed the Black Friday deal?  Check out our 24" wheel kids bike recommendations


Wild Bikes

Various discounts across the range

Wild Bikes 18

Wild Bikes are a range of lightweight, well specified kids bikes, which are sold by Go Outdoors.  Whilst we've not tested these bikes formally ourselves, we know various people who have bought them and been very happy with them.

They're specified for small legs and hands, with easy to operate brakes and gears, and come in a range of fun bold colours.

There are 5 bikes ranging in size from a 14" to 24" wheel so there should be something to suit every child.

Go Outdoors have a strange way of calculating their discounts, but regardless, these are some of the cheapest kids bike around this Black Friday.

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Not quite what you're looking for? Check out our pick of cheapest kids bike ranges


Raleigh Pop 14

Reduced from  £230 to £170

Raleigh Pop 14

The Raleigh Pop 14 is a starter bike designed for children just starting out on their pedalling adventure.  If you child hasn't really mastered pedalling yet, we'd recommend getting a balance bike first, rather than using the stabilisers on this bike, as it's a better way to learn to ride.

If they're ready to pedal though, the Pop 14 offers a cost effective way to get them started.  Note that this bike will be heavier than an all aluminium 14" wheel bike, as it's got some steel components. But the frame is aluminium which means it will be much easier for your child to ride than an all steel bike.

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Missed the Black Friday deal?  Click here for other 14" wheel kids bike

Vitus Nippy Superlight Balance Bike

WAS £44.99 NOW £34.99

Black Friday Balance Bike Deals 2020 - the Vitus Nippy is discounted

Vitus are a really reputable bike brand, with a range of quality kids bike.  They currently have their very smallest offering, the Vitus Nippy Balance Bike, reduced down from £44.99 to £34.99 in their Black Friday sale.

This is a really lightweight balance bike (just 1.9kg)  so your child will find it really easy to move about.   It has solid tyres (rather than pneumatic) which means you won't have problems with punctures, but remember it's not really designed for off road riding!

It's suitable for children with an inside leg of 31cm to 38cm and is a great choice for smaller toddlers wanting to play in the garden, house or paved paths.

They come in a choice for four colours - red, blue, silver and black

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Not the right balance bike?  Here's our list of other Black Friday balance bike deals

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So useful! Thank you, just picked up a great bargain on a Frog 52 for my sons 6th birthday, so excited for him!


Hope he had a brilliant birthday Carrianne – what an awesome present! Karen

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