A chat with Olympic BMX athlete Declan Brooks

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Recently Cycle Sprog hosted a graduate intern from Nottingham Trent University.  During her internship Nadine Guzman attended the launch event for the Mappin and Webb Team GB jewellery collection and chatted all things family cycling with BMX athlete Declan Brooks.

Here's Nadine's thoughts on the day, and her conversation with Declan on how to encourage more children to take up cycling as a sport.

When athleticism meets opulence, the result is nothing short of spectacular.

That's precisely what transpired at the recent launch event for the Team GB jewellery collection by Mappin & Webb, where we had the opportunity to engage in a range of discussions with BMX athlete Declan Brooks, the incredible Rebecca Adlington, and a diverse room of both male and female representatives across sports.

This exceptional afternoon brought together the world of high-end sports and extravagance in a way that left an indelible mark on all who attended.

As the event unfolded, attendees were treated to an exclusive unveiling of the latest collection that redefines elegance and performance.

A fusion of artistry and craftsmanship that left attendees in awe. It was a chance to experience the timeless allure of jewellery that transcends generations


Cycle sprog attend Team GB 2024 jewellery launch and talk all things family cycling with Declan Brooks

In a surprising twist, the event also celebrated the spirit of athletic excellence. Renowned athletes from various disciplines graced the occasion, sharing their stories of dedication and determination.

Cycle Sprog had the privilege of chatting with BMX Athlete Declan Brooks and hearing his perspective on family cycling and how it's much more than just a casual ride.

An interview with Declan Brooks

His journey with cycling began at a young age, with the influence of his father who had some sort of experience in the field. “ I started with BMX racing, and that passion has been a driving force in my life,” he recalls. 

But where does one begin? The BMX athlete suggested there are several valuable sources they can explore. From online communities to blogs, and local parks, there are many options nowadays. With online communities, blogs are fast, easy, and helpful.

There's a sense of camaraderie among parents who cycle with their kids, and these communities often share their experiences, recommended routes, and safety advice. ,

Moments after the athlete suggested some advice for parents who want to introduce their children to cycling.

“ Encourage curiosity and exploration, and let your children take the lead sometimes. And most importantly, cherish every moment together on the bike it's a bonding experience you'll all treasure “.

Beyond the track, he is thrilled to know there are blogs out there empowering parents who are eager to embark on their family cycling adventures.

It's a journey filled with adventure, bonding, and countless memories waiting to be made. ,

Beyond the glitz and glamour, this event provided a platform for networking and forging meaningful connections.

It was a place where individuals with a passion for luxury jewellery and sports could come together to share their interests and insights.

More than just an event it was an experience that transcended the boundaries of luxury and sports.

It left an indelible mark on all who attended, a memory to cherish and a standard to aspire to.

Cycle sprog chat all things family cycling with Declan Brooks

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