Best kids 20" wheel mountain bikes for 5 and 6 year olds

Trying to find quality kids 20" wheel mountain bikes for riders as young as 5 years of age is no mean feat, as at this size most bikes are not really designed for such a purpose. Thankfully, there are a number of manufacturers that have realised that it's not just the big girls and boys that like riding through the muddy stuff! We've scoured the main retailers and put together some great deals for you below.

Best kids 20" wheel mountain bikes

In this post, we take a look at our selection of some of the best kids 20" wheel mountain bikes that are currently on sale in the UK for kids around 5 years of age. If your child is going to be riding on all types of surfaces, such as grass, tarmac and road, then a mtb might not be suitable for them, so please take a look at our article on the best 20" wheel hybrid bikes, which will probably be more suitable.

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Orbea MX20 Team (from £349)

The MX24 series features in our 24" wheel selection of kids mountain bikes, so it seems only fitting that its pint-sized sibling should be featured too. This Team version comes with a better specification than the Dirt shown above.

The MX20 Team comes in two versions, with a choice of v-brake (£349) or disc brakes (£419).   As you can see from the picture (the Orbea MX 20 Team Disc version is shown) the bike just oozes purposefulness, with its paintwork and 2.1 inch tyres back and front it looks desperate to be let off the leash.

Black Friday - Orbea MX20 Team Disc in blue and red

The specification for the MX20 Team Disc is good, with a smattering of own-brand components in the usual areas (bars, stem, seatpost) matched to named components such as the Shimano MT400 hydraulic discs, that have a strong reputation for good performance at a palatable price. The drivetrain comprises a 9 speed setup with Shimano Altus Shadow rear mech and shifters, and matches a 34T single chainring up to an 11-36T cassette to give a good spread of ratios.

Shimano updated their groupsets earlier in the year, and in doing so the technology from the higher in the pecking order XTR an XT trickles down to the groupsets below, making them really great value. This is a good move by Shimano and gives the MX20 bang up to date kit, which is great to see on a 20" wheeled bike.


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Black Mountain HÜTTO (From £449)

Black Mountain took the quality kids bike market by storm last year when they released the 14" PINTO and 16" SKØG with an exciting 'EPOK growing technology' that allows them to be easily transformed from a balance bike to a small first pedal and then to a larger one. (Check out our first impressions review of the PINTO and SKØG here if you're interested)


Following on from the success of the smaller bikes, Black Mountain has now introduced a couple of larger wheel sizes to the range, with the HÜTTO being the 20" model. The HÜTTO is also the first geared bike in the range, with a 7 speed SRAM Twist shift making the changes. Aimed at kids aged roughly between six and eight and a half, Black Mountain has employed the EPOK technology again with the HÜTTO so it can start off in small pedal bike mode and be extended to large pedal bike mode as your Sprog grows (it can also convert into a balance bike with the purchase of the additional kit).

Black Mountain growing bike

At the current time this has the added advantage of providing peace of mind that you're going to have a bike that last for a while as your child grows. With the unprecedented situation we currently find ourselves in we don't know what's going to happen with stock levels of kids bike over the next few months. If your child is at the lower range of the sizing for the Hutto (118cm to 134cm) this might be a wise choice as you'll have a bike that will grow with them.

The HÜTTO  comes in three versions and clicking on the links below will give further details for each version:

The HÜTTO is available in four vibrant colour options - orange, green, purple and blue and comes with a three-year warranty.

BUY NOW:  Black Mountain Bikes are only available direct from their website.  Click here to visit the homepage of the Black Mountain HÜTTO 20" collection

Vitus 20 Plus (RRP £360)


Vitus 20+ plus kids mountain bike

The Vitus 20 Plus is an eyecatching option for kids looking to get out on the trails. Released late October 2018, it's a 20" wheel bike with plus size (2.6") tan wall tyres - which will really make your Cycle Sprog stand out.  It's not all about looks though - it's built around a lightweight 6061-alloy frame, with stopping power provided by Tektro mechanical disc brakes which have adjustable brake levers for small hands.

We've currently got this bike out for review, but you can read our first impressions here:  Vitus 20+ kids mountain bike - first impressions review

BUY NOW: Vitus 20 Plus from Wiggle

Cannondale Cujo 20 Plus (rrp £349.99)

Exploring the 'plus bike' theme, Cannondale has the Cujo model in its lineup that comes with chunky 2.6 wide tyres to give your rider suspension over the roughest terrain.

