Hornit HERO 24

The Hornit HERO 24 is well worth considering if you’re not really into bike maintenance.

The bike has a belt drive and an internal gear hub rather than the more common bike chain and external derailleur found on kids bike in the UK.

This means there’s less to go wrong, and less oily bits to transfer onto clothing.

The three speed gears make it really easy to change gear – something many children struggle with.

The Hornit HERO 24 is really lightweight – making it easy to ride and also for you to carry and/or lift onto a roof rack if needed.

We’ve not reviewed this particular bike, but we have reviewed the smaller Hornit HERO 14 and were very impressed.

Even better news is the HERO 24 is currently reduced and they now offer Klarna 0% which lets you split your purchase into 3 interest-free monthly payments.

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