Squish 20 kids bike 2021

Squish 20

The Squish range is a fun brand designed with children firmly in mind, whilst retaining child-sized components and a lightweight frame.

Components have been selected to offer reliable performance, low maintenance and easy access to spares and servicing if required.

Whilst we’ve not reviewed this particular bike we’ve reviewed several other Squish kids bikes and have always been impressed with their performance. [sc name="bike-club-squish-bikes" bike_name="Squish 20" ][/sc] [sc name="bike-club-20-inch-deal" ][/sc]

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Squish 650B

Squish’s 650B is a 27.5″ wheeled, 13″ framed bike aimed at ages 10+. Squish have made this bike to sit as their largest wheeled bike aimed at older children, roughly 10yrs and upwards. 

This bike is also suitable for smaller adults – one of the shorter members of the Cycle Sprog team has this bike and loves it! 

The crankset is kept simple with a 38T single chainring that is sandwiched in a plastic chain guard, which helps to keep the chain in place. A 38T chainring does mean that this bike isn’t quite a low-geared as most bikes aimed at this age range. For the speedsters this means it will be fast on the flat, but if you live in a hilly area, your child might struggle. 

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Squish MTB 24 2021

Squish MTB 24

The Squish MTB 24 is a 24″ wheel kids mountain bike with some great features including Tektro M-280 Mechanical Disc Brakes with 160mm rotors (which are controlled by two-finger-operated easy reach levers) and SR Suntour XCR-Lo Air Suspension forks with 80mm of travel which can be adjusted to suit as the rider gains weight.

The 8 speed 11-32T cassette should be fine for gentle undulations, but it may require some out of the saddle effort to get to the top of more steep inclines.

We’ve not reviewed this particular size bike but have put the larger Squish MTB 26 through its paces.

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Squish MTB 26

The Squish MTB 26 is Squish’s 26″ wheeled mountain bike with a 13″ frame aimed at kids aged 9+.

The MTB 26 comes with a range of features now common-place on quality children’s bikes, such as, a tuneable air suspension fork, disc brakes and a lightweight, aluminium frame.

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Squish 16

The Squish 16 is a lightweight starter bike specified with child-sized components and fitted with good quality Kenda tyres for confident riding on different surfaces.

We’ve not reviewed this particular bike, but we have tested out the slightly larger Squish 18.  Our reviewer particularly liked the lightweight of the frame, and the ease of steering and braking. [sc name="bike-club-squish-bikes" bike_name="Squish 16" ][/sc] [sc name="bike-club-16-inch-deal" ][/sc]

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Squish Balance Bike 2021

Squish Balance Bike

The Squish Balance bike is a popular choice for parents with 2-3-year-olds wanting a lightweight ride for their child. The lightweight alloy frame means the overall weight is only 3.86kg meaning it is easy to ride and manoeuvre. The wheels on the Squish balance bike are 12″ and feature alloy rims and hubs. 

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Squish 14 kids bike 2021

Squish 14

A fun “Squish” figure and colourful splodges make the Squish 14 an appealing bike for young children starting on their pedalling adventures.

The bike itself is lightweight with all keys features you want on a quality kids bike. Our reviewer was very impressed with the larger Squish 18 when she reviewed it. [sc name="bike-club-squish-bikes" bike_name="Squish 14" ][/sc] [sc name="bike-club-14-inch-deal" ][/sc]

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Squish 26 Kids Bike 2021

Squish 26

The Squish 26 comes with a 13″ frame for those with a minimum inside leg of 67cm, and a 15″ frame for those slightly taller (with a minimum inside leg of 70cm).  The bikes have been designed to appeal to older kids. 

The range of 8 gears should be sufficient for most lumps and bumps and the tyres will be fine for a variety of terrains, although if you’re thinking of mainly doing mountain biking Squish also do a 26″ wheel MTB.

We haven’t reviewed this particular bike, but we have tested two other Squish bikes and found them to be good quality, lightweight bikes that are great fun to ride. [sc name="bike-club-squish-bikes" bike_name="Squish 26" ][/sc] [sc name="bike-club-26-inch-deal" ][/sc]

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Squish 18 kids bike 2021 is one of the best 18" wheel kids bikes for children aged 5 years and over

Squish 18

The Squish 18 is a good choice if your child isn’t quite ready to move up to a geared bike. It has a long wheelbase to give confidence and easy-to-use ‘child-sized’ brakes that are perfect for smaller hands.

The Squish 18 is fitted with lightweight components, and our 6 year old tester was impressed when she reviewed this bike for us.

Small block tyres are fitted to give good grip on a variety of surfaces, so the Squish 18 can be used for fun in the mud too. [sc name="bike-club-squish-bikes" bike_name="Squish 18" ][/sc] [sc name="bike-club-18-inch-deal" ][/sc]

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Squish 24 kids bike 2021

Squish 24

The Squish 24 is a good choice for a child who is doing a mix of riding on and off road, and wants a reliable bike they can ride all year around.

It has good quality components, easy to use gears and brakes plus tyres which are suited to all round general riding.

We’ve reviewed two different sized Squish Bikes in their range and our testers found them to be reliable and fun to ride. [sc name="bike-club-squish-bikes" bike_name="Squish 24" ][/sc] [sc name="bike-club-24-inch-deal" ][/sc]

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