Cannondale Cujo 20 Plus


Fitted with Tektro cable operated disc brakes, the Cujo has been designed for tackling hills with a 7-speed drivetrain that has a 30 tooth single chainring at the front and a wide-ranging 11-34 tooth cassette to lend a hand. Gear changes are handled by a Shimano Tourney Revo Twist Shifter.

BUY NOW: Cannondale Cujo 20 Plus at Tredz

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Whyte 203 (RRP £499)

Whyte mountain bikes are some of the most desirable bikes around at the moment - go to any trail centre and you're bound to see loads of them in the youth 26" wheel and larger adult sizes.  The 203 is their 20" wheel offering for the younger age range and is built around a lightweight aluminium frame in keeping with the current trend for long and low geometry.

Whyte 203 MTB - one of the best kids mountain bikes for Christmas 2018

Cabling is routed internally so there's definitely a clean look to the frame, plus there's a set of 140mm hydraulic discs to keep things in check. The transmission comprises SRAM's X4 grip shift to change between the 8 gears, with a 28 tooth chainset matched up to an 11-36T cassette to give a good range to tackle a variety of terrain.

We first saw the Whyte 203 at the 2018 Cycle Show at the end of September, which is going back some time now, but it was certainly a great first introduction to this cracking looking little bike.

BUY NOW: Whyte 203 from Leisure Lakes Cycles


ORBEA MX20 DIRT (rrp £269)

I have a soft spot for Orbea - the bike builders from the Basque country - as I have owned, ridden and loved one of their road bikes. I also like the fact that they take kids bikes seriously, and are creating some fine examples that are scaled to suit.

Black Friday Orbea MX20 Dirt 20w mtb

The MX20 Dirt features dialled in components to make things fit just right for small hands and bodies. There are 7-speeds to choose from and a Shimano thumbshifter to help you change between the useful range of gears that comprises a single chainring at the front to keep things nice and simple. Stopping is taken care of by v-brakes, and there's a set of chunky tyres to give grip during your (socially distanced) off-road adventures. It's available to buy in three colour schemes.

BUY NOW: Orbea MX20 Dirt at Tredz

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BUY SECONDHAND: Orbea MX20 Dirt from eBay

Cube Acid 200 Disc 20w (rrp £349)

Cube bikes put the same thought into designing their kids bikes as they do for their adult range, so you know the result is a well thought out and tough bike for kids to explore and push the boundaries.Cube Acid 200 Disc 20wThe Acid 200 Disc is a hardtail with a rigid fork and large volume tyre setup, rather than going for front suspension option. There are 7-speeds to choose from with a useful wide-ranging cassette to help get up the hills. Changes are made using Shimano's Revo Shift twist grip, and to keep things simple there's a single ring chainset at the front.

Cube has also specified Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for the Acid 200 Disc, so there should be no issues with scrubbing off speed.

BUY NOW: Cube Acid 200 Disc 20w at Tredz (Don't forget the discount code!!)

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Scott Roxter 20" mtb - £349

Scott Bikes is a name synonymous with adult mountain bikes, so it's no surprise that they produce some great kids bikes too. the Roxter 20" is a no-nonsense rigid fork mountain bike, equipped with chunky 2.6 'plus' size tyres to soften out the bumpiest of terrain.

Scott Roxter 20 Plus in orange


There are mechanical disc brakes from Tektro front and back and an 8-speed drivetrain featuring a Shimano Revo Shifter grip to make the changes.

BUY NOW: Scott Roxter 20" Plus mtb - £349 at Tredz

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BUY SECONDHAND: Scott Roxter 20" from eBay

Saracen Mantra 2.0R (rrp £380)

Saracen's premium 20" wheel mountain bike is the Mantra 2.0 which is a great bike - with front suspension for soaking up the bumps. However, Saracen has decided to build a super light version. It comes with the same spec but comes with rigid forks rather than the weight that comes from adding front suspension. This is a really adaptable bike for on or off-road, with an 8-speed transmission using Shimano's Altus shifter and rear derailleur. It comes fitted with Kenda small block eight tyres that give really good grip levels too.

The Saracen Mantra 2.0R has a retail price of £379.99.

Saracen Mantra 2.0R in yellow

BUY NOW: The Saracen Mantra 2.0R at Tredz 

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BUY SECONDHAND: The Saracen Mantra 2.0R from eBay 

Specialized Riprock 20 inch mountain bike (rrp £365)

Specialized have been big on the kids bike scene for many years, with the Riprock taking influence from the adult bike sector to produce a pint-sized ripper intended to deliver big fun.

With its 2.8" plus tyres, 7 speeds and SR Suntour XCT front suspension fork the Ripper should be capable of clambering across just about anything in its path. Plus there's a set of disc brakes fitted to bring you to a halt when you get to the other side.

