How to carry a Christmas tree on a (cargo)bike

It's that time of year again; time to get your Christmas tree.

Children love picking out a tree and for many this is a cherished family tradition.

But how to get it home? By bike (or trike, tandem, trailer or cargo bike), of course!

#TreeByBike tradition

Melissa and Chris Bruntlett started the #TreeByBike campaign on Twitter back in 2014, to prove to naysayers that it is perfectly possible to carry large items like Christmas trees by bike.

Since then, the movement has grown and more and more people are getting their #TreeByBike.

A cargo bike like a longtail bike or a box bike may come in handy, but it is also perfectly possible to carry a tree on a normal bike.

Mycle cargo bike christmas tree and toddler

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Box bike with christmas tree

Top tips for carrying a Christmas tree on a bike

When we asked the Family Cycling UK community for tips and we got loads of responses; thank you!

Turns out Christmas trees carried horizontally at the front or back of a bike are the perfect deterrent to close passes!

Here are our top tips:

Wrap up warm; yourself and your kids!

Make sure everyone is warm; think hats, gloves and scarves, and maybe a blanket for your child in a seat or in a cargo bike. Bundle bean blankets are fleecy, waterproof blankets which work very well as a cargo bike blanket.

You may be outside while you're picking out your tree as well, so keep that in mind.

For extra waves and smiles, add some tinsel and a Christmas hat!

Mycle cargo bike christmas tree and toddler

Make sure you still have good visibility

Depending on where you position the Christmas tree on your bike, make sure your view doesn't get obscured by the tree. You may want to choose a quiet time of day if you'll be riding on busy roads.

If you can't see over the tree, pushing your bike with the tree on it will probably still be a lot easier than carrying the tree home on foot.

Bring bungees or straps to secure your Christmas tree to the bike

Bring bungee cords or straps, so that you can attach the Christmas tree securely to your bike.

Make sure your kids still fit in the bike when carrying your Christmas tree

If you own a box bike, longtail bike or another type of cargo bike, make sure your kids still fit in the bike after adding your Christmas tree.

With a box bike, you might want to add a seat to the rear rack, to leave the box free for the tree. If that doesn't work, get your tree as close to your home as possible.

Get your tree locally

If you're getting a large Christmas tree, and other things like a stand and other Christmassy bits, you may want to head to the closest place to where you live, so that your children can walk home if there's no more space for them in the bike.

Tern GSD cargo bike with christmas tree

Before you go.....

If you're planning on gifting a kids bike this year, you're going to need to know how to wrap it and get it under that Christmas tree you've just been carrying. For loads of inspiration on how other parents have done this in previous years:

Easy ways to wrap a kids bike this Christmas

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