Best tagalong bikes 2024

There are lots of ways to cycle with your kids, and they can vary depending on their age and motor skill level. If they’re old enough to pedal, but not quite ready to independently ride their own bike, then a great option would be investing in one of the best tagalong bikes.

Tagalongs (also known as trailer bikes) attach to the rear of your bike, and come in different guises. Some have a single rear wheel, while others take the form of trikes, and they usually include pedals with either single speed or multiple gearing, though pedalling isn’t essential.

If you’re tagalong-curious but not sure which type to choose, we’ve got you covered. 

Below you’ll find our roundup of the best tagalong bikes you can currently buy, broken down into new and second hand options. These cover a range of budgets, so there should be something for everyone. If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to read the full article, you’ll find our top three recommendations in the quick picks section, and if you need more buying advice before you make a purchase, check out our Q&A section below.

Not sure if a tagalong is for you? There are other options available. Check out our guides to the best rear bike seats for toddlers and small children, and the best front mounted bike seats for older kids.

Best tagalong bikes: A woman riding a bike with a child on a tagalong bike behind her, with a tree on the right, a river behind them, and grassy hills in the distance


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Quick picks: for parents in a hurry

Not got time to go through a massive list? Then here are the top three tagalongs we think you should know about.

Best tagalong bikes: available brand new

The number of tagalong bikes you can buy brand new is a bit limited at the moment, but here are the best that are currently available.

Burley Tagalongs

Best for daily usage

Best tagalongs: The Burley Kazoo tagalong, attached to a greyed-out bicycle on a blank background

  • Models: Kazoo / Piccolo
  • Type: Tagalong bike
  • Weight: 7kg / 8kg
  • Wheel size: 20"
  • Gears: Single speed / 7-speed
  • Max rider weight: 38.5kg

Buy if: You're looking for long-term regular use.

The Burley tagalong range is durable enough for regular year-round cycling. The Kazoo is single speed, while the Piccolo comes with 7 gears and a thumb shifter.

Burley tagalongs attach via the Burley Tailwind rack, which comes included. This means you can attach panniers to your bike, which is great for carrying shopping or school books. However it does mean you need to have rack mounts on your bike, and also you'll need multiple racks if you're planning to switch between different bikes.

All Burley tagalongs come with a splash guard and a safety flag, but don't come supplied with a mudguard over the wheel, though you can attach your own. The tagalong can be detached from the rack easily when not in use and the arm can be removed for storage or transportation.

It's possible to order replacements of virtually every part, so it can last for years as your main form of transport.

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WeeRide Kazam

Best value for money

Best tagalongs: The WeeRide Kazam tagalong with a flag, attached to a greyed-out bicycle on a blank background

  • Type: Tagalong bike
  • Price: £169.99
  • Weight: 13.15kg
  • Wheel size: 20"
  • Gears: Single speed
  • Max rider weight: 35kg

Buy if: You want to use the tagalong with multiple bikes

The WeeRide Kazam is a simple tagalong bike with a hitch that attaches to your seat post, meaning you can use your own rear rack, or not have one at all. It can also work with oversized seat posts up to 40mm in diameter, and features the brand's Sync Link Pivot design for smooth movement while cornering. The arm folds easily for storage and transportation and it comes with a safety flag.

Its quick release system means you can easily detach the tagalong when you don't need it, while the unobtrusive seat post hitch is great if you want to ride your bike without the tagalong in place. If you're sharing the tagalong between multiple bikes, you can purchase an additional hitch and will need a minimum 2" gap beneath your seat in for it to fit.

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Mission Piggyback

Best for extra stability

Best tagalongs: The Mission Piggyback tagalong trike attached to a bicycle on a blank background

  • Type: Tagalong trike
  • Weight: 22kg
  • Wheel size: 20" / 24"
  • Gears: Single speed
  • Max rider weight: TBC

Buy if: Your passenger has balance issues or special needs that require extra stability

Unlike the other tagalongs in this list, the Mission Piggyback is a tagalong trike, providing extra stability for children who find balancing difficult. This can also help if they need extra assistance with mounting and dismounting, as it remains upright while stationary, unlike a single-wheel tagalong bike.

