Squish 650B

Squish’s 650B is a 27.5″ wheeled, 13″ framed bike aimed at ages 10+. Squish have made this bike to sit as their largest wheeled bike aimed at older children, roughly 10yrs and upwards. 

The Squish 650B features an 8speed drivetrain with an 11-32T cassette, not the widest range of gears, but suitable for most riding conditions. 

Keeping the 8 speed drivetrain spinning is a 165mm alloy crank, possibly a bit longer than is ideal for the intended age range but certainly better than some other brands.

The crankset is kept simple with a 38T single chainring that is sandwiched in a plastic chain guard, which helps to keep the chain in place. A 38T chainring does mean that this bike isn’t quite a low-geared as most bikes aimed at this age range. For the speedsters this means it will be fast on the flat, but if you live in a hilly area, your child might struggle. 

This bike is also suitable for smaller adults – one of the shorter members of the Cycle Sprog team has this bike and loves it! 

The Squish 650B weighs in at 10.2kg which is impressive at this price point. 

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