Squish 18

Squish 18 kids bike 2021 is one of the best 18" wheel kids bikes for children aged 5 years and over

Lightweight and packed with great components, the Squish 18 is a single speed bundle of fun for children who aren’t quite ready to move on to a 20″ geared bike. 

It has a long wheelbase to give confidence and easy-to-use ‘child-sized’ brakes that are perfect for smaller hands.

The Squish 18 is fitted with lightweight aluminium components including chain wheel, wheel hubs, and rims.

Small block 8 tyres are fitted to give good grip on a variety of surfaces, so the Squish 18 can be used for fun in the mud too.

It feels as though it’s been well thought out and put together, not only in its structural design but also in how it has taken the desires of a child into account too.

Paintwork is hardwearing, the colour scheme works well and it’s just fun. A sticker set accompanies the bike and these can be used on the frame or anywhere else that takes their fancy.

You can read our more detailed review of the Squish 18 here to find out how our 6 year old tester got on. 

The Forme Cubley 18 can be leased from the Bike Club - you pay a monthly subscription and when your Cycle Sprog grows out of the bike just send it back and upgrade to a bigger bike. 

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