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Frog Road 67

The Frog Road 67 is drop handlebar bike suitable for a child with a minimum inside leg measurement of 67cm. Frog say this equates to an age range of approximately eight and twelve years, but every child is different and when we reviewed this bike our very tall (95th percentile) reviewer was feeling cramped at the age of 9!

However, children do vary dramatically in terms of height/leg/torso lengths and so you should always measure your child and go with the bike that fits the child best.

Our reviewer really liked having the auxillary brake levers on the handlebars, as it’s difficult to make the transition to cycling entirely on the drop handlebars – both in terms of confidence and strength of the back muscles.

The handlebars are short drop and suitably narrow for kids shoulders and the gear shifters are nice and close to the bars to make changing gear easier for small hands.

As this is a bike with a wheel in both camps of road cycling and cyclocross, the Frog 67 comes equipped with Tektro Oryx cantilever brakes. Matched to a healthy amount of clearance between wheels and frame, the Road 67 has good mud clearing ability that is essential if you decide to use it for muddy riding as well as on road cycling.

We’ve reviewed an earlier model of the Frog  Road 67 if you’d like to read more details of this.

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