The best 24″ wheel all purpose kids bikes for ages 7 to 10 years

If you're looking for a bike for a 7 to 10 year old child then you may have already realised that there's not many around this year. 

During lockdown 1.0 family cycling became hugely popular and all the kids bikes sold out. Many brands and retailers are still struggling to restock again.  This means that there aren't as many quality kids bikes as usual, BUT the good news is that many brands struggled to get their stock back in the shops before Christmas, meaning that there's actually more available now that shipments are arriving. 

We've kept all our usual recommendations at the end of this article (especially useful if you're buying second-hand), but this shorter list are the current places we're recommending who may have stock of 24" wheel kids bikes ready to dispatch.

If you're not sure what makes a great kids bike just download our FREE kids bike buying checklist, and we'll help guide you through what to look for, so you don't end up with a dud deal.   A lightweight, well specified kids bike will be LOADS more fun to ride than a heavy, poorly made toy bike, that might break after the first use (I'm not joking - check out this!) 

It's worth remembering that there's a REAL difference between buying a really cheap and heavy kids bike and a quality kids bike that's been discounted.   This is especially so as your child gets older and wants to start riding further and faster. 

Here's our selection of where to look for a 24" kids bike with quick delivery timescales.

Cycle Sprog is an family run, reader supported, website. We belong to several affiliate schemes so may receive a small commission from sales made from links on our site. We do our best to be impartial and recommend products on their quality not whether they are in a scheme.


If you're in a real hurry, just check these places for a quality  kids bikes. Stock is selling REALLY fast, so don't delay.  For more details on each, scroll down a bit!



Tredz - some stock ready to dispatch

Tredz stock a good range of quality kids bikes, and we really like that they are honest and upfront about how long delivery should be before you place your order (we're aware some retailers are taking money and then telling people the bike isn't in stock until mid way through 2021).

Tredz have an "In Stock" filter on their website which is going to save you loads of hassle clicking on each bike. 

 Check Availability at Tredz 


Chain Reaction Cycles - some bikes remaining

Vitus 16 kids bike - a great value bike for a 4 year old

Chain Reaction Cycles sell the great value Vitus Kids Bikes and stock has been appearing on their website every few days (although they are selling fast!)

Check Availability at Chain Reaction Cycles 


The above are recommended places to look for reliable, instock 24" wheel bikes for kids aged 7 to 10 years.  Obviously there are other places you can check, and bikes are arriving, both on line and in local bike shops on a regular basis. 

If you've not managed to find what you are looking for already, here's our regular post with lots more details about fabulous bikes that you may be able to track down if you've got a bit more time. 


If you’re going to be looking for a bike for a child aged between 7 and 10 years of age you’re probably looking for a bike that can be ridden further and faster than their previous bikes.  By this age, most children are able to pedal and change gear by themselves and are starting to want to explore further afield on their bike.  Buying a well made, correctly proportioned bike that your child is going to enjoy riding is SO important.

Take a moment to GRAB YOUR FREE KIDS BIKE BUYING CHECKLIST which will help you record all the information you need to find the perfect bike for your child. 

What type of bike does a 7 or 8 year old need? 

As kids bikes get bigger, so do the different options. So you need to decide whether you’re buying a specialist bike such as a mountain bike, road bike or BMX, or whether you’re keeping your options open with a more versatile flat handlebar bike, known as a hybrid.

We recommend a hybrid if your child is going to be doing a mix of cycling – this type of bike will allow them to cycle to school, ride bridleways and off-road trails and are great for riding green and blue graded routes at trail centres. They are also suitable for riding in U10’s cyclocross races without having to invest in a cyclocross bike, and are great fun for beginners to ride around a pump track.

We are concentrating mainly on 24″ wheel hybrid kids bikes in this post. If you’re looking for something more specialist then please visit these posts:

What features does a 24″ hybrid bike need?

