The best 24″ wheel kids bikes for ages 7 to 10 years

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If you’re looking for a 24″ wheel bike for a child aged between 7 and 10 years of age you’re probably looking for a bike that can be ridden further and faster than their previous bikes.

By this age, most (but not all) children are able to pedal and change gear by themselves and are starting to want to explore further afield on their bike.

Buying a well made, correctly proportioned bike that your child is going to enjoy riding is SO important if they’re going to enjoy riding it.

In this article we share our recommendations for the best 24" wheel hybrid bikes, and as well as new options we've included second hand and monthly rentals too, so hopefully there is something for everyone.

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What age child is a 24" wheel bike for?

The majority of 7 and 8 year olds will be getting ready to move onto a kids bike with 24″ wheels - although there is such a range of different sizes of 24" wheel bikes and different size children there's no one bike that will fit every child.

There are bikes on this page that have a minimum inside leg of 57cm and other bikes that go up to a maximum inside leg of 75cm - and loads inbetween!

Do make sure that you measure very carefully, or even better, test out a bike before you buy.

Please don’t be tempted to buy big so your child can grow into it. They will struggle to control the bike, feel unsafe and not want to ride it. A total waste of money!

You’re much better buying a bike that fits them and then selling it on to fund the purchase of the next, correctly sized bike, as they get older.

These articles will help you:

Premium kids bike to sell?

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What type of bike does a 7 or 8 year old need?

As kids bikes get bigger, so do the different options. So you need to decide whether you’re buying a specialist bike such as a mountain bike, road bike or BMX, or whether you’re keeping your options open with a more versatile flat handlebar bike, known as a hybrid.

We recommend a 24″ wheel hybrid bike if your child is going to be doing a mix of cycling – this type of bike will allow them to cycle to school, ride bridleways and off-road trails and are great for riding green and blue graded routes at trail centres.

They are also suitable for riding in U10’s cyclocross races without having to invest in a cyclocross bike, and are great fun for beginners to ride around a pump track.

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The best 24" wheel kids bikes

Here's our selection of the best 24" wheel kids hybrid bikes for children aged about 7 or 8 years of age. There are still some supply issues with kids bikes at the moment, so we're sorry if not all the bikes we feature are immediately available to buy.

We've given details of which bikes are available secondhand and to rent in order to keep costs and environmental impact down.

Forme Kinder MX24

Forme Kinder MX24

The Forme Kinder MX24 is a versatile all-rounder of a bike that will be just as happy riding some trails at the weekends as it will be doing the daily school run. 

It’s light weight is really important as your child is likely to get more adventurous with their cycling at this age, and as they ride further they’re going to have to deal with more steps, kerbs and other obstacles.

The Forme Kinder MX24 can be leased from the Bike Club - you pay a monthly subscription and when your Cycle Sprog grows out of the bike just send it back and upgrade to a bigger bike. 

Squish 24

Squish 24 kids bike 2021

The Squish 24 is a good choice for a child who is doing a mix of riding on and off road, and wants a reliable bike they can ride all year around.

It has good quality components, easy to use gears and brakes plus tyres which are suited to all round general riding.

We’ve reviewed two different sized Squish Bikes in their range and our testers found them to be reliable and fun to ride.

The Squish 24 is available to lease from the Bike Club for a low monthly subscription - when your child grows out of it just send it back and upgrade to a larger bike. 

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Puky Skyride 24-3

This German city bike is a good choice for children who are cycling in reasonably flat urban areas.

The 3 speed gears are simple to use, and the aluminium step through frame means it’s easy to get on and off.

The Puky Skyride 24-3 is fitted with dynamo-powered LED lights, and the rear light even has a parking light which makes the rider more visible when stopped, for example at a dimly lit junction. The tyres have reflective stripes for even more visibility at night.

It also has a luggage rack and mudguards making this a good choice town bike for your child.

If you've got an old Frog Bike that's been outgrown and needs selling get your Used Frog Bike quotation here

Cube Acid 240 AllRoad

Cube Acid 240 Allroad 2021

The Cube Acid 240 AllRoad is Cube’s entry level mountain bike (the Cube Acid 240) with additional accessories (mudguards, LED lights and kickstand) for riding on road.

The result will be suited to children who are riding gentle off road routes at the weekend (and therefore appreciate the suspension) and who are also riding to school in the week. 

If they’re only riding on road, then a hybrid bike without suspension will be lighter and possibly quicker to ride, without the hassle of maintaining the suspension fork. 

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Cuda Trace 24


Cuda Trace 24 Blue - one of the best 24" wheel bikes available at a low price

Cuda Trace 24 key data:

Price: £330
Typical age range: 8+ years
Saddle height: Minimum 660mm, maximum 800mm
Bike weight: 9.91 kg
Brakes: Alloy V-Brake with Alloy Tektro Junior Short Reach Lever With Adjustable Reach
Gears: 7 speed with 14-34T cassette and Shimano M315 7 Speed Shifter, compatible with Sureshift
Suspension: No
6061 Aluminium
Tyres: Kenda Small Block 8 24 x 1.5″
Available colours: Blue, orange, purple
Warranty: 12 months

Cuda have streamlined their current offering for the kids bike market by doing away with the affordable Leisure range and the higher specification Performance range and basically combining the two to create the Trace.

Coming in at a shade under £300 the Trace 24 is a respectable weight at 9.91 kg and also provides a good specification which all adds up to a bike to get out on and have fun but at a very competitive price.

