Frog City 67

The Frog City 67 is a good bike to consider if your child cycles on roads and cycle paths in a town or city.

A city bike has a more upright riding position, step through frame and accessories such as kickstand, full length mudguards and pannier rack which make daily riding easier than with the hybrid style of most kids bikes.

For example, the upright riding position is due to a longer head tube and slightly swept and rised up handlebars compared to what is found on Frog’s standard range of kids bikes.

The step-through aluminium frame makes mounting and dismounting the bike easier which is helpful if you’re wearing a skirt or tight trousers.

The rear pannier rack can carry up to 25kg which should be more than enough for school books, sports kit, musical instruments etc.

The bike weighs in at 9.61kg without the accessories and 11.01kg once the mudguards, kickstand and rack are all added.

Subscribe to the Bike Club and get the bike for a low monthly cost. When it gets too small just upgrade it for a bigger Frog. 

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