Cheapest Frog Bikes

Frog Bikes are one of the best quality kids' bikes on the market, though they come with a price tag to match.

So, if you're on the hunt for a well-priced Frog Bike for your little one this Christmas, look no further. We've rounded up all the best deals online, from second hand and leased bikes to Christmas price lock-ins at certain retailers, to help you save money on one of the cheapest Frog Bikes.

At Cycle Sprog we don't sell bikes - instead we review them and write about them, and have been doing so since 2012.

Below we've listed the top places we recommend to get a great deal on Frog bikes. Scroll down further to see the best deals on each different wheel size and type of Frog Bike - balance, pedal, hybrid, mountain, city and road bike.

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Cheapest deals on Frog Bikes - Black Friday 2024

One thing to remember when looking for a Black Friday deal on a new Frog Bike is delivery costs. 

Unless you're able to pick up the Frog Bike from your local bike store remember that a cheaper headline Black Friday deal may mask a delivery fee of £25 or higher.

Quick Links - Best places with Black Friday deals on Frog Bikes

Up to 22% selected Frog Bikes at Tredz until Christmas

Tredz Bikes have a very easy to use website and have several discounts available on selected Frog Bikes models that are locked in until Christmas. That means whether you buy it now or wait until nearer the holiday, the price will stay the same. However if you spot a bargain on the exact bike you want, we don't recommend hanging about because once they're gone, they're gone. 

Tredz also offer a 365 day returns policy plus interest free finance.

We regularly use Tredz ourselves as they are very reliable with a proper customer service section if you need help at any stage.

This is reflected in their high Trust Pilot score.


Save now

At least 10% off Frog Bikes at Tweeks Cycles

Tweeks have still got quite a few discounts on their Frog Bikes, though there's no word on whether these prices are locked in until Christmas. Delivery is free for mainland UK.


Save now

15% off Frog Bike subscription at Bike Club


Exchange as they grow with BIKE CLUB - a subscription to Bike Club gives you a long term monthly lease of a Frog Bike.

Monthly costs are discounted by 15% at the moment (offer closes 24th December 2023).

Prices range from £5.94 pm for a balance bike to £19.54 per month for a mountain bike.

Plus when they grow you just send it back and swap for a new one (the bike not the child!)

This makes owning Frog bikes not only cheap but hassle free for as long as your child needs one, plus it's environmentally friendly as the bikes get multiple uses.

We've got more information on how the Bike Club works here.

Bike Club



Another good place to look for a cheap new Frog Bike at the moment appears to be eBay - there are a number of independent bike shops who are listing their stock there.

You can scroll down this page to see the RRP to compare the individual ebay offers, as they don't tend to be able to show the discounted price.

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Frog Tadpole Balance Bikes

There are three sizes of the Frog Tadole - mini, regular and plus to suit children from 18 months through to 4 years plus.

Frog Tadpoles are a great way to get your child riding a bike before they learn to pedal.

Where to buy cheap Frog Tadpole Mini

Frog Tadpole Mini

The Tadpole Mini is Frog's smallest bike. With tiny 10" wheels this balance bike is suitable for ages 18 months to 2 years with a recommended inside leg of 23cm-30cm

RRP: £220

Cheapest price we can find new:

J'aime Bikes = £160 plus delivery

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Frog Tadpole Mini

Buy New  Hire  Buy Used



Where can I buy cheap frog tadpole balance bike

Frog Tadpole

The Frog Tadpole with 12" wheels is Frog's standard balance bike, aimed at children aged 2-3 years with a recommended inside leg of 31cm-41cm

RRP = £230

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Frog Tadpole Regular

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cheapest frog bikes - frog tadpole plus

Frog Tadpole Plus

The Tadpole Plus is a 14" wheel balance bike for children aged 3 to 4 years with a recommended inside leg of 36cm-47cm

RRP = £240

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Frog Tadpole Plus

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Frog 14" Wheel Bikes

Where to buy discounted frog kids bikes

Frog 40

The Frog 40 has recently replaced the Frog 43 as the 14" wheel Frog Bike.

They are very therefore not yet available secondhand - if you're looking for a bargain secondhand 14" wheel Frog then you'll need to look for the Frog 43 instead.

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Frog 40

The Frog 40 is Frog's smallest pedal bike and is suitable for children aged 3 to 4 years with a recommended inside leg of 36cm-46cm

The Frog 40 replaced the Frog 43 as Frog's 14"wheel offering.

