Hornit AIRO balance bike

Hornit AIRO 12

The Hornit AIRO is one of the lightest balance bikes we’ve ever reviewed here at Cycle Sprog – in fact when it arrived we thought the box was empty it was that light!

Designed for children aged 18 months and over (depending on their size and readiness for using a balance bike), the light weight means it is very easy for a young child to move it around.

You’ll also be pleased when they get fed up riding and you’re left carrying it! You can read our full review of the Hornit AIRO 12 here.

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Hornit AIRO 14 balance bike

Hornit AIRO 14 Balance Bike

The Hornit AIRO 14 is a balance bike designed for beginners that are too tall for a traditional 12″ wheeler.

It’s fitted with a rear brake and child sized brake lever which is useful for learning to stop before moving into a pedal bike.

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Hornit HERO 24

The Hornit HERO 24 is well worth considering if you’re not really into bike maintenance.

The bike has a belt drive and an internal gear hub rather than the more common bike chain and external derailleur found on kids bike in the UK.

This means there’s less to go wrong, and less oily bits to transfer onto clothing.

The three speed gears make it really easy to change gear – something many children struggle with.

We’ve not reviewed this particular bike, but we have reviewed the smaller Hornit HERO 14 and were very impressed.

Even better news is the HERO 24 is currently reduced and they now offer Klarna 0% which lets you split your purchase into 3 interest-free monthly payments.

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Hornit HERO 20

We like the Hornit HERO 20 for it’s simplicity.

With just 3 easy to use gears, your child only has to remember uphill, downhill and flat.   Much easier than the 6 plus gears most kids bikes have, and the gentle introduction to changing gear that some kids need.

This bike also has a belt drive rather than a chain.   This means it’s maintenance free so you don’t need to worry about oily or rusty chains, something we know many parents are too busy to deal with!

The lightweight frame means this bike will be easy to manoeuvre – both for your child and you (if you need to get onto roof rack etc).

We’ve reviewed the smaller Hornit HERO 14 and were very impressed.

Hornit offer payment by Klana – allowing 3 monthly installments.

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Hornit HERO 14

If you want to be the talk of the town (or at least the playground) then the Hornit HERO 14 is quite possibly the bike for you.  It’s part of the newest range of kids bikes released in August 2021, plus, it’s got a belt drive rather than a traditional bike chain which will help start conversations!

The Hornit HERO is one of the lightest starter bikes around, and with a low inside leg requirement it’s ideal for younger / shorter children who are ready to start pedalling. 

We’ve reviewed the Hornit HERO 14 and were very impressed with its lightweight, good looks and ease of use.

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Hornit HERO 16

If you want your child to be seen on the very latest kids bike, which is sure to get everyone asking questions, then take a look at the brand new range of kids bikes from Hornit.

Not only is the HERO 16 one of the lightest kids bikes in this wheel size, tipping the scales at just 5.7kg, it also has a belt drive rather than the more traditional bike chain.

This is designed to reduce the amount of bike maintenance needed (no more rusty chains to deal with), and also helps stop dirty fingers and clothing.

We’ve reviewed the Hornit AIRO balance bike and the smaller HERO 14 and was impressed with the bike. The HERO 16 is just a bigger version of it’s smaller sibling. [sc name="hornit-deal-pedal-bikes"][/sc]

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