The best front mounted bike seats for older kids

The majority of front child bike seats sold in the UK are designed for young children, who are unable to pedal themselves. They tend to have enclosed sides to support the child and a 5 point harness to keep them securely in the seat. They also tend to have a maximum weight limit of about 15kg.  This is great in theory, but what happens when your child gets to the age of about 3 years and they become too big to physically fit in the front seat, or too heavy for the seats upper weight limit?  

Thankfully, there’s a growing number of front bike seats that you can continue to use beyond the age of 3 years, or a weight over 15kg.  Some are designed specifically with mountain biking in mind, and others are more suited to commuting or more leisurely family cycling. 

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Oxford Front Bike Seat


SAFETY WARNING – there are a number of front bike seats currently being shipped to the UK that are available on Amazon and eBay that claim to be able to take VERY heavy weights (surely they haven’t got lb and kg mixed up have they?).  You’re potentially buying a cheap seat that doesn’t come backed up with the appropriate reputable brand name and the associated safety features.

Take a look at the fixing points and the construction of the seat and make sure you’re happy putting the weight of your child onto the seat through the fixing point. Ask yourself if you’re seeing any evidence of safety standards to back up the claims of taking an older and heavier child and whether a manufacturer’s website can be found. Have you seen any photos of a child actually using it?  Compare it to the weights and construction / mounting points of the seats highlighted in this post.


Which front seat is best for my bike?

All the seats featured in this post are suited to steel and aluminium framed bikes. Please do not use a child’s bike seat on a carbon fibre bike (or one of any other material) unless you’ve checked with the manufacturer first. Every bike is different, so we can’t provide specific advice for each make of bike. However, we do state below which types of frame the seats don’t fit. 

For specific queries visit the website of each manufacturer. If you’re unsure if a particular seat will fit your bike we recommend;

1) Emailing the seat manufacturer to ask

2) Speaking to your local independent bike shop

3) Joining the Family Cycling UK Facebook Group and searching the group for similar questions. If someone hasn’t asked about your specific type of bike then post your own question – there’s usually someone who has fitted a seat to a similar type of bike.

SAFETY WARNING – always make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when fitting a front seat.

The best front bike seats for older children

Below we take a closer look at the front seats available for older kids.  Please be aware that some of these seats don’t have the same levels of restraints as bike seats for smaller children, so you do have to be happy with this level of risk when riding with your child. 

For a summary of the maximum weights, fixing points, and prices see the table at the end of the post.  Click here to go to the comparison table.

Shotgun Mountain Bike Seat (RRP £120)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended seat

The Shotgun is a front child seat designed specifically for mountain biking. It allows you to get out on the trails once your Sprog is 2 years old and is a brilliant way to give them a love of MTBing from a really early age!

Shotgun kids front MTB seat
When we asked 3 year old Rosie to test out the Shotgun seat with her Dad, she had a fabulous time. You can read their review here. 

The Shotgun seat is designed for children aged 2 to 5 years (and up to 22kg in weight).

The seat is fully adjustable to fit top tubes 35 – 68mm wide, and down tubes from 35 – 100mm wide.

This range of adjustment covers all mountain bikes, and even some of the new e-mountain bikes hitting the market.

The Shotgun seat also has moulded rubber padding to protect your frame, and swaps between bikes easily with no special adaptors or clamps required.

You can also get a mini set of handlebars to fit on top of yours, for your little shredder to hold onto!

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SHOTGUN SEAT SCAM UPDATE May 2022:  Be aware of deals that appear too good to be true on Shotgun seats - they probably are.  There's a problem at the moment with scam social media adverts and cheap imitation products.  We recommend only buying directly from Shotgun Seats or one of their recommended retailers to avoid being caught out. 

Oxford Little Explorer front bike seat (from £35.00)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand

The best front bike seats for older children - the Oxford Little Explorer
OK, so I’m a bit biased about this one, but it’s the newer version of the bike seat I used to commute with my youngest Cycle Sprog once he was too big for our rear bike seat.  I still miss the “cuddly” rides we used to have in what was then known as the Oxford Leco.

Having my arms around him as we rode to nursery and school every day was such a special time, plus I’m sure his traffic awareness was greatly improved by being able to see and talk about everything with me. The Leco has been replaced by the Oxford Mini Explorer, which has been strengthened by the inclusion of a support between the seat, which is mounted on the top tube, and the footrests which attach to the down tube. 

You can read more about the revamped Oxford seat in this post.

The bike seats for older children - the front mounted Oxford Little Explorer bike seat is suitable for ages 3 to 6 years
The bike seat is designed by Oxford Products, a UK based company. The Little Explorer can only be used on bikes with a top tube so isn’t suitable if you’ve got a step-through frame. The maximum child’s weight for the Little Explorer is 22kg, so should be good for most kids aged between about 3 and 6 years.

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Mac Ride front bike seat  (RRP £197)

A very simple but elegant design, involving an aluminium frame with a plastic saddle and straps, the Mac Ride has been around for a number of years and is beloved by mountain biking parents.

Mac Ride front bike seat for mountain biking with a child

The Mac Ride seat is a very sleek design which can be easily and quickly unclipped from your bike when you no longer need it, and stored flat in a rucksack or other bag. 