RRP = £380

Buy Now  Hire

What are the different sizes of Frog Bike and what ages are they suited to?

Frog 43

The 14" wheel Frog 43 has now been discontinued new, and replaced with the Frog 40. Thankfully it's very popular secondhand.

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Frog 16" Wheel Bikes

Where can I buy the cheapest frog kids bikes

Frog 44 (ages 4-5 years)

The Frog 44 is the new 16" wheel Frog Bike - it replaces the old Frog 48 and is suitable from an earlier age (or 4cm shorter legs).

This means if you're looking for a secondhand 16" wheel Frog you're better off looking at the Frog 48.

RRP = £390

Buy New   Hire



Frog 44 (ages 4-5 years)

The Frog 44 is the new 16" wheel Frog Bike - it replaces the old Frog 48 and is suitable from an earlier age (or 4cm shorter legs).

This means if you're looking for a secondhand 16" wheel Frog you're better off looking at the Frog 48.

Buy New   Hire



What's the difference between the Frog 44 and the Frog 48?

Frog 48 (ages 4-5 years)

The Frog 48 was the original 16" wheel Frog Bike. It has been replaced by the Frog 44, but is still available second-hand.

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Frog 18" Wheel Bikes

18" wheel bikes are a good inbetween size if your child is too big for a standard 16" wheel bike, but isn't ready to move onto a large geared  bike just yet.

See also: The best 18" wheel kids bikes

The 18" wheel single speed Frog 47 is the largest Frog Bike without gears.

It was released in early 2022 as a replacement to the larger Frog 20 Single Speed (see below)

It's suitable for 4 to 6 years with a recommended inside leg of 43cm-59cm.

RRP: £400

Buy New Hire

Frog 20" Wheel Bikes

20" wheels mean the introduction of gears, plus a greater choice of bikes.

Frog have their popular hybrid 20" wheel bike for all round cycling both on and off road, plus a city bike more suited to urban riding and the ride to school and a drop handlebar bike for road and cyclocross.

The Frog 53 is Frog's smallest geared bike.  It's designed to fit children aged 5 to 7 years with a recommended inside leg of 50cm-65cm.

It is designed with a long seat post and adjustable handlebars to ensure your child gets maximum growth out of it.

The Frog 53 replaces the two previous 20" wheel bikes Frog used to sell - the Frog 52 and the Frog 55.

RRP = £425

Buy New Hire




The Frog 53 City is Frog's smallest urban bike, designed for the daily ride to school all year round.

RRP £550

Buy NewHire

The Frog 52 used to be the smaller of Frog's two 20" wheel offerings and was discontinued in late 2021.

The Frog 52 (and it's larger sibling, the Frog 55) have been replaced by the Frog 53.

Buy Used

Frog 55 (ages 6-7 years)

The Frog 55 was the first 20" wheel bike Frog released, way back in 2012, and was in production through November 2021 when it was replaced with the Frog 53.

There are plenty of models out there so expect this bike to be around to be available secondhand for years to come.

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Cheap Frog 24" Wheel Bikes

When you reach the 24" wheel size there are suddenly lots of Frog Bikes to choose from.

As well as the popular hybrid bike, you can also choose from 24" wheel Frog mountain and road bikes if your child is starting to specialise in a specific type of cycling.

Frog 61

Frog 61 kids bike

The Frog 61 is Frog's brand new 24" wheel hybrid bike, that was released earlier this year.

The bike is suitable for 8 to 10 years with a recommended inside leg of 57cm-74cm

RRP: £460

Buy New Hire


The Frog City 61 is a 24" wheel kids bike designed for year round riding on roads and cycle paths.

RRP £570

Buy New Hire

Frog's 24" wheel mountain bike is suitable for 10 to 12 years with a recommended inside leg of 63cm-75cm.

RRP £845

Buy New Buy Used Hire

Frog's 24" wheel drop handlebar bike comes with road and cyclocross tyres.

The Frog Road 67 is suitable for 8 to 12 years with a recommended inside leg of 62cm-74cm

RRP: £670

Buy New Buy Used Hire

The Frog 62 is in the process of being phased out, to be replaced by the Frog 61.  This means some retailers are looking to discount any remaining stock of these 24" wheel kids bikes.

RRP was £500 when last stocked on Frog website

Buy New Buy Used Hire

Frog 26" Wheel Bikes (ages 10+)

Once children reach the Tween / Early Teen years they stop going up in wheel sizes and start needing different sized frames instead.

