Family Bike Adventures – Kendal Mountain Festival Spring 2021

Thanks so much for attending the session with Kendal Mountain Festival and hope it's inspired you to get out on your bikes for some family cycling adventures this summer.

This article will help guide you through the process or follow up on the things I mentioned in my talk with Hannah.

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Happy cycling!



Here’s my talk if you missed it

Cheaper ways to get into family cycling

These are the suppliers I referred to:

Kids Bike Trailer Hire - for short and longer term trailer, bike seat and car rack rental

The Bike Club - monthly leasing scheme for kids bike - avoiding the upfront cost of buying a bike

Ebay Secondhand Kids Bikes selection page - these are our reccomendations for secondhand models of kids bikes

Buying a second hand kids bike - advice on how to buy a second hand kids bike

Equipment for different ages

These are the links to the main articles on the different stages of cycling with you family, but we've got loads of other articles so please do have a look around the website

General advice on getting started

Some of our family cycling adventures

Other people’s bike packing adventures


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