Cube Talok kids helmet review

Cube is one of the largest bicycle brands on the planet but their products extend way beyond bikes, as Cube also produce clothing, components and helmets.

We were pleased when they sent us one of their premium kids cycle helmets to review - the Cube Talok.

Read on to find out what our young riders thought of the Cube Talok cycle helmet.

Cycle Sprog were supplied this helmet by Cube but we were not paid to write this review and all opinions are our own (and those of our young reviewers)

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Helmet Details:

Helmet Model: Cube Talok

Sizes: XS(46-51)  S (49-55)  M (52-57) (tested)

Colours available: Choice of 4 - blue/white, pink, green/black or red/black

Safety standards: EN 1078

Weight: 225g

Cost: £39.95

Date Of Review: January 2022

We Like: A feature-packed MIPS helmet with great attention to detail.

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Cube Talok kids cycle helmet review

Cube Talok kids cycle helmet review

The Talok is Cubes premium kids helmet and it sports a long list of features and technology.

Firstly its construction is an EPS moulded helmet with a plastic shell, which is common to many cycle helmets.

What is noticeably different is the integrated visor which gives one less thing to be fiddled with or broken on the helmet - which is especially useful if your offspring are "fiddly".

The Cube Talok helmet features MIPS which is a low friction layer in the helmet, essentially allowing the helmet to rotate in a crash and reduce those forces on the head. You can read more about Mips here.

The shape and fitting of the helmet are based on Cubes 'Natural Fit' concept which they say uses 'intelligent ergonomics' to design their products. It also comes in three different sizes, which is good to see.

It's got eleven vents to keep things cool on a hot day and even has some mesh covering the front vents to keep any pesky insects at bay.

The 'SNAP 360 Fit System' has a rotational dial at the back of the helmet to tighten it and hold it securely against your child's head.

A nice touch is the flat dividers that sit under the ears to split the straps, these are thin and sit neatly against the head.

The padding inside is minimal, with a forehead strip and a couple of thin pieces running on top of the head.

Finally, the chinstrap has a padded cover and a ratchet clip, which is simply pushed together to close.

At 225g and £40, it's both light in weight and light on your bank balance, especially for a MIPS-equipped helmet.

Cube Talok kids helmet review

The Cube Talok in use

First up the aesthetics of the helmet we were sent divided the age groups opinions, with the older kids less interested in the patterned finish in favour of helmets with a block colour.

The younger ones liked it and we felt that the integrated visor gives it a more junior look, despite it's size.

The fit is good across a range of head sizes and its comfort levels were reported to be high.

There was feedback that the strap ends caused some irritation where they have been sealed, especially because the way the dividers are threaded means these ends sit close to the skin.

This could be an issue if your child has sensitive skin.

For my youngest tester, the buckle worked really well as it is a simple push to get it to clip together and doesn't require much force.

Likewise removing it requires little effort and allowed the three year old to be independent with the helmet.

This attachment method works well for large hands too, and even in gloves is easy to use and has become one of my preferred closure mechanisms.

Despite the eleven vents, it's still pretty warm, as the MIPS lining adds an extra layer.

This is worth considering if you're lucky enough to live somewhere warm, or do all your cycling in the height of summer.

However for general cycling there were no issues with overheating.

cube kids helmet full review
review of the cube kids bike helmet

The MIPS lining is comfortable to wear with short, straight hair but the rubber mounts are uncovered on this helmet, so there is a risk of catching longer hair.

Pony tail compatibility is good with the rear cradle not interfering and having space under the dial for hair.

Review of the Cube kids cycle helmet

One of the crucial aspects of the Talok is the value, as getting a MIPS helmet at this price is impressive.

Combining this with the great clousure system, great fit and good styling makes for a seriously competitive kids cycling helmet.

Overall verdict of the Cube Talok kids bike helmet

The Talok is a seriously feature-packed kids cycle helmet at a great price.

The styling may be a little more junior than its size would suggest, but with 4 colours to choose from and MIPS technology, this should be on anyone's shortlist for a kids helmet.

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