The Piggyback comes with a choice of 20" and 24" wheels, and can be fitted with an adapted seat with a backrest, side supports and a seat belt for children who require the additional support.

However, please be aware that as a trike, the Piggyback requires a wider turning circle and careful cornering. Its universal joint isn't restrained from tipping while turning. You can't see what your child is up to, and they may tilt their weight at just the wrong time as you take a curve. This doesn't happen on a single-wheeled tagalong, which tilts with the lead bike. Use the Piggyback only if you remember to take corners very carefully.

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Best second hand tagalongs

If you're happy to buy second hand, you can save a lot of money. There are a range of great quality tagalong bikes, some of which are hard to get new, that quite regularly appear on the second hand market for a fraction of their original price.

Adams Trail-a-Bike

Best range of colour options

Best tagalongs: The Adams Trail-a-bike tagalong, freestanding on a blank background

  • Type: Tagalong bike
  • Weight: 10.45kg
  • Wheel size: 20"
  • Gears: Single speed
  • Max rider weight: 38.5kg

Buy if: If you want a paint job that matches your bike (if available, of course).

The Adams Trail-A-Bike was launched in 1986 as the original tagalong, and is a classic of family cycling.

If you live in North America, then it is still easy to get hold of, but here in the UK, it's a much rarer beast. It does occasionally become available second hand on eBay, as it used to be stocked here a number of years ago.

The Adams Trail-A-Bike has a steel frame that comes in 7 different colours. It's a single speed tagalong that is compatible with most 26" and 700c bicycles, and there are four adapters available which will fit almost any seat post.

If you're buying a very old version (pre-2005) then just check it had the adapter upgraded as there was a safety recall. All newer models will have this fitment.

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Barracuda Trail Buddy

Best for gear practice

Best tagalongs: The Barracuda Trail Buddy tagalong, attached to a bicycle on a blank background

  • Type: Tagalong bike
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Wheel size: 20"
  • Gears: Single speed / 6-speed available
  • Max rider weight: TBC

Buy if: They're older and learning to shift gears.

The Barracuda Trail Buddy was at the cheaper end of the tagalong price range and was replaced by the ETC Trail Buddy in 2021 (currently unavailable new).

The Trail Buddy came in single speed and geared versions. The gears are operated by a twist grip, so not quite as easy for some young kids to manage as the quick-fire trigger on the Burley Piccolo.

When they were available new in 2020 the Barracuda Trail Buddy cost £116 for the single speed and £138 for the geared version.

Compared to others listed here, the Barracuda is on the heavier side, but it's the only one available in a model with gearing, making it a great choice for slightly older children who are ready to practice shifting while riding.

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ETC Trail Buddy 1

Best XXX

Best tagalongs: The ETC Trail Buddy 1 tagalong, attached to a bicycle on a blank background

  • Type: Tagalong bike
  • Price: £199.99
  • Weight: TBC
  • Wheel size: 20"
  • Gears: Single speed
  • Max rider weight: TBC

Buy if: XXX

The ETC Trail Buddy is a good entry-level tagalong - it's single speed so is ideal for younger kids (who won't know how to change gear) or  for those riding on flatter terrain.

With 20" wheels and an alloy folding frame this tagalong is a bit more basic that some of the other models featured.  For example you don't get mudguards or chain guard, but you do get a flag and a more affordable way of getting into family cycling.

The Trail Buddy used to be branded the "Barracuda Trail Buddy" and the ETC Trail Buddy is the newer replacement for this older tagalong.


WeeHoo iGo Blast

Best for youngest passengers

Best tagalongs: The WeeGo iGo Blast tagalong trailer with a flag, freestanding on a blank background

  • Type: Trailer bike
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Wheel size: 20"
  • Gears: Single speed
  • Max rider weight: 36kg

Buy if: They need to be strapped in while riding.

Whether they're too young to sit unaided, or have additional needs that require a greater level of support, the Weehoo iGo range comes with a padded seat instead of a saddle, suitable from age 2 all the way through to age 9.

Foot straps on the pedals and the adjustable 3-point harness with chest buckle help keep the child secure during the ride. Hand grips give children something to hold onto and the sprocket and chain are enclosed to keep little fingers grease-free and away from harm. Canopy and rain cover accessories are sold separately.

