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As the war in Ukraine continues to rage, bicycles are becoming more important for transporting people and goods, as roads get destroyed and fuel is no longer readily available.

In this episode of the Family Cycling Podcast Alex BB hosts a conference call with another Alex, who is a bicycle mechanic in Kiev who has found himself operating a small fleet of cargo bikes delivering humanitarian aid.   He is joined by Måns Andersson from Anywhere Berlin, who make and distribute cargo bike for use in remote and road-free areas of the world, and Steve Roe, who has set up a Facebook Group called Cargo Bikes for Ukraine.

It's a sobering insight into the practicalities of running a business in Ukraine, as well as offering some vital links to help Alex and his business partner Sergei continue their cargo bike building business at this impossible time.

Scroll down for the podcast and the show notes. 

Family Cycling Podcast - Cargo Bikes for Ukraine

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Show Notes - Cargo Bikes for Ukraine podcast

08:12  How cargo bikes are being used in Kiev
09:00 Why they cant use cars  (eg petrol and blockades)
10:54 Who is Sergy and why he's had to move
12:11 How many bikes they have: 2 and want to get to 5 
14:10 How people have started to use old bikes and are keeping Alex's bike maintenance business busy
19:25 Sergey's background
22:00 Aim high and start making bikes for us
27:00 What's happened since the conversation and how you can help
This is the list of the equipment Alex needs:
1. Tool set 1/4" and 1/2"
2. Semi-automatic welding machine Tesla Weld
3. Set of bimetallic crowns Bosch Progressor for Wood and Metal
4. Drill
5. Swivel vice
6. Grinder tool
7. Machine vice
8. Drilling machine SB4116HM Holzmann
9. Stationary Belt-Disk Sander Einhell TC-US 400
If anyone can help please get in touch with the Cargo Bikes for Ukraine Facebook Group

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