Where to buy the cheapest Frog Bikes - April 2020

There are a couple of deals available on Frog Bikes at the moment and in this post, we bring you details of where to find the cheapest Frog Bike.

BEWARE: Not all headline deals are the same – you have to watch out for:

a) stock levels – some retailers are listing stock they don’t have and need you to phone through to check availability

b) hidden costs – some retailers charge extra for certain colour combinations

c) delivery costs – some retailers charge extra for home delivery

d) returns policy – some retailers offer 14 day returns, others 365 days

e) delivery timescales - obviously at the current time all retailers are trying to deal with the current situation. Some will have stock available, others will be waiting for it to be delivered to them.

Here at Cycle Sprog we need to make enough money to feed and clothe our growing Sprogs! One way we do this is by using affiliate schemes where possible. This means we may receive a small commission from sales made when our readers click a link and buy a bike. Thanks for your support.

April 2020 -  FROG BIKES

Here’s our guide to some of the best deals on Frog Bikes available at the moment:

Last updated Wednesday 1st April 2020

Merlin Cycles - good value bundles if you want a helmet too

Merlin Cycles have got the option to do a "bundle" which gives you a kids cycle helmet virtually free.  Their website states they charge £19.99 for delivery of a bike, however, the Frog Bikes we've checked are showing as free delivery.

SAVE NOW: Merlin Cycles Frog Bike and kids helmet bundles

£5 off Frog Bikes at Tredz if you sign up for their newsletter before purchasing

Tredz have a very easy to use website, and good stock levels in virtually every size and colour combination of Frog Bikes - they're ideally situated very close to the Frog Bike factory in Swansea! They also offer free home delivery and a 365 day returns policy plus  interest free finance if you need it.

**** If you sign up for the Tredz newsletter before you pay (which you can d0 from their home page), you will get sent a £5 voucher off your first purchase immediately which you can apply before you checkout ******

Frog 43 kids bike for a 3 or 4 year old child


Ex Demo and Hire Frog Bikes at Rutland Cycles

Rutland have just launched their "Pre-loved" sale of refurbished ex-hire and demo bikes.  At the time of writing there were a couple of Frog Bikes available with up to 30% off, although of course, these are on-offs and likely to shift quickly. Rutland state:

  • All pre-loved bikes are fully checked and set up by our experienced mechanics
  • Full warranty is included*


*Please note that manufacturers warranty doesn't cover 'wear and tear' which is to be expected on a pre-loved bicycle. Some components will have a lifespan that is shorter than that quoted by the manufacturer from new.

Frog Bike Exchange at Edinburgh Cycles

Edinburgh Cycles are currently running their popular Frog Bike Exchange, where you can take in your old Frog Bike and they will part exchange it for a brand new bike.

Please don't visit your local Frog Stockist, use up a lot of their time test riding their stock and then go home and buy online for £5 cheaper. You'll regret it when your local bike shop closes down and you have nowhere to go next time. Only buy on-line if you're happy measuring your child, picking the correct size Frog and doing the final few bits of simple assembly when the bike arrives.


The best way to get a really cheap Frog Bike (and to help save the planet!) is to buy second hand! Frog bikes are so well built that they will last numerous children - we can attest to this as we've just passed a Frog 55 onto its 5th rider in 5 and a half years. You may want to look at our post on buying a second hand kids bikes before you close a deal.

Check out these eBay links to find a bargain Frog Bike (ages are approximate)

There's also a great Pre-Owned Frog Facebook Group which has lots of bikes up for sale.

Other places to buy new Frog Bikes:

If the above offers have expired, or they don't hold stock of the bike size/colour you want, then check out these alternatives:

Your local bike shop

Your local bike shop may do discounts if you're a member of a local cycle club, or if you buy several bikes from them at one time.  They may also from time to time do discounts on ex-display models. You can find your nearest local Frog stockist here.  This comes with the advantage that they will build the bike up for you, and you'll also have the satisfaction of knowing you're supporting a local business.

Independent bike shops offering FREE MAINLAND UK DELIVERY on Frog Bikes:

The best place to buy your Frog Bike will depend on which model and colour you are after, as not every retailer has them all in stock.

Leisure Lakes Bikes

Merlin Cycles

The Little Bike Company

Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative

Cycle Sense


AW Cycles

South Down Bikes

We'd love to hear if you find anywhere selling new Frog Bikes cheaper than we have found - do leave us a comment either in the comments section below or via the Cycle Sprog Facebook page. Thanks!

Where to look for the Cheapest Frog Bikes on Black Friday deals

Long term leasing of Frog Bikes

For some families, a long term lease of a Frog Bike may be financially beneficial over buying new (although rarely over buying second hand).  You can read more about how this works in our article  - you do need to do the maths dependent on how many children you have who will want to ride the bike. For some families leasing is a real saving, for others you can end up spending more.

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  1. Rachel King says:

    Hello, We sell a wide range of Frog bikes in Cambridge and have the off road space for children to try them, along with qualified bikeability instructors to give learn to ride training if required. We're about to open a family cycling shop and would be happy to offer a time limited discount for your readers.


  2. Tom says:

    You can find second hand frog bikes on Secondbike too.
    It's often better to buy a brand new bike but if you are planning to use it occasionally, you should go for an used bicycle.


  3. Ian says:

    You say that Frog has forbidden discounting - what evidence do you have of this please as it would be a clear breach of UK competition law.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ian - apologies - I was slightly over zealous in my wording there and have removed. There are various bike manufacturers who are regularly excluded from the on-line stores discounting (i.e. not included in a 10% off code). In my experience there's usually only several times a year when you can find discounts on new Frogs across all their retailers. However, when we find discounts on an individual store basis then we do list them. Apologies for the confusion. Karen

  4. Ian Ryan says:


    The tredz discount code doesn't work. Just a quick heads up. Looking to buy 3 bikes so was worth the discount.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ian - I've just retested the code and it seems to be working for the Frog Bikes I've tested, apart from the Road and Mountain Bikes. Was it these you were trying to buy? I've written to Tredz to find out whether these can be added in, and in the meantime I've updated the article to say the code is not currently valid on these bike. Apologies for the inconvenience. Karen

  5. Phil says:

    Hi, I followed your link to tredz to look at purchasing the frog 69 mtb for my boy, entered the ‘sprog10’ code and it won’t accept it, any reason why not? Thanks.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Phil - apologies for this and thank you for making me aware. I've written to Tredz to ask if there's a reason why the Mountain Bikes (and it turns out road bikes) are not included in the discount code. I've updated the article in the meantime to make our other readers aware of this. Thanks Karen

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