Squish 24

Squish is a brand of quality kids bikes which a growing range of bikes for all ages and styles of riding. 

Their 24″ wheel hybrid offering is the cunningly titled Squish 24, which comes in at a very impressive weight of  8.63 kg.

Specification-wise, there’s everything you’d expect from a quality 24″ wheel kids bike at this price point – good quality, easy to use gears and brakes plus tyres which are suited to all round general riding.

This makes the Squish 24 a good choice for various types of riding – be it cycling to school, riding around the park or a bit of gentle off road riding.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of mountain biking then it’s worth looking at the Squish MTB 24, but if you’re not doing anything too extreme the Squish 24 is cheaper and should be easier to maintain. 

We’ve not reviewed this particular bike, but you can read our review of the smaller Squish 18 and our review of the Squish MTB 26 to find out more on our thoughts on this brand. 

The Squish 24 is available to lease from the Bike Club for a low monthly subscription - when your child grows out of it just send it back and upgrade to a larger bike. 

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