The best kids bikes all have the following:

CHILD SIZED BRAKES – reliable brakes with levers sized for a child’s hands to allow them to stop easily. All the bikes featured in this post have easy reach, adjustable brake levers.

EASY TO USE GEARS – ideally a single chainring (the gear by the pedals) rather than two or three chainrings. This means there is no need for a left hand gear shifter, making it so much easier for kids to change through the 7 or 8 gears available to them.  Having twenty-one or more gears is very complicated, plus there’s just more to go wrong. All bikes featured in this post have a single chainring and child friendly gear shifters (either twist grip or thumb shifter).

LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME – if their bike weighs almost as much as them, then your child isn’t going to enjoy riding it. It will be hard to move, almost impossible to ride up hills and will tire them out quickly. You will also find it hard to pick up and lift onto a car rack or to negotiate steps.  All the bikes featured in this post have lightweight alloy frames, rather than heavy steel frames found on some very cheap kids bikes.

Finally, what size bike does a 7 – 8 year old need?

The majority of 7 and 8 year olds will be getting ready to move onto a kids bike with 24″ wheels. However, every child is different and each type of bike is a slightly different size, so do make sure that you measure very carefully, or even better, test out a bike before you buy.

Please don’t be tempted to buy big so your child can grow into it. They will struggle to control the bike, feel unsafe and not want to ride it. A total waste of money! You’re much better buying a bike that fits them and then selling it on to fund the purchase of the next, correctly sized bike, as they get older. If they don’t quite fit a 24″ wheel bike or aren’t able to pedal themselves, then check out these other posts:

The best 24″ wheel kids bikes for children aged 7 years and over

Cycle Sprog is an family run, reader supported, website. We belong to several affiliate schemes so may receive a small commission from sales made from links on our site. We do our best to be impartial and recommend products on their quality not whether they are in a scheme.
Take a moment to GRAB YOUR FREE KIDS BIKE BUYING CHECKLIST which will help you record all the information you need to find the perfect bike for your child. 


Forme Kinder MX24  (£330 or from £14.40 per month)

Forme Kinder MX24 - a great all round bike for boys and girls aged 8 or 9 years of age.


Forme Kinder MX24 Key Data: 

Price new: £330
Leasefrom £12.05 per month
Inside Leg:  61 cm to 67cm   
Saddle to floor: 66cm to 74cm
Bike weight: 
9.34 kg
Brakes: Tektro V Brakes
8 speed Shimano 11-34T cassette with 32T chainring with changes by Shimano Rapid Fire thumb shifter
Frame:  Alloy 6061
Tyres:  Kenda Small Block Eight 24″ x 1.5″
Available colours:  Red, Blue and Pink
Warranty:  Lifetime on Frame

The Kinder MX24 was Forme’s new offering for Winter 2020.  Weighing in at just 9.34kg the Kinder is light for a bike this size, meaning it’s going to be easy to manoeuvre. This is important as your child is likely to get more adventurous with their cycling at this age, and as they ride further they’re going to have to deal with more steps, kerbs and other obstacles.

The gearing on the Forme Kinder is simple – 8 speeds operated by a Shimano Rapid Fire trigger shifter. The range of gears should be fine for most hills a child of this age is tackling – after all the bike is named after Kinder Scout in the Peak District (close to where Forme Bikes are based).  The Kenda tyres are good all terrain options found on many quality kids bikes in this price range.

If your child is growing quickly and you’re not sure whether to skip to a bigger bike for them to “grow into”, then you need to know that the Kinder MX24 is available on a monthly lease via The Bike Club.  A monthly subscription allows you to get a bike that fits your child now and upgrade it to the next size when they’ve grown and are completely ready for the next size up.

The Forme Kinder MX24 is a versatile all-rounder of a bike that will be just as happy riding some trails at the weekends as it will be doing the daily school (assuming we’re all still going to school!)

