Abus kids bike helmet review

If you're looking for a new bike helmet for your child you may not immediately think of German brand Abus.  They tend to be better known for their bicycle locks but they also do a large range of cycle helmets across all sizes and disciplines.

In this review we're going to be taking a closer look at the Mountz, a junior helmet designed for young mountain bikers which fits heads between 52 and 57cm.

Please note Cycle Sprog were send the Abus Mountz helmet to review but we were not paid to write this review and all opinions are our own. 

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Helmet details:

Helmet Model: Abus Mountz

Size: 52-57cm

Colours available: Choice of 9

Safety standards: CE EN1078

Weight: 280g

Date of Review: January 2022

Cost: £46.99

We Like: Massive vents to keep a cool head and a huge range of colours/styles.

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ABUS kids bike helmet review

Abus kids helmet review

The Mountz is clearly a mountain bike stylized helmet with features such as a peak and a shape influenced by adult off-road helmets.

As is standard for many bike helmets, the Mountz is constructed with an expanded foam EPS and a plastic out shell bonded to it.

The Abus has a dial on the rear which is rubberized for grip and adjusts the size to fit.

The straps have adjustable dividers under the ears and a simple plastic clip under the chin which has the addition of a soft 'chin guard' which velcros onto the clip to prevent rubbing or nipping.

The ends of the straps get a nice touch as they are sewn back onto themselves rather than leaving a raw edge that could otherwise be scratchy.

The vents on the helmet are plentiful and large to keep heads cool when the temperatures increase. They also feature mesh over the front vents to prevent any adventurous flying insects from finding a way in.

Other finishing touches include a reflective strip on the rear of the helmet and claimed ponytail compatibility.

Abus kids bike helmet review

The first impressions of the Abus were good.  The younger kids liked the bright patterns and straps.

The immedaite reaction of the older kids depended on whether they were into mountain biking, and whether they preferred a more angular or rounded helmet design (these things start to matter when you hit the Tween and Teen ages!)

There's 9 colour options available with the Mountz (including black) so there is a good range to choose from.

Abus kids bike helmet full review

The fit of the Abus Mountz was ok but some of our testers found it a bit loose even when tightened up fully.

The rubberised dial on the rear works well but is a little small for adult hands and a bit fiddly for children. It does the job fine, but there are better examples out there for rear adjustments.

Review of the Abus kids cycle helmet

The straps on the Mountz can be easily adjusted to sit under the ears with the dividers featuring a little catch that releases them to slide up and down.

The chinstrap clip is a good size and the padding is a nice touch if not particularly elegant.  Whilst it does prevent clipping of the skin it is a big pad of material to have under your chin.

Does the Abus Mountz helmet fit kids with long hair?

Of all the kids bike helmets we tested with this group of reviewers the Mountz was one of the few that claimed up front to be compatible with a ponytail.

Our reviewer found that the position of rear mechanism, being low on her head, meant the helmet worked alright with a low ponytail as shown in the photo.

However she didn't feel there wasn't much scope if she'd fastened it a little bit higher on her head.

There's also the option to feed a higher ponytail through the gap between the base of the helmet and the rear strap, but our reviewer's hair was too long to make this a feasible option.

Abus kids bike helmet review in detail
Review of the Abus kids cycle helmet

Overall verdict on the Abus kids helmet

A well made mountain bike style helmet with plenty of vents to keep things cool. The fit varied between riders so as always, testing the fit first is crucial. With all the colour options you're bound to find a winner!

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