Hornit HERO 20

The thing we really like about the Hornit HERO 20 is it’s simplicity.

The HERO has three easy to use gears, so your child only has to remember uphill, downhill and flat.   Much easier than the 6 plus gears most kids bikes have, and the gentle introduction to changing gear that some kids need.

Hornit are clearly taking inspiration from a more continental, urban style of bike, where this type of internal hub gearing is more popular for year round, daily use bikes.

This bike also has a belt drive rather than a chain.   This means it’s maintenance free so you don’t need to worry about oily or rusty chains, something we know many parents are too busy to deal with!

The lightweight frame means this bike will be easy to manoeuvre – both for your child and you (if you need to get onto roof rack etc).

We’ve not reviewed this particular bike, but we have reviewed the smaller Hornit HERO 14 and were very impressed.

Even better news is the HERO 20 is now available through Klarna 0% which lets you split your purchase into 3 interest-free monthly payments.

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