Where to buy the cheapest Frog Bikes - Christmas 2018

Frog Bikes are some of the best known and well specified kids bikes available. And of course, as you generally get what you pay for when it comes to kids bikes, they aren't as cheap as some bikes. Prices ranging from  £110  for the smallest balance bike - the Tadpole Mini through to £465 for the largest road bike, the Frog 70 Road, and £610 for the new Frog MTB 72.    New Frog Bikes are rarely reduced in price, but sometimes it is possible to get a discount, especially around Black Friday. In this post we look at the cheapest Frog Bikes available, plus list some other places to buy if you're struggling to find the correct colour/size combination. And of course, we cover off where to find second hand Frog Bikes, as this can work out much cheaper than buying new, and is of course better for the environment.

If you find somewhere cheaper, do let me know in the comments section below or via our Cycle Sprog Facebook Page.


Last updated Saturday 15th December 2018

  1. Tredz are giving away a free kids cycle helmet (worth up to £30) with every new Frog Bike up to and including 20" wheels (Frog 55) -THEY ALSO GIVE FREE DELIVERY IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS
  2. Tredz are giving away a free set of Izone pulse front and rear bike lights with any bike worth over £250 - COMES WITH FREE DELIVERY IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS
  3. Rutland Cycles are selling off their ex-hire and part-ex Frog Bikes - with up to 25% off - THIS IS THE BEST DEAL ON FROG BIKES, IF YOU'RE OK WITH A NEARLY NEW BIKE - limited size and colour options available
  4. Wheelbase are giving away a free helmet with all Frog Bikes (but you are restricted to a choice of one helmet in one size option only) - In stock bikes should arrive in time for Christmas

It's quite rare to find decent discounts on new Frog Bikes, and after a mad frenzy of discounting over Black Friday and Cyber Monday the prices have gone back up to normal. We would be very surprised if there was any further discounting on new Frogs before Christmas.  In fact, in the run up to Christmas we expect Frog Bikes to sell out quickly.

Free cycle helmet with every small Frog Bike at Tredz

All you need to do to get your free cycle helmet (up to the value of £30) is choose the size and colour Frog Bike you want, and then at checkout put the code FREEHELMET into the discount code box.  You will see the code added into the green box underneath your total, with £0.00 next to it.  When your order has been processed Tredz will be in touch to ask which helmet you'd like - so check out there selection here.

Free Bike Lights with any bike worth over £250 at Tredz

For larger Cycle Sprogs Tredz are giving away free front and rear lights with every bike costing over £250.  You just need to choose the size and colour Frog Bike you want, and then at checkout put the code BESAFE into the discount box.

You can only use one discount code, so for smaller bikes which qualify for both the free helmet deal and the free lights deal you need to make your choice!

Rutland Cycling sale of ex-hire and part-ex Frog Bikes

This is Rutland's once a year clear down of old hire and part exchanged Frog Bikes. With up to 25% off the RRP, you're getting a bike that's been through their workshop, so should be in excellent condition, but could have small amounts of cosmetic damage.

Obviously, these bikes are in short supply, and once they're gone, they're gone!



At Rutland they've got if you plan to buy anything else bike related in future, then their Rutlands Reward Club will give you money back off your next purchase.  Rutland Cycles are offering 1% back in points off your next purchase on every 2018 Frog Bike .

====> This is probably the best deal if you're buying the larger size Frog Bikes, and also want to add in some accessories. 

Cheap Secondhand Frog Bikes on Ebay

The best way to get a cheap Frog Bike is to buy second hand! Frog bikes are so well built that they will last numerous children - we can attest to this as we've just passed a Frog 55 onto it's 5th rider in 5 and a half years. You may want to look at our post on buying a second hand kids bikes before you close a deal.

Check out these Ebay links to find a bargain Frog Bike (ages are approximate)

Other places to buy Frog Bikes:

If the above offers have expired, or they don't hold stock of the bike size / colour you want, then check out these alternatives:


LeapFrog is Frog's online second hand shop where their retailers can advertise bikes that have come back as part of their part exchange programme.  You can search for those bikes closest to you.

Your local bike shop

Your local bike shop may do discounts if you're a member of a local cycle club, or if you buy several bikes from them at one time.  They may also from time to time do discounts on ex-display models. You can find your nearest local Frog stockist here.  This comes with the advantage that they will build the bike up for you, and you'll also have the satisfaction of knowing you're supporting a local business.

Independent bike shops offering FREE MAINLAND UK DELIVERY on Frog Bikes:

The best place to buy your Frog Bike will depend on which model and colour you are after, as not every retailer has them all in stock.

Leisure Lakes Bikes

Merlin Cycles

The Little Bike Company

Cycle Sense


AW Cycles


We'd love to hear if you find anywhere selling new Frog Bikes cheaper than we have found - do leave us a comment either in the comments section below, or via the Cycle Sprog Facebook page. Thanks!

Where to look for the Cheapest Frog Bikes on Black Friday deals

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  1. Rachel King says:

    Hello, We sell a wide range of Frog bikes in Cambridge and have the off road space for children to try them, along with qualified bikeability instructors to give learn to ride training if required. We're about to open a family cycling shop and would be happy to offer a time limited discount for your readers.


  2. Tom says:

    You can find second hand frog bikes on Secondbike too.
    It's often better to buy a brand new bike but if you are planning to use it occasionally, you should go for an used bicycle.


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