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Cube Acid 240 2021 (RRP £349)


Cube Acid 240 pink mountain bike for an 8 year old girl

Cube Acid 240 2021 Key Data:

Price: £ 349;
Typical age range: 7-10 years;
Standover height: 60.5cm
Bike weight: 11.7 kg;
Brakes: Alloy V-Brake with Powermodulator;
Frame: Alu Lite 6061;
Suspension:  Yes – front
Gears:  7 speed, 13-34T x 32T, operated by Shimano SL-RS45  Revo Shift (twist grip)
Tyres: CUBE IMPAC Smartpac;
Additional features:  Water bottle mount; replaceable gear hanger; rack mounts
Available colours: Coral; Green; Silver/Orange
Warranty: Frame 6 years; rest of bike 2 years

Cube has been busy refreshing their junior range and have brought in some great bikes for 2021.  The German brand has been hugely popular on the continent for years, and we’ve been very impressed with the bikes of theirs that we’ve reviewed as they’re build with longevity in mind, very helpful when you’re out on the trails!

If you’re looking for an entry level mountain bike then the Cube Acid 240 is really worth checking out.  It is fitted with a suspension fork to smooth out the trail.  It has V-brakes which are perfectly adequate for most entry level riding, and has mounts for water bottles and racks which is useful if you’re planning to be out on longer rides, or perhaps commuting to school during the week.

The gearing is simple to use, with a twist grip shifter to move between the 7 speeds.

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Vitus 24 (RRP £320)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand

Vitus 24 - a lightweigh, cheap 24" wheel kids bike for a 9 year old


Vitus 24 Key data:

Price: £320
Typical age range:  127 – 142 cm
Bike weight: 9.4 kg
Gears: 8 speed Shimano Acera 32t x 12-32t operated by Rapidfire Plus thumb triggers
Brakes:  V-brakes – Tektro Rs 360a Adjustable Reach
Frame:  Aluminimum
Tyres: Kenda K1047, 24″ X 1.95″
Available colours: Silver, purple/pink, Slate blue/lime
Warranty: 5 year frame and forks, 2 year components

Vitus bikes are a great alternative to some of the more established kids bike brands. They’ve been building adult bikes for years, and in the past few years have added a well specified, lightweight and affordable range of children’s bikes to their portfolio.

The entry level Vitus 24 (as shown above) is a great choice for cycling to school and on gentle off road rides. They also do a wider tyre version with disc brakes, plus a mountain bike, if your Cycle Sprog is intending to do more serious off road mountain biking.

We’ve reviewed one of their junior mountain bikes and were really impressed and have seen the rest of their range up close and were pleased to see the effort put into the design, including the geometry, child sized components and overall style of the bikes.

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Squish 24 (RRP £330)

Cycle Sprog Reviewed and Recommended Brand

This bike is available via The Bike Club

Squish 24 kids bike - a bargain kids bike for ages 7 and over

Squish 24 key data:

Price: £330
Typical age range: 8+ years;
Minimum Height: 127cm;
Inside Leg: 57cm;
Bike weight: 9.36kg;
Gears: 7 speed Shimano 32t x 11-32T operated by Shimano Rapid Fire shifters
Brakes: Tektro Mini V-Brakes Alloy;
Frame: Lightweight 6061 Triple Butted T6 Alloy Frame;
Tyres: 24 x 1.5” Cadence Lightweight Junior Tyres;
Available colours :Grey/green, mint/blue, orange/blue;

Squish is a brand of kids bikes  who are gradually building up their portfolio of bikes. Their 24″ wheel hybrid offering is the cunningly titled Squish 24, which comes in at a very impressive weight of 9.36 kg fully assembled.

Specification wise, there’s everything you’d expect from a quality 24″ wheel kids bike at the £310 price point, so I’m not going to list it all again. What is worth noting on the Squish 24 is that the minimum inside leg is shorter than many of the other 24″ wheel bikes, at just 57cm (see the table at the end of this post for the comparisons).   We’ve reviewed the smaller Squish 18, and found it to be a reliable ride.

