The best front bike seats for toddlers and young children 2022

Front bike seats are a lovely way to cycle with your young child because they are in a brilliant position as you ride – directly in front of you!  This allows you to chat as you cycle along, pointing out everything you see during your ride.  It also allows you to keep an eye on what they are doing, which is more difficult if they are in a rear seat behind you.

Front bike seats are extremely common as a means of transporting small children in Holland and Denmark, and as the benefits of family cycling are becoming more widely realised here in the UK, we expect to see more and more families starting to use front seats to transport their children.  Your child must be old enough to sit upright and have developed their neck muscles sufficiently to use a front seat. This is usually about 9 months for those seats with a full back support, but check with your health care professional if you have any concerns.

Bobike front kids bike seat in action

If you’re starting out, you may want to read our introductory post “How to start cycling with a small child in a bike seat, cargo bike or trailer” first. 

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The best front bike seats for toddlers and young children

Here’s our pick of the best front bike seats currently available in the UK.  (Please be VERY careful of buying cheap imported front bike seats on auctions sites. These may place all the weight of the child onto a flimsy piece of metal that attaches to your seat post or stem, and which don’t meet British Safety standards).

Each seat will have restrictions on the type of bike that it is suitable for, so please check the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before purchasing and using the seat.  Front seats are not recommended for carbon fibre bikes and can be tricky with drop handlebars.

If you’re unsure if a particular seat will fit your bike we recommend;

1) Emailing the seat manufacturer to ask
2) Speaking to your local independent bike shop
3) Joining the Family Cycling UK Facebook Group and searching the group for similar questions. If someone hasn’t asked about your specific type of bike then post your own question – there’s usually someone who has fitted a seat to a similar type of bike.

**** If you’ve got an older / heavier child (from about 3 years) who you want to carry in a front seat, then check out our other post The best front mounted bike seats for older kids****

Thule Yepp Mini

The Thule Yepp Mini is a light, colourful, and easy to use front seat. It gives your toddler a full view of the road (or cycle path) and because it is made out of the same material as Crocs, they are easy to keep clean (great during those potty training months!)Front mounted bike seats for kids - yeppmini-childseatThe Yepp bike seat range also includes the roomier back seat, the Yepp Maxi.  If you have kids of different ages, you can have one of each, as is a popular sight in Amsterdam.

Yepp mini and maxi being used at the same time

The Yepp Mini Front Seat is suitable for carrying children on the front of your bike from 9 months up to a maximum weight of 33 lbs (approx 3 years).  It is mounted onto your bike’s handlebar stem using the adapter supplied. Your stem must be made of steel and have a diameter of between 0.8 to 1.1 inches (28 mm).  It’s easy to fix the seat into place, but also to detach it if you don’t have your child with you (or if you need to leave the seat at nursery for someone else to do the pick up (additional Yepp Mini mounts are available for this purpose).   There’s also an integrated lock to prevent theft if you’re leaving the seat in situ.

As you’d expect, there is a 5-point harness with an easy-to-use buckle, which also has soft shoulder pads to protect against chaffing.  The footrests are adjustable and have straps.

Where to buy:

You can buy the Thule Yepp Mini new from Tredz website or second hand from eBay. 

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Shotgun Mountain Bike Seat

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended seat

Front bike seat for mountain biking with a toddler - the Shotgun MTB seat

Once your child reaches the age of two, they’re old enough for a Shotgun seat, which is designed to get off road and enjoy mountain biking together. Designed to easily fit onto virtually every size mountain bike frame, the Shotgun is really popular with parents wanting to introduce their children to the joys of off road cycling from an early age.

It doesn’t have the same levels of safety restraints as seats designed for younger children, which is what it isn’t suitable for younger children. 

We’ve recently been testing out the Shotgun front seat and you can read our review here 3 year old Rosie and her dad loved it! 

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SHOTGUN SEAT SCAM UPDATE June 2022:  Be aware of deals that appear too good to be true on Shotgun seats - they probably are.  There's a problem at the moment with scam social media adverts and cheap imitation products.  We recommend only buying directly from Shotgun Seats or one of their recommended retailers to avoid being caught out. 

