Frog 47 First Pedal

Photo of Frog 47 18" wheel kids bike in red - a good choice larger pedal bike without gears

The Frog 47 is a brand new bike for 2022. We’re really pleased to see this bike joining the Frog family, as it bridges the gap between a small pedal bike and a larger geared bike. 

We think this single speed, easy to ride bike is going to be popular with children who are too tall for a standard 16″ wheel pedal bike, but don’t have the ability yet to move onto a bike with gears.

The Frog 47 has a minimum inside leg of 47cm and comes with all the features you’d expect from one of the best known premium kids bike brands.  This includes a lightweight aluminium frame, grippy tyres and child proportioned components.

We’ve not reviewed this particular Frog bike but we have reviewed a number of other sizes and they’ve all been great, long lasting and fun to ride. 

You can subscribe to the Bike Club and get the bike for a low monthly cost. When it gets too small just upgrade it for a bigger Frog. 

Learn more: Is the Bike Club Any Good? 



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