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Frog 62 (£340)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand

This bike is available on a monthly lease from The Bike Club

Frog 62 in Orange - one of the best kids bikes with a 24" wheel for children aged 7 to 10 year old

Frog 62 Key data:

Price: £340
Typical age range: 8-12 years;
Minimum inside Leg: 67cm;
Bike weight: 9.2kg;
Brakes: Tektro 836AL Aluminium V Brake Black;
Gears: 8 speed Shimano 32t x 11-32t operated by Shimano SLM360 Alivio (thumb trigger)
Frame: Aluminium;
Tyres: Kenda K184 24 x 1.75 hybrid tyres;
Available colours: Red, Orange, Black, Team Sky Black/Blue, Team Sky White/Blue, Union Jack, Green;
Warranty: 2 years - extended to 5 years for frame if you register the bike within 28 days of purchase

Frog Bikes are one of the best known and well-loved kids bike brands. They have a huge range of bikes that start with tiny balance bikes through to larger hybrids, such as the 24″ wheel Frog 62, as well as road, track and mountain bikes. Frog only make bikes for kids, so are able to concentrate on getting the important details for children correct.

The Frog 62 is sized for a child with a minimum 62cm inside leg (that’s how the Frog naming convention works, which is an easy way to decide which bike your child needs), so maybe a bit big for smaller 7 year olds – in that case, the 20″ wheel Frog 55 may suit.

Weighing in at 9.25kg the bike is nice and light, meaning your child will be able to easily manoeuvre it as well as lift it up and over any obstacles on the way (think steps, high kerbs or debris on a trail).   The seat post and wheels are quick-release, making adjustments and maintenance easy.

There are 8 gears on the Frog 62, operated by a Shimano Alivio rapid fire right hand thumb shifter. There is a single 32 tooth chainring (the front gears) and this means there are no left-hand gears to worry about, making changing gears simple.   The range of gears at the back wheel go from a small 11 tooth gear (11T) for downhills through to a larger 32 tooth (32T) gear for climbing.  This should be sufficient for most children, but if you are riding in a very steep and hilly area you may need a slightly larger gear, usually found on a mountain bike.

Frog Bikes come supplied with two different sets of Kenda tyres, meaning you are equipped for both on and off-road riding. They also come in a vast range of 8 different colour schemes/patterns, meaning there really should be something to appeal to every young cyclist!

We’ve reviewed quite a lot of Frog Bikes over the years (although not this particular size) and we’ve always been impressed by their child-focused design and durability (the frame and forks come with a 5-year guarantee and the other parts a 2 year one).

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Giant ARX 24 (£359)

Giant ARX 24 kids bike - one of the best bikes for an 8 year old


Giant ARX key data:

Price: £359
Typical age range: 7-10 years;
Height range: 130-150cm;
Gears:  8 speed 32t x 12-32t operated by Shimano Altus shifters (thumb trigger)
Brakes: Alloy, linear pull;
Frame: ALUXX-Grade Aluminum;
Tyres: Innova;
Available colours: Orange, Lemon yellow, Neon Green, Purple, Red;
Warranty: Frame – lifetime, Forks – 10 years, All other components – 1 year

Giant may be the world’s biggest bike manufacturer, but they’re slightly late to the party on quality kids bikes. They released this new range of lightweight kids bikes – the ARX – at the end of 2018, years after most other brands.  This means they’ve had plenty of time to watch the competition refine their product, and then come out with a decently specified, lightweight kids bike range to rival them, at a slightly cheaper price point.

As you’d expect, the Giant ARX 24 has many of the same features as the majority of the quality 24″ wheel kids bikes we’ve already featured.  However, in a sign of how confident they are with the quality of their bikes, Giant offers a lifetime warranty on their frames, plus 10 years on forks. Your child will have grown out of the bike long before then!