Oxford Little Explorer Top Tube Seat

The Oxford Little Explorer is one of the simplest kids front bike seats on the market. This is a seat aimed at the older end of the age range, where your child isn’t going to fall asleep and wants to feel close to the action. It’s simple to get your child up and into and is ideal for short, sharp rides out. It’s also easy to cycle with when the child isn’t in the seat, so good for dropping off at nursery or preschool and continuing your journey. Safety features are limited but include a two-point belt that fastens around the waist and non-adjustable foot straps.  Please note that this seat differs from some of the other cheap imported bike seats at a similar price, as it fastens to the top tube (crossbar) and not the seat post or stem.  For this reason, it’s not suitable for step-through frames (or if you have a very small frame size).

Oxford Little Explorer Bike Seat - a front bike seat for toddlers

The best thing about this seat is that you really get to cuddle your child as you cycle along – and for this reason the Little Explorer’s predecessor, the Oxford Leco has been a firm favourite of ours.  See our blog article about having to give up using the Leco once our son got too big.

Where to buy: 

The Oxford Little Explorer is available to purchase new or secondhand on eBay. 

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Wee Ride Kangaroo / Classic

The Weeride Kangaroo is the “Classic” Weeride seat and is a good choice if you’re looking for a cheaper seat, or perhaps aren’t sure if it will get much use.

WeeRide Kangaroo kids bike seat

The Classic comes with standard and deluxe models (the deluxe having thicker padding on the headrest and the seat).

What’s the difference between the Weeride ‘Kangaroo’ and the ‘Safe Front’ bike seats?

The Kangaroo is the older Classic WeeRide.  The latest model is the Safe Front and has the following upgrades: higher sides for increased child stability added strap underneath the bar for extra stability, 2 movement thumbscrew, and 2 movement buckle release for enhanced safety; additional straps on foot holders; increased seat size.

Where to buy:

You can buy the Weeride new from Halfords or sometimes found secondhand on eBay. 

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Bobike Front seats

Dutch designed Bobike seats are very popular on the continent, but sadly they don’t have a good distribution network in the UK. Thankfully given the modern world we live in, they are relatively easy to get hold of from The Netherlands.

Bobike front seat in use

They have three front bike seat offerings – the Bobike Mini, the new Bobike Mini One, and the Bobike Exclusive Mini. You can probably guess that they go up in price through the range!

The entry-level Bobike Mini is a rival to the Yepp Mini, coming in a range of colours and with supporting accessories and spares.  The Bobike Mini One is the newer version and comes with a few added designs and comfort features.

The Bobike Exclusive Mini is their premium stem mounted front seat, which is packed with additional safety features, including straps with purport to keep your child’s head from lolling down or sideways if they fall asleep. Best of all, the Bobike Exclusive Mini comes with a little handlebar, so your child can play at steering!

Where to buy:

It is possible to order new Bobike front bike seats and accessories from The Netherlands via Amazon and eBay, but unfortunately, they are hard to find in UK stores at the present time. Additionally, they are occasionally up for grabs secondhand on eBay. 

Hamax Caress Observer

Norwegian company Hamax are renowned for their wider range of rear seats.

Their current front seat option is the Hamax Caress Observer – a good name as you can caress (and observe) your child, and they will have the vantage observation point on your bike.  The user manual can be found here to check whether it suits your bike.

Hamax Caress Observer kids front bike seatWhere to buy:

The Hamax Observer front bike seat can be purchased new from AlpineTrek or secondhand on Ebay. 

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Polisport Bilby and Guppy (RRP from £45)

Some of the cheapest front bike seats available are from Polisport. Again, these are a popular brand on the continent and offer a no-frills, cost-effective way of transporting your child.  It may not be the most luxurious ride, but if you’re just popping them to the nursery, or doing a quick ride to the park or shops, then you’re needs are going to very different to someone heading out for hours on end across various terrains.

Polisport Bilby front bike seat

The Guppy Mini and the Bilby Junior have slightly different specifications (the Bilby comes with front support bar).  You must make sure you buy the correct fittings, as you can get a stem mounted version and a frame mounted version (suitable for bikes that don’t have the required space to install the seat on the head tube).  Click here for the Polisport website, to check whether these seats will fit your bike.

Click here to read our review of the Polisport Guppy Front Bike Seat.