Frog are one of the only brands of kids bikes who cater for such a range of child heights, and different riding disciplines.

Frog give guideline ages, but as kids at this stage can vary massively in height it's much better to go on the measurements rather than the age guidelines.

The Frog 67 a multi purpose hybrid bike suitable for average height kids aged 10 to 12 years with inside leg measurement of 63cm-76cm.

RRP: £490

Buy New Hire

The Frog 73 is designed for kids in their late tweens / early teens.  It's likely to be suitable for an average height child between the ages 12 to 14 years with a recommended inside leg of 67cm-81cm.

Buy New Buy Used Hire

The Frog 78 is Frog's largest hybrid bike and is suitable for kids with a recommended inside leg of 72cm-88cm.  For an average height child this is likely to be 13 years and over.

Buy Used Hire

The Frog City 67 is the largest urban bike in their range.  It's suitable for kids approximately 10 to 12 years of age with a recommended inside leg of 63cm-81cm

RRP: £590

Buy NewHire

The Frog MTB 69 is the smaller of Frog's two mountain bikes.  It's sized for average height 10 to 12 years with a recommended inside leg of 63cm-75cm

RRP £845

Buy New Buy Used Hire

The Frog MTB 72 is Frog's biggest mountain bike and is recommended for children with an inside leg of 66cm-85cm.   For an average heigh child this will be about 13 years and over.

RRP £855

Buy New Buy Used Hire

Cheap Secondhand Frog Bikes: 

EBay - because Frog Bikes are built to last there are always plenty of secondhand Frog Bikes available!

Good for your bank balance, and good for the planet.

Buy Used

Your local bike shop

Your local bike shop may do discounts if you're a member of a local cycle club, or if you buy several bikes from them at one time. They may also from time to time do discounts on ex-display models.

You can find your nearest local Frog stockist here. This comes with the advantage that they will build the bike up for you, and you'll also have the satisfaction of knowing you're supporting a local business.

Bike shops which usually stock Frog Bikes and offer home delivery

Frog Bikes are sold through a network of local bike shops, and they will sometimes have sales.

It's worth phoning round your local bike shops to see what stock they have available, and  whether they have any reductions on Frog Bikes.

An increasing number of independent bike shops now offer home delivery of Frog Bikes, so it's worth checking their websites.  However be warned that some of these retailers will charge for delivering a bike (even if they say "Free Shipping" on their website), so a headline discount on a Frog Bike may not end up being as cheap as you think!

The Little Bike Company

Leisure Lakes Bikes

AW Cycles             Wheelbase             Cycle Sense                              

South Down Bikes

Where to buy the cheapest kids frog bikes



Hi, I followed your link to tredz to look at purchasing the frog 69 mtb for my boy, entered the ‘sprog10’ code and it won’t accept it, any reason why not? Thanks.


Hi Phil – apologies for this and thank you for making me aware. I’ve written to Tredz to ask if there’s a reason why the Mountain Bikes (and it turns out road bikes) are not included in the discount code. I’ve updated the article in the meantime to make our other readers aware of this. Thanks Karen


Phil, just to update you – Tredz have now added Frog Mountain Bikes into their discount code. Regards Karen

Ian Ryan


The tredz discount code doesn’t work. Just a quick heads up. Looking to buy 3 bikes so was worth the discount.


Hi Ian – I’ve just retested the code and it seems to be working for the Frog Bikes I’ve tested, apart from the Road and Mountain Bikes. Was it these you were trying to buy? I’ve written to Tredz to find out whether these can be added in, and in the meantime I’ve updated the article to say the code is not currently valid on these bike. Apologies for the inconvenience. Karen


You say that Frog has forbidden discounting – what evidence do you have of this please as it would be a clear breach of UK competition law.


Hi Ian – apologies – I was slightly over zealous in my wording there and have removed. There are various bike manufacturers who are regularly excluded from the on-line stores discounting (i.e. not included in a 10% off code). In my experience there’s usually only several times a year when you can find discounts on new Frogs across all their retailers. However, when we find discounts on an individual store basis then we do list them. Apologies for the confusion. Karen


You can find second hand frog bikes on Secondbike too.
It’s often better to buy a brand new bike but if you are planning to use it occasionally, you should go for an used bicycle.

Rachel King

Hello, We sell a wide range of Frog bikes in Cambridge and have the off road space for children to try them, along with qualified bikeability instructors to give learn to ride training if required. We’re about to open a family cycling shop and would be happy to offer a time limited discount for your readers.

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