tow bars for kids bikes – longer rides are on the horizon!

Tow bars are a convenient way of converting a regular child’s bike into a towable, tagalong style one.

Tow bars for kids bikes – description

Towbars for kids bikes - Trail-Gator bikesThe concept involves linking your bike to your child’s by a bar that attaches to the seat post of the adult’s bike at one end, and the headset of the child’s bike at the other. When fixed in place the positioning of the bar raises the front wheel of the child’s bike off the ground and locks the handlebars in place, thus preventing your little one from steering you into the nearest hedge. However they can help out with the pedalling and if they get tired can freewheel allowing them to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

why buy a towbar?

Towbars are excellent if storage space is an issue as it fits onto an existing bike, unlike a tagalong or trailer that require additional room for storage.

When you don’t have a child’s bike attached, the bar is folded up like an umbrellas handle and locked safely onto the frame of the adult bike by means of a bracket.

A towbar can be used on several family bikes by purchasing additional seat post kits. This allows a variety of adults to enjoy towing a child, which can be useful say if one adult drops off at school, and another does the pick-up.

You can also get extra connections for the kid’s bikes, useful if there are two children’s bikes in the household as either could be hooked up.

With the towbar connected and stored on the adults bike it is a simple process to hook it up to the child’s bike when they’re worn out and ready for a rest. This can be useful if your child gets tired towards the end of a cycle ride, and may alleviate a tantrum due to tiredness.

If your little one cannot pedal without stability aids then a towbar is a great way of extending the distance they can travel, and when they get tired they can just freewheel.

things to consider

With the front wheel suspended in mid-air, the positioning of the child will be set back so need to check they’re comfortable. Adjustment of seat height may help.

Your child may whinge for a tow the moment they get slightly tired or bored – not pleasant and means they’re not building up stamina for longer rides.

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