The seat is attached to a special front mount spacer on the top tube. Two of these spacers are included with each purchase so you can swap your Mac Ride easily between bikes. Mac Ride can be adjusted as your child grows, with the seat and footpegs moving away from the handlebars as your child gets longer arms and legs. 

Mac Ride is a front bike seat that attaches to an adult bike

The maximum weight suggested for the Mac Ride is 60lb (which equates to 27.2kg) and an age of about 5 years of age.

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Tyke Toter front bike seat (Approx £110)

The Tyke Toter front seat is an American designed and manufactured seat that attaches to the adult bike seat post, meaning it can be used on the majority of bikes including those with a step through frame. The manufacturer also claims you can fit a metal shim to a carbon seat post.

Tyke Toter front bike seat for older children
As you can see the child’s weight is taken by the horizontal tubing, which is made from aircraft grade aluminium.  The manufacturer states this will hold the weight of the child up to 45lb (20.4kg) which is around the 4 years mark.

Tyke Toter front bike seat in use - one of the best bike seats for older children

The Tyker Toter front seat comes with lots of detailed information about the types of bike frame it does and doesn’t fit to, so you should be able to work out whether it fits your specific bike. There are various headings under the FAQ tab on their website that should answer all your questions.

Where to buy:

The Tyke Toter can sometimes be bought in Sterling via eBay and is shipped from the US.  Costs will vary based on currency fluctuations, but it’s about £110. If you purchase via eBay you’re avoiding the additional currency conversion fees your bank may levy if you buy in US dollars.

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Front bike seats from Holland (from approx £68 plus shipping)

If anyone knows how to carry kids on a bike it’s the Dutch, so it’s worth looking at how they do it. The majority of Dutch bikes are step through city bikes, and so top tube mounted seats won’t work. have a range of very simple frame-mounted saddles to fit a wide variety of frame sizes and shapes. The maximum weight limit for the child is 40kg and all seats come with a two-year warranty.

Dutch frame mounted front seat - Holland have some of the bike seats for older children
Prices vary depending on the Euro / Sterling exchange rate but are in the region of £65 to £100 depending on the model, with additional shipping costs to the UK from The Netherlands plus any currency conversion costs levied by your bank.


Do Little Bike Seat (approx £110)

The Do Little front bike seat comes all the way from New Zealand, and their website states “We can guarantee the Do Little fits almost all double tube city bikes, commuter bikes, step-through frames and all mountain bike frames including hard tail and full suspension” Do Little Bike Seat The Do Little has been Engineer Certified for a safe loading of up to 28kg / 61.7lbs (which can be up to the age of about 7 years), which is one of the highest weights for this type of mid-mounted seats.

Where to buy:

The Do Little can be shipped from New Zealand – it costs $154 NZD which is approximately £75, plus a shipping cost of $40 NZD which brings the total cost to somewhere around £95, plus any currency conversion fees from your bank.

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LOCT front bike seat (discontinued)

The LOCT was a front bike seat designed by a British family, suitable for off road riding, with a maximum weight of 28kg. It is currently unavailable as the Company was dissolved in 2012, so their website hasn’t been updated and their Facebook page is no longer available.

This seat can only be picked up occasionally second hand via E-bay or other selling forums.

This is what it looks like, should you come across one:

Loct front bike seat in use

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Summary of front mounted bike seats for older children

Here is a summary of all the currently available front bike seats featured in this article. Remember, if you’re buying a very cheap bike seat not featured in this article (one that appears to allow a much heavier child to be carried) do your research to check it’s going to be safe and comfortable for your child.

Summary table

Seat nameMax weightMounting pointPriceShipped from
Shotgun MTB seat22kgTop tube£120UK
Mac Ride27kgAdditional top tube£197UK
Oxford Little Explorer22kgTop tube £50.00UK
Tyker Toter20kgSeat postApprox £110 plus shippingUSA
Holland Seats40kgDown tube£65 - £100 plus shippingHolland
Do Little28kgDown tubeApprox £75 plus shippingNew Zealand

A big thank you to members of the Family Cycling UK Facebook group for help and inspiration with writing this article. It’s a great group to get advice for cycling with your kids, so head over there now.

Whilst you’re on Facebook, don’t forget to follow our Cycle Sprog Facebook Page too! 

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This post was first published in July 2018 and updated in January 2021 to reflect the availability of the seats and include links to second hand options



Are there no front mounted seats with harnesses. I want to cycle with me autistic 3 yr old but would need him to be secure


Hi Nicola
The old Oxford Leco seat used to come with a backrest and harness, but they removed it in the new model. It might be worth checking on the Family Cycling UK Facebook Group to see if anyone has one of the old models for sale, or else has any experience of fitting their own harness to a seat for an older child.
There is also a rear seat with a strap for older children, which is recommened by a parent in this article
Kind regards

Henry Peacock

The top tube is the crossbar – found on men’s bikes.

Ladies’ bikes have two parallel down tubes instead.

Step-through bikes don’t have a crossbar either. They usually have a large, down tube.

Sarah Davies

Such a helpful article which I should of read before I emailed earlier for advise! I’m interested in the Little Oxford (although not many stock’s it seems) or Do Little I think but I’m unsure about fitting. Can I be sure What’s a top tube and down tube? I can send pictures of my 2 bikes if possible?


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