Best rear bike seats for toddlers and small children

A rear bike seat is a great way to get cycling with your young child as they're designed to carry babies, toddlers and kids from about 9 months to 5 or 6 years old. Some kids bicycle seats are mounted to your bike's seat tube and some are attached to the pannier rack of your bike.

If you're not sure if your child is ready to go in a rear seat, read our intro on rear bike seats.

There are three main price and quality bandings for kids rear bike seats - we've banded them into Premium (over £99), Mid-range (£60-£99) and Budget (under £60).

Your budget and what you need the seat for will help determine which one you go for.

If you're looking at other ways to carry your children on your bike, find out more about cargo bikes.

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Different types of rear bike seats

There are two ways of fitting a rear child seat to your bike; frame-mounted or rack-mounted.

Frame-mounted bike seats attach to your bike's seat tube. Rack-mounted bike seats attach to a pannier rack, on the rear of your bike, usually by clipping onto the sides of the rack or slotting into a rack.

Many of the bike seats available have different models for different fixing methods, so do make sure you're buying the correct one for your needs.

On longtail cargo bikes, rack-mounted rear bike seats are usually used.

Overview of frame-mounted rear bike seats

Frame-mounted rear seats fit most bike types, and are therefore more commonly found. However, be particularly vigilant if you have a carbon bike as it may not be suitable. Also, make sure your seat tube is round or oval because that's a requirement for most brackets for bike seats.

Seat nameMax weightPrice - from
Thule Yepp 2 Maxi22 kg£139.99
Bobike Exclusive Tour22 kg£125
Hamax Siesta22 kg£99.99
Urban Iki22 kg£94.99
Bobike Go Maxi22 kg£74.99
Polisport Groovy22 kg£39.99

Overview of rack-mounted rear bike seats

For rack-mounted seats you need to make sure your bike is able to take a rear pannier rack if you don't already have one fitted. You'll need to have the appropriate eyelets on your bike frame for this - not all bikes have these, so check before you buy your bike seat.

Seat nameMax weightPrice
Thule Yepp 2 Maxi22 kg£119.99
Hamax Siesta22 kg£99.99
Urban Iki22 kg£79.99
Polisport Groovy22 kg£44.99

Best rear bike seats for carrying toddlers and small kids

Here we take a look at some of the best rear bike seats available, and where to buy them. We've included where to buy new and secondhand as we know children grow so quickly at this age so you can often get lightly used models at a great price.

Best baby and toddler helmets

Find out our top picks of the best bike helmets for babies and toddlers.

Premium rear bike seats

These rear bike seats are at the premium end of the bike seat range, meaning they're made to be extra comfortable for your child to sit (and sleep!) in, and easy for you to fit. They're built for everyday usage, so ideal for daily commuting or long adventure trips.

Thule Yepp 2 Maxi kids bike seat (RRP £119.99 rack mounted/£139.99 frame mounted)

The Thule Yepp 2 Maxi is an award-winning children's rear bike seat that is now widely available in the UK. The range of colours and accessories make the Thule Yepp Maxi a popular choice for both parents and children.

The Thule Yepp 2 Maxi bike seat is made from the same rubber-like material (EVA) that is used to make Crocs shoes, which is antibacterial, shock-absorbent, water-resistant, and really easy to clean, which means they are designed for daily use, year-round.

There are no seat cushions to worry about keeping dry from the elements. A rain cover for the Yepp 2 Maxi is available if you want to avoid the seat getting wet when your bike is parked outside.

This bike seat is safe and easy to use due to the 5-point safety harness with childproof buckle and soft shoulder pads to help avoid rubbing. There are two height levels for the shoulder straps which allow the seat to grow with your child.

There are two models of Thule Yepp 2 Maxi available. One is rack-mounted and secures to a pannier rack on the back of the bike. The rack-mounted  bike seat is very popular on electric longtail cargo bikes.