As your child is fastened in, you’ll need to balance your bike and tagalong when dismounting, then helping your child out, buy a kickstand if you can find one.

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How to choose the best tagalongs

If you’re still looking for some guidance, here are some key considerations to make when choosing the best tagalong to pull your child by bike.

Is a tagalong bike worth it?

There are pros and cons to buying a tagalong bike. They're a great idea for kids who are too big for a trailer or bike seat, but not old enough to ride their own bike on the road. This is especially helpful if your little one insists on pedalling themselves, only to tire out very quickly, because while they get to pedal along with you, it's not essential that they do so. Of course, having their extra input can help make hills easier!

Compared to other methods of pulling a bike behind you, like a trailer, a tagalong requires a smaller turning circle, making them more manoeuvrable on the road.

Of course, they're not perfect, and won't work for everybody. Unlike towbars and FollowMe Tandems, your child's bike is not with you, so there's no option for them to ride themselves, independently. They additional length, which can make it difficult to store your bike in small places, although some models have foldaway arms to help with that.

What age is a tagalong bike for?

Children can start using a tagalong bike as soon as they're old enough to sit unaided on a bike, be able to reach the pedals and the handlebars, and pedal (although it's not a problem if they stop). As a general rule of thumb, tagalongs are recommended for children aged 4-9 years, but younger children can use models like the WeeHoo iGo, which has a padded seat they can be strapped into.

Single speed or geared tagalong bike?

Most tagalong bikes are single speed, meaning they only have one gear. If you're lucky you might be able to find some geared models, like the Burley Piccolo.

For flat, easy rides or with younger children who would struggle to use gears properly it doesn't usually make a huge difference which option you go for, as the child's pedalling input, while helpful, isn't essential for you to be able to ride. Generally a single speed will be fine for most children, especially if gears are likely to distract or confuse them.  However, if you live in a hilly area and are riding with an older co-pilot who can help you with climbing, then a geared version would be ideal.

Does my child need to be able to ride a bike to use a tagalong?

They don't need to be independently riding their own bike, but they do need to be able to sit upright, balance and reach the pedals. If your child isn't ready to start pedalling yet, then we'd recommend looking at the best kids bike trailers and best rear seats for older kids.

Do they need to pedal at all times?

They do not! Tagalongs are a great way for them to feel like they're contributing to the ride - and they definitely do help - but unlike a tandem bicycle, a tagalong bike can just glide along behind you. Obviously it adds weight and length to your bike, so you need to feel strong enough to potentially ride the whole setup on your own, but your co-pilot can pedal alongside you and help make it easier when it really matters.

Can my child be strapped into a tagalong?

Most tagalong bikes are just like regular bicycles, so they require your child to be able to sit and balance unaided while pedalling. If yours isn't quite ready for that, there are options available, like the WeeHoo iGo range, which comes with a padded seat that they can be strapped into. It's perfect for younger children or those with additional needs that require extra support.

What if my child already has a bike?

While a tagalong bike is a great way to both pedal together, if your child already has a bike that fits them, it seems unnecessary to buy a tagalong as well. If they're not quite ready to cycle independently, but want to use their own bike, then check out our guide to the best cycle towbars, or our FollowMe Tandem review, for an alternative. These attach their bike to yours, lifting the front wheel, and functioning very much like a tagalong.


Nigel Ashton

Can tagalongs be used with folding bikes? Or even folding e-bikes?
I’m looking at the Btwin 500e and wondering if a tagalong would work?

Saskia Heijltjes

Hi Nigel, I’m afraid we can’t offer advice on this as it depends on the tagalong make and the folding bike you’re using. We’d suggest contacting the manufacturer of your folding bike. Or you could ask in the Family Cycling UK Facebook group if anyone has tried this? Good luck!


Great article.

There used to be lots of other versions of the Adams tag-alongs, e.g. a 24” wheel version, geared versions etc. There is a catalogue on the web that shows these old versions. There are also lots of other brands of tag-alongs that have been available over the years. We have many of them in our fleet at Charlotte’s Tandems. I can send you a list, if you’d like them.

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