Giro Tremor MIPS youth bike helmet review

In this review we're looking at the Giro Tremor MIPS youth helmet. It's a brightly coloured kids bike helmet which is styled very much for mountain biking, and comes with added MIPS protection should it ever be needed.

We've asked a range of different kids (and their parents) to try it out and give us their impressions, so you can decide if this helmet is suitable for the Cycle Sprog in your life.

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Helmet details

Helmet model: Giro Tremor MIPS youth

Size: 50-57cm. Smaller 'child' version available 47-54 cm

Colours available: Choice of 6

Safety standards: CE EN1078

Weight: 315g

Cost: £60

Date of review: January 2022

We like: Top-end mountain bike helmet with all the features you could need.

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Giro Tremor MIPS youth bike helmet review

Giro kids helmet review

Giro is certainly one of the biggest players in the bike helmet world. They make helmets for all types of cycling and snow sports but also have a range of products including shoes, eyewear and gloves.

The Tremor MIPS is a smaller version of their mountain bike helmets and fits heads from 50 - 57cm. There is only the MIPS option available in this size, but there is a 'child' version that is smaller and comes with a non-MIPS option.

There are two sizes of this helmet - a smaller children's size (47-54cm) and the youth sizing which we're reviewing (50-57cm).

Giro Tremor MIPS youth bike helmet full review

The Giro Tremor MIPS makes no compromises with its design and those familiar with mountain bike helmets will see this is simply a smaller version of their adult's helmet, rather than something aimed to appeal to young children.

The styling is block colours (choice of 6) with a long peak (removable), plenty of vents and coverage extending low around the back of the head.

The helmet is constructed with an EPS foam bonded to an out shell, which is the most common manufacturing method for bike helmets.

MIPS is used and adds an extra level of safety by reducing rotational forces during an impact.

Vents on the Giro Tremor MIPS kids bike helmet

The 18 vents give plenty of space for air to circulate and has a bug mesh on the front to keep flying visitors out. The straps and fastenings are minimalist and simple which gives the Tremor a well finished, professional appearance.

Dial of the Giro Tremor MIPS youth bike helmet

The adjustment is achieved via a rotational dial on the rear of the helmet and a chin strap buckle but no sliding adjustments under the ears. The Tremor weighs in at 315g and costs £60.00 which places it firmly at the upper end of kids' bike helmet price range.

The Giro Tremor MIPS helmet in use

The Tremor was a clear winner early on with our older testers who were drawn to its simple, classic styling. The fit was also great across most of the heads we tried it on with a comfortable snug fit and easy adjustment via the rear dial.

The straps sit flat against the cheek, and although offer no adjustment below the ears, it's very comfortable.

The chinstrap buckle is a very neat system that avoids pinching the skin and is easily operated by large or small hands.

One end slots into the other and it gently clicks into place and this is then released by pushing a red button.

It’s very different to a traditional helmet clasp so does take a few uses to become familiar with it but I feel the system is better than a traditional clip.

The testers mentioned the ease of use of the rear adjuster and generally found the clasp easy to operate, even in gloves.

full review of the Giro Tremor MIPS youth bike helmet

The fit of the helmet

Interestingly one of our testers has been wearing a slightly older, non-MIPS version of this helmet for a while and found it performed excellently during a week-long tour of the trail centres of Wales during hot sunny weather and they use it all the time on shorter trips around town.

For some testers, it looked really well-fitted with the straps fitting snugly against the side of the face but swapping to someone else we found the side straps looked slightly too loose and left without an option to tighten them up.

As usual, trying on a helmet is crucial to test the fit for an individual head. The overall shape of the helmet fitted all of our testers and it covers a good range of sizes from 50-57cm.

Giro Tremor MIPS youth bike helmet - full review
Inside of the Giro Tremor MIPS youth helmet

How does the Giro Tremor MIPS helmet fit with long hair?

The MIPS lining gets a mention as they have covered all the mounting points with pads, which reduces the chance of getting hair caught, which can be a feature of the MIPS system. The plastic liner was more minimal than others which will contribute to the helmet being less sweaty.

Rear view of the Giro Tremor MIPS kids bike helmet

All our testers enjoyed this helmet. They liked the thickness of the padding, the fit on their head, the positioning of the visor and the colour, plus the rear design gives plenty of room for a ponytail.

Overall verdict on the Giro Tremor MIPS bike helmet

Everything you could wish for in a child's bike helmet, all wrapped up in a stylish mountain bike inspired package. The lack of adjustment under the ears could be an issue for some, but its simplicity works for most users. The price is competitive with other MIPS helmets out there so it's hard to find much to dislike about the Tremor!

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