The second type is mounted to your bike’s seat tube using the Yepp Maxi seat tube adapter (fits 95% of bike models). The seat is quick and simple to snap into place and also detach.

The Yepp Maxi 2 rear bike seat can be attached to bicycles with a frame size of 21 inches or larger and a circular or oval seat tube diameter of 1.10-1.57 inches (28-40mm).

Please consult your bike shop or Thule to check whether your bike is suitable for use with the Thule Yepp 2 Maxi rear seat.

An integral anti-theft lock helps give peace of mind when leaving your bike unattended, making it ideal for both adventurous cycling days out or the daily commute. There is a safety light attachment point on the back of the seat and a custom rear light is available to buy separately.

As you can see from this picture, Yepp also do a front bike seat for children up to 3 years old (or 15 kg), called the Thule Yepp 2 Mini if you need to carry more than one child at the same time.

A quick wording about the naming of the seat if you're buying secondhand. The Yepp brand (which was Dutch) was bought out by Thule (a Swedish company) in 2016.

It took a while for a new name to come to market, especially in the UK, so older seats may be listed just as Yepp rather than Thule Yepp.

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Hamax Siesta reclinable rear bike seat (RRP £99.99)

Hamax’s top of the range kids bike back seat, the Siesta, as the name suggests, is great for toddlers who like a snooze while you do the hard work. The Hamax Siesta reclinable bike seat is available as rack-mounted and as pannier rack-mounted version.

The seat can be reclined by 20 degrees without impacting on the centre of gravity, allowing your baby or toddler to enjoy their nap in comfort.

The standard Siesta model uses the Hamax Safety System which is quickly and easily fitted to most types of bikes using only 4 screws. You can remove the bike from the fixing point, but it will still have the metal carrier bars attached to the seat.

The Siesta has a curved head area to allow space for the back of a helmet if they wear one (resulting in a more ergonomic ride, as your child’s head is not pushed forward by the back of the seat).

The Hamax Siesta comes with a double buckle system, which Hamax says only requires one hand to fasten and keep the child securely in the seat, leaving your other hand free to support the bike.  It can also be fastened without going over the child’s head (or helmet).

Cycle Sprog reader Andy has provided us with the following details of the Hamax: "I have used the Hamax Siesta on a full-suspension Specialized Bicycles Stumpjumper 2010 without problem for several years. The seat is very good, and although you can release the buckles with one hand it is pretty stiff and isn't easy. Much easier to use two hands." 

Hamax also produce a wide range of accessories, including a neck support pillow and waterproofs, plus additional fixing points so you can carry on more than one bike.

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Bobike Exclusive Tour (RRP £125)

Bobike makes a large range of different bike seats, and if you ever venture over to the Netherlands you'll see that they rival the Thule Yepp for popularity.

The Bobike Exclusive Tour is their premium model, which has been designed with longer bike rides and cycle touring in mind.

This is shown in features such as an adjustable headrest and a contoured belt which is designed to keep your baby or toddler upright, even if they fall asleep.

The "Click and Go" mounting system allows you to switch the seat easily between bicycles, which is useful on long bike rides or if you're sharing the nursery drop off and pickups and the seat belt is designed to be fastened with just one hand.

There is a flashing LED light on the rear for safety during the winter months.

A waterproof cushioned seat (and we know sometimes it's more than the rain that gets a seat wet!), spoke protectors, adjustable foot support trays and helmet recess all combine to make this a premium kids bike seat, which is of course reflected in the price.

The Bobike Exclusive Tour is most widely available as a frame-mounted bike seat, which fits round or oval seat tubes with diameters of 22-40mm.

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Mid-range rear bike seats

These rear bike seats are slightly cheaper than the premium ranges featured above, meaning there are some differences in terms of quality, ease of use, and comfort.

However, they're all really good rear bike seats that would be perfect for getting out and about with your kids, especially if they don't need to nap during your rides.