Where to buy:

You can buy the Polisport Guppy Mini and the Bilby Junior new from Tredz or secondhand from eBay. 

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Weeride Safe Front

The Thule Yepp shown above is mounted on the stem of your bike.  In contrast, the Weeride is a frame-mounted front seat, as this picture shows.

Wee Ride SafeFront toddler bike seat

Going frame or stem mounted is a matter of personal preference.  Parents with short arms and small frames (or pregnancy bumps) will probably gravitate to a stem mounted seat, and they are popular around town options.  Some parents find a stem mounted seat can affect balance or steering (particularly off-road) as the weight is over the front of the bike. In this case, some parents favour a frame-mounted seat where the weight is more towards the centre of the bike. Others just prefer having their child closer to their body.

The Safe Front is WeeRides latest front seat offering, which comes in two models – the standard, and the Deluxe.

The Weeride SafeFront Child seat has movable enclosed footrests to ensure no dangling legs or feet and a 5 point safety strap. The SafeFront claims to fit 99% of bikes as long as they are 16” frame or above, but please note this seat does not fit drop handlebar bicycles.

Wee RIde Safe Front bike seat for a toddler

The SafeFront comes either as the standard seat, or the deluxe version, which has additional seat and strap padding, which may prove more comfortable if you’re going on longer rides or if your child is smaller and needs the extra padding.

You’ll note in the picture that the Weeride comes with a headrest – this is to support your child’s head and neck if they fall asleep when you’re riding. Again very useful if you’re out all day, or if your child has a tendency to fall asleep the moment you start moving!

Fitting takes about 20 minutes but once in place, the seat can be removed in seconds for solo riding.

Where to buy:

You can buy the WeeRide Safe Front bike seats new from Amazon or secondhand from eBay.

Buy New Buy Used

I do hope you’ve found this article useful – do drop me a comment below to let me know which bike seat you ended up buying.

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This article was first published in August 2012 and updated in January 2022 to reflect the availability of the front seats.



Mark Beatson

Love the article.
Just disappointed to see seats that don’t meet Safety Standards.
Kids Ride Shotgun clearly doesn’t meet Safety Standards as it has no straps or protection for the child.
Yes it looks fun, but surely safety for kids should be the priority.
The other seats are also fun, but importantly are SAFE.


Hi Mark, Thanks for taking the time to comment. You’re correct that there’s a whole new category of off-road child seats like this designed for older children that don’t have a safety standard. There is always an element of risk involved in cycling and it would be for parents to risk assess and decide if seats such as the Shotgun were suitable for their/their child’s use. Karen

Christopher L

interesting thread!


Hi team,

So glad to find your site. I found another upfront cross bar seat. The Do-Little from NZ. Similar to the top gun. Found it on Amazon for £120 and they do an Ebike version. My lad is quite tall as am I. Heavy too so this looked to me the biz as it will take up to 30Kg’s.

I seemed so good I finalised the distribution agreement in the UK and EU.

We are now looking at the BlackMountain bike for our lad as he’s progressing faster than just sitting on the bike too. Worth the ££ from what I can see. However due to COVID BM seem to be struggling with deliveries.

Always have a helmet for the little person please! Be safe. Ride safe.


Penny Millar

Hi Jason
Many thank for your comment and we’re glad you’re finding our site helpful! We would agree that the Black Mountain range is a fantastic option, my Stepdaughter learnt how to ride on one last summer. Unfortunately, they, like a lot of bike suppliers, are struggling with stock levels since Covid, but we remain hopeful that things are going to start levelling out a little as this summer progresses. In the meantime, it might be worth a look at The Bike Club as an option and keeping an eye on eBay! Happy cycling!



Your site is fantastic. Thank you for all the advice.

My daughter is just about to turn three and I’m looking to buy a front seat. It looks like most of the seats designed for little ones max out at 3 years old. I like the look of the Oxford Explorer, but my wife is concerned about safety. Do you know of any seats that could stretch a bit older but that also have seat and straps?

Or anything I can tell my wife to assuage her safety concerns?

Thank you!!