We’ve reviewed the Giant ARX 20 which is the younger sibling to this bike

It’s a great looking bike, with grown-up styling, and one we expect to be seeing quite a few Cycle Sprogs riding in the years to come.

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Islabikes Beinn 24 (£499)

Cycle Sprog recommended brand

Islabikes Beinn key data:

Price: £470
Typical age range: 7+ years;
Minimum Height: 127cm;
Inside Leg: 57-68cm;
Bike weight: 8.3kg;
Gears: 7 speed 32t x 11-34t operated by SRAM 3.0 twist shifters
Brakes: Aluminium mini V-brakes;
Frame: Aluminium;
Tyres: Islabikes Mixte;
Available colours: Orange / Teal / Charcoal;
Warranty: 5 years on frame and forks and a 2 years on parts

If Frog Bikes are specialists in kids bikes, then Islabikes are obsessives. They were the first company to build quality bikes designed specifically for children and continue to be at the forefront in terms of innovation and quality.

If you can afford the price of the Beinn 24 you certainly won’t be disappointed – the bikes are built to last, and to a standard that is almost impossible to fault. For this reason, a new Beinn makes a good investment, as second hand ones are snapped up quickly.

We’ve reviewed many Islabikes over the years, including the Beinn 26 and the Beinn 27 and never fail to be impressed by the quality and attention to detail. The bikes come with a 5-year guarantee on the frame and forks and a 2-year guarantee on the components.

The gearing on the Beinn 24 is very simple and easy to use with a Sram twist grip shifter. The Beinn comes with the usual spread of 8 gears from the  Sram 12 – 32 cassette which means it will get up all but the steepest of hills.

The range of inside leg measurements for the Beinn 24 is from 57cm to 68cm meaning this bike can be ridden by smaller riders.  It weighs in at just 9kg, making it one of the lighter 24″ wheel kids bikes available.

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Woom 5 (£410)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand

Woom 5 24" wheel kids bike for children aged 7 to 9 years

Woom 5 Key data:

Price: £410
Typical age range: 8-10 years;
Inside Leg: 64-75cm;
Bike weight: 8.8kg;
Gears: 8 Speed 29t x 11-32T operated by SRAM twist grip shifter
Brakes: Woom V Brakes;
Frame: Aluminium;
Tyres: Kenda Small Block 24″ x 1.5″;
Available colours: Blue, green, purple, red or yellow;
Warranty: 2 years

Another interesting choice, if you’re looking for a well specified, lightweight kids bike that is a bit different to what everyone else is riding, is the Woom 5.  This is an Austrian brand who are now sold in the UK.  It’s slightly more of an upright riding style than the other bikes features, so is ideal for cycling to school but it also has the Kenda small block tyres and 8 Speed 29 T by 11-32T gearing (operated by a SRAM X4 Twist Grip). This makes it fun to ride off road at the weekends and should get up some quite steep hills (which they have in Austria!)

The range of colours is also a bit different from most other brands, with the yellow pictured above and a light purple as well as the standard reds, blues and greens.

We’ve reviewed a couple of the smaller Woom Bikes and were incredibly impressed with the quality and attention to detail.  If you think of an Austrian bike built with the same quality and attention to detail as an Islabikes, then you can understand the price tag.

The inside leg measurement range is 64 – 75cm which means this is a slightly larger bike than some of the others featured on this page, making it ideal for taller / older children.

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Wiggins Chartres 24 (RRP £290, often reduced)

Wiggins Chartres 24 inch kids bike

Wiggins Chartres Key data:

Price: £232
Typical age range: 8-11 years;
Minimum Height: 127-145cm;
Bike weight: 9.8kg;
Brakes: V-Brakes;
Frame: Ultra-lightweight double butted aluminium;
Tyres: Superlight Air Filled Vee;
Available colours: Red;
Warranty: Frame and Forks – lifetime guarantee – all other parts 1 year

The Wiggins Range of kids bikes is, as you’ve probably guessed, the work of Tour de France winner and Olympian Sir Bradley Wiggins.  It’s by far the best of the various kids bike ranges sold by Halfords as it has a lightweight aluminium frame and durable child sized components.  Each bike in the range is named after one of the locations Wiggins rode through during victory in the 2012 Tour de France.