Urban Iki rear bike seat (RRP £94.99)

The very stylish Urban Iki rear seats are available in a range of colours and are suitable from 9 months to 6 years (or up to 22 kg), like most other rear bike seats.

With a 5 point harness, water repellent seat cushion, adjustable footrests and an ergonomically shaped seats, the Urban Iki seems to hit the sweet spot. It is a very popular seat and is the recommended seat for some cargo bikes.

It is the only rear bike seat that comes with a frame and rack mount, which provides greater flexibility, especially if you're not sure what will work best on your bike.

Carrying a rucksack can be problematic when your child is behind you in a bike seat, so Urban Iki has come up with a clever solution to this; a child-sized backpack that you can attach to the rear seat.

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Bobike Go Maxi bike seat (RRP £74.99)

The slightly less expensive Bobike Go Maxi bike seat is another frame-mounted bike seat and the newest addition to the Bobike collection. It is specifically designed for the international (not Dutch) market and will fit on most bikes with oval or round seat tubes (diameter between 22-40 mm).

This bike seat will be more suitable for kids who don't nap so much, or for shorter daily commutes where your child wants to see what's going on and is unlikely to fall asleep. The seat comes with an integrated lock to avoid the bike seat being stolen when not in use.

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Hamax Smiley Rear Bike Seat (RRP £79.99)

Billed as Hamax’s “Comfort” model, the Hamax Smiley comes with built-in suspension, to protect your child’s spine.

The Hamax Smiley (like the more expensive Siesta) comes with Hamax’s double buckle system, which only requires one hand to fasten and keep the child securely in the seat, leaving your other hand free to support the bike.

Ventilation in the backrest is also provided, to keep your child cool on a summer’s day.

The frame mounted version uses the Hamax Safety System which is quickly and easily fitted to most types of bikes using only 4 screws. You can remove the bike from the fixing point, but it will still have the metal carrier bars attached to the seat.

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Hamax Kiss rear bike seat (RRP £69.99)

The Hamax Kiss is a simple and basic rear bike seat that is great for occasional cycle rides with your child. It attaches to the frame of your bike and the grey or black seat comes with a red or green seat cushion.

The bike seat features a 3 point safety harness, adjustable foot rests and some seat padding. The seat can be easily removed with a quick-release button.

The Hamax Kiss doesn't feature suspension, hence the lower price.

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Yepp Junior rear seat

Yepp Junior bike seat (RRP £70)

All the rear seats we've looked at so far have been designed for smaller children, but once your child grows out of their first rear seat you can continue to carry them using the Yepp Junior seat - usually between the ages of 5 and about 9.

This type of seat is incredibly popular in Holland, where you see lots of primary school-aged children being carried this way.

Yepp do two models - the more robust junior seat shown here (RRP £85)  is designed for daily use.

It has solid folding footrests to ensure feet and spokes don't mix, and the backrest is designed to be comfortable and also a bit "cooler" for older kids who don't necessarily want to look as if they're being contained too much.

They also do a budget version, which is £12 cheaper and has an over the head buckle system and slightly different styling. Both versions are available at Amazon.

If you want to see other bike seats for older children, go to the post The best front-mounted bike seats for older kids.

Budget models of rear bike seats

If you're using your rear bike seat on a daily basis, and have several younger siblings coming along to use it, then it can make sense to invest in a more expensive version.

However, we all know kids grow so quickly so if you're only going to use the seat for a few weekends and holiday rides you can get a perfectly good rear bike seat and still have change from £60. Don't expect to have all the fancy features, but do expect to have a fun ride!

Polisport Groovy rear bike seat (RRP £39.99)

As with the other brands mentioned in this article, Polisport do a range of bike seats, mainly at the mid to low price range.

Their entry-level seat is the Groovy, which comes with adjustable footrests, an ergonomic shape for a helmet to rest in and a reasonable amount of protection to the sides.

Back in 2013, we wrote a review on another Polisport seat, the Polisport Koolah.