Penny Millar

Hi Zach. Many thanks for your comment and we’re glad to hear you’re finding the site helpful! We’re not aware of any seats that have straps, they’re designed around the child being ready to hold on, but we appreciate this won’t be suitable for all children. We have a post that you might find helpful The Best Front Mouinted Seats for Older Children. Kind regards, Penny

Victoria Entwistle

Have you found any stockists of the bobike exclusive mini? I can’t find it on Amazon or ebay and the only shop I can see online is holland bikes which gets very mixed reviews.
Thanks for the really helpful guide,


Hi Victoria, I’m afraid at the moment I can’t find anyone stocking this in the UK. Sadly there are no UK stockists listed at all on the Bobike website at the moment – the nearest are in Dublin. Sorry I can’t help. Karen


Hello, my husband has just bought a carrera virtuoso road bike and we was wondering what child seat would be compatible with that? We have a little girl who is 8 and she can keep up on her bike but our 4 year old is only on a balance bike and can’t keep up so would be nice for him to sit on dads bike so we can enjoy bike rides all together. Any advice? Thank you!!

Penny Millar

Hi Leanne
Great to hear that your daughter is enjoying being out on her bike, we’re sure that her brother won’t be far behind! With regards to a seat for him, as all bikes are different, we can’t provide specific advice about which might be the most suitable to fit your husband’s, unfortunately. We’d try either the bike manufacturer, or it’s worth posting your question on the Family Cycling UK page on Facebook as someone with first hand experience of using a child’s seat on a Carrera may be able to advise.
Good luck and enjoy cycling as a family


Hi! Great list to put together. It would be good to know how each of them works with different types of bikes – mountain etc. The bikes in the photos seem to be the upright Dutch style.

I have a wee ride kangaroo on a Boardman bike . The positioning of the wee ride kangaroo is not great for the cyclist. It forces you to cycle with your knees out otherwise they crash into the child seat. I used to get terrible bruises when starting out with it, then longer term (it’s been a couple of years now), knee joint pain.

Also, if you are women with larger breasts, you have to round over your spine whilst cycling otherwise your child’s head and your breasts battle for space and usually end up with a grumpy child! My partner (male, no breasts) didn’t have this problem but did experience issues with the knees due to the child seat location on the biike.

I’m looking for an alternative now, handle bar maybe as I don’t have a rear mount, so
That we can do longer rides.


Hi Victoria – Sorry you’re having problems. Unfortunately there are an impossible number of combinations as everyone has different body geometry and bike type (even within the Boardman range there are 6 different categories of bike and multiple models within those!) so we can’t get into too much detail on how each seat works with each bike. If you’re looking for a specific MTB seat then the Shotgun fits to almost every mountain bike there is. However, front seats don’t work for everyone – depending on your limb length, frame size and height of your child a rear seat may be a better option if you can fit the appropriate rack, or a towing option if your child is old enough. Hope you get this sorted, and thanks for your advice about the issues you’ve been encountering. Kind regards, Karen



Loving your site very much and your input on uk family cycling.

I had a couple of questions on this as we have an 18mo who is currently in a front seat on my trike.

Is the age of the shotgun seat down to height/weight or development? Thinking of getting one as our kid loves his dads mountain bike but his dad hates the riding position with a front seat. (Stem mounted)


Have you come across the Urban Ikki seats as we were on a tiny budget and the front seat and screen came to £70 all together. Might be worth exploring as a budget option. (dutch/japanese seats very similar to the bobike ones)


Hi – thanks for getting in touch. The age on the Shotgun is a guide only, as every child is different and some 18 month olds use the seat fine, whilst other 2 or 3 year olds may struggle. The key things to think about are
1) Can they can sit unaided?
2) Can they can follow basic instructions?
3) Can they can stay awake (for the length of your bike ride)?
Thanks for the pointer to the Urban Ikki seats – I’ve not come across them before. Karen

Jennifer Parker

Just a note to say thanks – I’ve found your guides (also the one on riding with a baby / child for the first time) really helpful as a first time parent getting ready to get our 1yo in the saddle. Bought the Thule Yepp Mini from the link in this article so hopefully you guys got a bit of a kick back.
Thanks, Jen


Hi Jen – thanks so much for taking the time to get in touch. Really glad you’ve found our guides useful – I remember how excited / nervous I was when we were buying our first seat, which is one of the reasons I decided to write about it! I hope you enjoy your rides out with the Thule Yepp Mini – and thanks for using our links – it does help! Karen

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