Family Cycling Podcast – Mountain Biking with kids

feat Lindsey Kelly from ShredXS

Mountain Biking can be such a fun thing to do with your kids!  But how do you get into it? What kit do need (or not need)?  And what happens if your child ends up MUCH better at mountain biking than you?

These are just some of the things discussed in this episode of the Family Cycling Podcast.

Hosts Alex and Karen are joined by Lindsey Kelly from Shred XS, who knows a thing or two about mountain biking with kids.  Her two decided to take up racing, and then as a family they went on to set up the clothing brand which has gained a loyal following amongst junior mountain bikers all around the country.

Lindsey takes us on a fascinating journey from being total novices to industry experts, and shares some huge news about the future of ShredXS too!

Scroll down for the podcast and the show notes. 

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Family Cycling Podcast - Mountain Biking with kids - with Lindsey Kelly, ShredXS

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