Hornit HERO 14


If you want to be the talk of the town (or at least the playground) then the Hornit HERO 14 is quite possibly the bike for you.

Launched at the end of August 2021 it’s the newest range of kids bikes around.  Plus, it’s got a belt drive, rather than a traditional bike chain, which will help start conversations!

Designed to be very low maintenance, a belt drive means no rusty chains or dirty fingers to worry about.

We’ve reviewed the Hornit HERO 14″ bike and were very impressed with its lightweight, good looks and ease of use.

Weighing it at just 5.4kg the Hornit HERO 14 is one of the lightest starter bikes around.  Bike weight is important as you want your child be able to easily move the bike around when they’re riding it (plus it’s kinder to you too when they decide they’ve had enough riding and you need to carry it!)

The HERO 14 has a minimum inside leg requirement of just 34cm, making it a good choice for younger / shorter children who are ready to start pedalling.

Hornit say the bike is designed for children between the ages of about 2.5 and 4.5 years, but of course some children will be outside of these dates, so measure your child to check before you select the correct sizes.

Hornit offer mudguards and a kickstand as optional extras for this bike, which can be very useful depending where and when your child is going to be using their bike.

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