The 24″ wheel Chartres is aimed at children 127 – 145cm tall, and the bike itself weighs in at a reasonable 10.2kg. The Chartres will provide plenty of lockdown smiles and if looked after should still be great for riding once we’re all allowed out again for much longer and adventurous bike rides.  The bike is usually available in red and white.

Halfords are currently offering home delivery or in store collection (they provide free bike build if you collect in store).

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Forme Hartington 24 (£250)

Forme Hartington 24 kids Dutch style city bike for girls and boys aged 7 to 11 years


Price: £ 250
Typical Age range:  7 to 11 years;
Inside leg: 60 to 73 cm
Brakes: Alloy Caliper (V-brakes)
Gears: 7 speed 40t x 14-28T operated by Shimano SL-M310 rapid fire (thumb trigger)
Frame: 6061 alloy;
Tyres: Kenda 24 x 1.75″
Bike Weight: 13.68 kg
Available colours: Violet, blush, sky blue
Warranty:  Lifetime on Frame

If your Cycle Sprog is looking for a city style bike that has more of a Dutch bike feel about it, then the Forme Hartington 24 could be the bike for them.  It’s a stylish bike with a step through frame, that is available in three pastel colour options.  It is equipped with mudguards and a kickstand as well as a basket.

The Forme Hartington is quite a lot heavier than most of the other bikes listed, so is suited to a more gentle style of urban cycling.

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A few other 24″ wheel hybrids to look at

In this post, I’ve tried to list the best kids 24″ wheel hybrid bikes that are currently available. If these don’t quite meet your requirements, then a few more to take a look at (which are all lightweight and with a single chainring) include:

Ridgeback Dimension 24 –  New or Used

Carrera 24″ wheel bikes – New or Used

Discontinued 24″ wheel kids bikes 

There’s been a couple of ranges of quality kids bikes discontinued in recent years, meaning you can sometimes find a real bargain when hunting on eBay or second hand forums.

Genesis Alpha 24 (£399 new in 2016)

Dawes Academy 24 (£380 new in 2018)

Cuda CP24 (£330 new in 2019 – only available to rent now)

Cycle Sprog recommended brand

Cuda CP24 - one of the best 24" wheel children's bikes for kids aged 7 to 9 years

Islabikes and Frog Bikes are all well and good, but so many children ride them. If you want your child to stand out from the crowd a bit, then it’s worth considering the Cuda Performance 24″ wheel bike (aka the CP24).  It’s a well specified, lightweight bike that hasn’t yet got the same coverage as the other brands, partly because they had a smaller distribution network than Frog Bikes. The range was discontinued late in 2019.

As with all the quality kids bikes, it has a single 32t chainring (remember a single chainring makes it easy to change gears as there’s no left-hand gear shifter to worry about).  The 8 speed 11-32t cassette will give a good range of gears for most terrain and is operated by a thumb shifter.

Cuda does several different kids bike ranges, so be careful to look for the Performance (CP) range. These bikes are much lighter and better specified than the other ranges.  We’ve reviewed a few of the other bikes in the Cuda Performance range, which is why we are happy to recommend them.

The Cuda CP range formed part of the Bike Club’s monthly rental scheme and whilst you can not longer get a new bike on this scheme you may still be able to lease a used bike when they get returned from their current owners.