Specialised Riprock 20 inch in Carbon Grey

Specialized have been advocates of low standover heights on their kids bikes for years, and the Riprock is no exception. This should give kids plenty of confidence when standing, as little feet will be planted firmly on the floor.

Specialised Riprock pink 20 inch wheel mountain bike

The Specialized Riprock is available in Carbon Grey and Rainbow Flake Pink and has an RRP of £365.


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BUY SECONDHAND: the Specialized Riprock 20 from eBay 

Saracen Mantra 2.0 (RRP £430)

Saracen Mantra 2.0 in blue

Saracen is a company with a heritage. Richly steeped in UK mountain biking history, not only do they create bikes that are suitable for the climes of these shores but they also do it very well.

The Mantra 2.0 is a compact bundle of fun, with a lightweight custom-butted aluminium frame and a 20 inch wheelset at its heart. A Shimano Altus shifter and rear derailleur are matched to a single 32T chainset up front and a 12-34T cassette at the rear giving the Mantra a good spread of gear ratios from its 8-speed setup.

Saracen has specified v-brakes rather than discs as they say they give enough power and are nice and light. They also reckon kids love to mess with brakes, and fingers and discs don't mix well.

BUY NOW: SARACEN MANTRA 2.0 FROM TREDZ (Remember to use the discount code!)  

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Specialized Hotrock 20 - £229


cheap 20" wheel kids mountain bike for 6 year old

Let's face it - the vast majority of kids aren't going to be going out of the trails any time soon. If your Cycle Sprog is desperate for a mountain bike, but you don't want to spend a fortune on a top of the range bike for them to ride around the garden this summer, then the Specialized Hotrock 20 might be the answer. It's got rim brakes and coil sprung forks, so won't be as responsive as those more expensive 20" wheel mountain bikes with disc brakes and air forks we list below, but it should be robust enough to handle any garden riding you may have planned.   With a lightweight aluminium frame and 7 gears operated by Shimano Tourney shifters make this a great value bike for your growing Sprog.

Leisure Lakes Bikes are offering contactless delivery to your home, and currently have this bike reduced down to just £229,

Buy now: Specialized HotRock 20 from Leisure Lakes Bikes

Buy secondhand: Specialized HotRock 20 at eBay

Early Rider Belter 20 inch Trail (£625)

Currently out of stock

The Early Rider Belter is a stunning design with it's brushed aluminium frame and high-end componentry. At the front is a 50mm travel air suspension fork to soak up the bumps, while Maxxis Daddy tyres have been specified to give good grip on the rough stuff.

Early Rider Belter 20 inch Trail

Cable actuated disc brakes are fitted fore and aft and Ritchey finishing kit makes this a very nice place to be indeed. Gearing is courtesy of a 3 speed 'belt drive' system, which is cleaner, quieter and requires less maintenance than its chain-driven brethren, so all in all a very high spec machine.

The Early Rider Belter 20 inch Trail is no longer available new so you'll need to scour the auction sites, but there is an alternative in the form of the Trail20HT and this can be purchased directly from Early Rider.

The best kids 20" wheel mountain bikes

So there you have it. A great selection of kids 20 inch wheel mountain bikes that will have them tearing up the trails in no time. This is just a small selection of what is currently available, so if you feel another bike should be added to the list, please get in touch via Facebook as we'd love to hear from you. Happy riding!

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This post about the best kids 20" wheel mountain bikes contains affiliate links. The small commission we get if you buy through these links helps us keep running the Cycle Sprog website. Thanks for your support!

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  1. Steve Burkett says:

    Small correction: The 2019 Specialized Hotrock has only 40mm of travel on it's SR Suntour XCT-JR fork, not 50mm. Changed from 2018?

    Helpful article!

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      Hi Steve, Thanks so much for taking the time to point that error out - I've updated it to reflect the forks are 40mm of travel. Glad you found the article helpful, Karen

  2. Ruta Petrauska says:

    Does somebody knows what the weight of Saracen Matnra 2.0 is? I have looked everywhere and can't find anything 🙁

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ruta - Saracen choose not to publish the weights of their bikes (they're not alone in this, Giant are currently the same). If you contact them directly via their website they may choose to share this info with you. Karen

  3. David Marshall says:

    I was very close to pulling the trigger on a Vitus 20plus but in the end have gone for a Bergamont Bergamonster Plus which is very similar in spec and with a 12% discount at Hargroves Cycles came in cheaper than the Vitus. I've immediately converted it to trigger shift with an £8.95 shifter from Amazon and it seems spot on.

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