Cube Acid 240 AllRoad

Cube are a German brand which has been hugely popular on the continent for years.   We’ve been very impressed with the mountain bikes of theirs that we’ve reviewed as they’re build with longevity in mind, very helpful when you’re out on the trails!

With the Cube Acid 240 AllRoad they’ve taken their entry level mountain bike (the Cube Acid 240) and added some accessories your child might appreciate if they’re also riding the bike on the road.  

This means this model comes fitted with mudguards for rainy days, LED lights for riding in the rain and a kickstand for keeping it upright in the bike shed. 

The result will be suited to children who are riding gentle off road routes at the weekend (and therefore appreciate the suspension) and who are also riding to school in the week. 

If they’re only riding on road, then a hybrid bike without suspension will be lighter and possibly quicker to ride, without the hassle of maintaining the suspension fork. 

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