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I’d love to hear which 24″ wheel bike (or other size!) you end up buying. Do please leave a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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  1. Mary Stillman says:

    1st choice 24″ Giant ARX unavailable
    2nd Cannondale Quick
    3rd Frog red which I bought from Cambridge Cycles.
    I bought it for nephew in Newmarket and mother collected it two days later. Brilliant Boy loves it.
    Saracen 16 6.24kg for little brother and little big bike coming for 2 1/2 sister

    • Karen says:

      Hi Mary – great that you’ve been able to find a bike and that your nephew is enjoying riding it. There’s a real shortage of bikes at the moment so you did well to find one. Kind regards Karen

  2. Mary says:

    My son has had Isla bikes to date, but I’m not sure I can stomach the cost of the beinn 24. My local bike shop is recommending a forme kinder 24 but I can’t find mention of it on your site. Should I consider the others above?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Mary, Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve not had a chance to review the new Forme kids bike range yet, but they are a reputable brand and I can see no reason why it shouldn’t be a reliable bike. Given the low stock of kids bikes everywhere at the moment, if your bike shop has one available you’re lucky! Hope this helps, Karen

  3. Robin Moore says:

    Just found your website and this article was really useful. Many are the bikes I’m considering. Currently several friends families have loved the islabikes up to 20” size but are going towards Orbea. Have you seen or tried any of these? How do you rate them against Islabikes as a known benchmark? My eldest is on a Beinn 20 with mtb tyres.
    Many thanks

    • Karen says:

      Hi Robin, Thanks for getting in touch, and glad you’ve found the website useful. In the past two years there have been some great deals on Orbea kids bikes – particularly their mountain bikes – which made them a lot more affordable than Islabikes. It really does come down to your budget, the amount and type of cycling you’re planning to do (plus which bike you can find in stock at the current time). In general Orbea are a reputable brand, and parents I’ve spoken to have been happy with their choice. Hope this helps. Karen

  4. Paul says:

    I just wanted to inform your followers about one of the bikes on this list.
    I currently have 3 kids on 24’s, 2 are Marin’s and 1 is a Hoy Bonaly 24.
    The Bonaly in my opinion is sized very small compared to most 24’s, it’s a very nice bike in many ways but it has a few shortfalls that folk need to consider.
    Firstly, it’s a small 24 and a lot of kids will be half way through its size range when they outgrow a 20″.
    My son’s 24 had still got room for growth but the Bonaly is too small for him, this is something others find when we compare their bikes too.
    The cockpit is too compact and the bars are too narrow meaning the handling is squirrelly and the front tucks under itself too readily. (There’s been more handling related falls on this bike compared to all the others we’ve had).
    It also doesn’t come with QR skewers and seatpost clamp which are essential on kids bikes. These are easily sorted but should be included at this price point.
    My Daughter has had this bike for 8 months and is now getting too big for it, My son is 12cm taller than her and his bike still fits and is 18months old.
    So be careful about buying it, perhaps it’s a better upgrade when your child is still well inside a 20″ bike, not a good bike if they’re outgrowing it though.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Paul, Thanks so much for sharing this information. It goes to highlight the differences with sizing between brands – it certainly sounds as if the Hoys are sized for smaller kids than the Marins. Much appreciated, Karen

  5. Bea says:

    I’m planning to buy second hand, and trying to decide between frog 62 and Beinn 26 small for my long-legged 7 and a half year old. He’s currently WAY too big for his 20” ridgeback. I’m looking forward to him having a lighter bike, and don’t want to put him off with a bike that is too big. Anyone got any advice?

    • Penny Millar says:

      Hi Bea
      Thank you for your comment. We’d always recommend getting a bike that is the right size for them to ride now, as you say, you don’t want to put him off with a bike that is too big. With regards to advice on a specific bike (both the Frog 62 & Beinn 26 are brilliant, we love both!), it is definitely worth you asking the question on the Family Cycling UK page on Facebook. They have a huge community of cycling families and someone will be able to advise from first hand experience, we’re sure! Hope this helps. Kind regards, Penny

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