Trailgator child bike tow bars

Trailgator child bike tow bars have been produced as good quality towbars and accessories for children’s bikes which are available in a range of colours.

 Trailgator child bike tow bar (RRP £79.99)

The Trail-Gator tow bars come in red, blue or pink and are available at Halfords and Rutland Cycling.Trailgator child bike tow bar in blue





Trail-Gator Additional Seatpost Kit (RRP £23.99)

Trailgator child bike tow bar extra seat postIf you intend using the towbar with more than one adult bike then it is possible to purchase additional seatpost kits.

The kits are available from Rutland Cycling.



Trail-Gator Receiver Kit (RRP £23.99)

Alternatively, you might want to use the tow bar with an additional child’s bike and this is where the Trail-Gator receiver kit comes in. The receiver kit is stocked by Rutland Cycling.

Trailgator child bike tow bar - additional receiver kit





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