Buy New

Pinnacle Aspen 24

Pinnacle Aspen 24 - a 24" wheel kids bike for children aged 7 years old and over

The Pinnacle Aspen 24 is one of Evans Cycles best selling 24″ wheel children’s bikes, and the customer reviews of the bike speak for themselves. Parents have often upgraded to this bike from a much cheaper and heavier one, and are surprised and overjoyed at how much their child suddenly loves riding their bike.

It’s worth noting that the range of gears on the Pinnacle Aspen 24 means that this bike won’t be quite as easy to pedal up steep hills as some other 24″ wheel kids bikes, but will be fine for more gentle terrain. 

Pinnacle Bikes are available at the shops in Mike Ashley's Sports Direct empire, including Evans Cycles and Sports Direct.  It's worth giving their Trust Pilot reviews a look if you're particular about things like delivery time scales and customer service so you can make an informed decision about the all round purchasing vs riding experience. 

Other 24" wheel hybrid bikes

These are other 24" wheel kids bikes which you may wish to check out if you can't find what you're looking for in our recommendations.  Unfortunately some are currently out of stock, and others have been discontinued, but make great second hand purchases if you can find them.

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How to start cycling with your kids

Fuel prices have reached record levels, and they're unlikely to drop any time soon.  Swapping to cycling for shorter local journeys is often quoted as being a quick way to save money.

But how do you do this if you've got a family????

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@Paul the Bonaly deliberately doesn’t have QR skewers to avoid little people loosening stuff that they shouldn’t!

If they’re required then they can be bought for peanuts and fitted with ease.

(most people find it useful to carry a multi-tool with hex keys – when you buy a Bonaly from Evans they include one for free!)


I’m planning to buy second hand, and trying to decide between frog 62 and Beinn 26 small for my long-legged 7 and a half year old. He’s currently WAY too big for his 20” ridgeback. I’m looking forward to him having a lighter bike, and don’t want to put him off with a bike that is too big. Anyone got any advice?

Penny Millar

Hi Bea
Thank you for your comment. We’d always recommend getting a bike that is the right size for them to ride now, as you say, you don’t want to put him off with a bike that is too big. With regards to advice on a specific bike (both the Frog 62 & Beinn 26 are brilliant, we love both!), it is definitely worth you asking the question on the Family Cycling UK page on Facebook. They have a huge community of cycling families and someone will be able to advise from first hand experience, we’re sure! Hope this helps. Kind regards, Penny


I just wanted to inform your followers about one of the bikes on this list.
I currently have 3 kids on 24’s, 2 are Marin’s and 1 is a Hoy Bonaly 24.
The Bonaly in my opinion is sized very small compared to most 24’s, it’s a very nice bike in many ways but it has a few shortfalls that folk need to consider.
Firstly, it’s a small 24 and a lot of kids will be half way through its size range when they outgrow a 20″.
My son’s 24 had still got room for growth but the Bonaly is too small for him, this is something others find when we compare their bikes too.
The cockpit is too compact and the bars are too narrow meaning the handling is squirrelly and the front tucks under itself too readily. (There’s been more handling related falls on this bike compared to all the others we’ve had).
It also doesn’t come with QR skewers and seatpost clamp which are essential on kids bikes. These are easily sorted but should be included at this price point.
My Daughter has had this bike for 8 months and is now getting too big for it, My son is 12cm taller than her and his bike still fits and is 18months old.
So be careful about buying it, perhaps it’s a better upgrade when your child is still well inside a 20″ bike, not a good bike if they’re outgrowing it though.


Hi Paul, Thanks so much for sharing this information. It goes to highlight the differences with sizing between brands – it certainly sounds as if the Hoys are sized for smaller kids than the Marins. Much appreciated, Karen

Robin Moore

Just found your website and this article was really useful. Many are the bikes I’m considering. Currently several friends families have loved the islabikes up to 20” size but are going towards Orbea. Have you seen or tried any of these? How do you rate them against Islabikes as a known benchmark? My eldest is on a Beinn 20 with mtb tyres.
Many thanks


Hi Robin, Thanks for getting in touch, and glad you’ve found the website useful. In the past two years there have been some great deals on Orbea kids bikes – particularly their mountain bikes – which made them a lot more affordable than Islabikes. It really does come down to your budget, the amount and type of cycling you’re planning to do (plus which bike you can find in stock at the current time). In general Orbea are a reputable brand, and parents I’ve spoken to have been happy with their choice. Hope this helps. Karen


My son has had Isla bikes to date, but I’m not sure I can stomach the cost of the beinn 24. My local bike shop is recommending a forme kinder 24 but I can’t find mention of it on your site. Should I consider the others above?


Hi Mary, Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve not had a chance to review the new Forme kids bike range yet, but they are a reputable brand and I can see no reason why it shouldn’t be a reliable bike. Given the low stock of kids bikes everywhere at the moment, if your bike shop has one available you’re lucky! Hope this helps, Karen

Mary Stillman

1st choice 24″ Giant ARX unavailable
2nd Cannondale Quick
3rd Frog red which I bought from Cambridge Cycles.
I bought it for nephew in Newmarket and mother collected it two days later. Brilliant Boy loves it.
Saracen 16 6.24kg for little brother and little big bike coming for 2 1/2 sister


Hi Mary – great that you’ve been able to find a bike and that your nephew is enjoying riding it. There’s a real shortage of bikes at the moment so you did well to find one. Kind regards Karen

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