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How do I know which rear bike seat will fit my bike?

As you can see, each manufacturer has a wide range of bike seats to suit different ages, bike types and riding requirements. Most retailers will stock a wider range than shown here, so have a look at each model in the range to see which suits you and your child best.

Every bike and every seat is slightly different, so if you're unsure if a particular seat will fit your bike we recommend;

  1. Emailing the seat manufacturer to ask
  2. Speaking to your local independent bike shop
  3. Joining the Family Cycling UK Facebook Group and searching the group for similar questions. If someone hasn't asked about your specific type of bike then post your own question - there's usually someone who has fitted a seat to a similar type of bike.

Before you go...

Cargo bikes require a higher investment than a bike seat, but may well be the right solution for your family. Read all about cargo bikes.



Would the Yepp junior seat work for a 4 year old child?Since I also have an older child (6 years old) that would also use the seat sometimes, I was wondering if this seat could work for both of them, especially the youngest. Is it safe enough for short distances?


Hi Daniela – thanks for getting in touch. It really depends on how tall your children are, but this seat is definitely made with older children in mind and used extensively on the continent for taking kids to school. If you want to chat with people who already use this seat, you could post a question on the Family Cycling UK Facebook Group – there’ll be someone there who can share their experiences in terms of height, weight etc to set your mind at rest.


Do you think 9 months is too young for a rear mounted child seat?
Would a pull along trailer be better/safer?


Hi Mark – you’ll find that the majority of seats and trailers will both advise usage from 12 months, even for the so called “baby carriers” that you can add into the trailer. I suspect some of this is to avoid litigation. The important factor is on how strong your child’s neck is – they need to be able to keep themselves upright whilst you are riding. This develops at different time with different children and it may be worth speaking to a health professional if you’re not sure if your child has the stability yet.

Emma Johnson

Hi I was wondering if you could help me. I’ve recently purchased a Romet Sonata 2 bicycle & am looking for a child seat/ carrier so I can take my toddler out with me. I have sent numerous pm & emails to Romet bikes but getting no reply. I’ve already wasted money buying a seat that didn’t fit. Could you give me any advice on a seat to fit my bike. Any help would appreciated thanks Emma

Penny Millar

Hi Emma
As all bikes (and bike seats!) vary we can’t give specific advice, however, we would recommend asking the question on the Family Cycling UK on Facebook. They have a huge community of cycling families and you may find someone on the group with first hand experience of child seats on the Sonata 2 who can advise. We hope this helps. Penny

Tracey Dewis

Hi, I have a new bike and so far have ordered two seats and neither fit, the frame on my bike has no where for the frame mounted seats to bolt on to. Is my only option a rack mounted seat? I want her to sit behind me. Thanks

Penny Millar

Hi Tracey
Thank you for your comment. It would be worth you asking the question on the Family Cycling UK page on Facebook. They have a huge community of cycling families, so if you state the make and model of your bike, other members can advise based on experience. Penny


Hi, you haven’t mentioned the Hamax Caress here, is that because you don’t recommend it? I’ve seen it has good reviews elsewhere. Thanks!


Hi Laura – the Hamax Caress is a good seat – we just can’t feature every single one in our articles. Kind regards, Karen


Can you recommend a seat (front or back) for my 3 year old 16kg daughter? I have a Pendleton Dutch style bike.
Many thanks

Penny Millar

Hi Tracey
Thanks for your comment. With all bikes being different, it’s hard to recommend a seat for a specific make/model. You could contact Halfords directly to see if they recommend a particular seat, but we’d also suggest asking your question on the Family Cycling UK page on Facebook. They have a great community of cycling families and someone with first-hand experience with a Pendleton may be able to help.
We hope this helps. Penny


Hi there, may you recommend a suitable rear mounted child’s bike seat for a Pashley Classic please. My son is 16 months.
Thank you

Penny Millar

Hi Rosie
Thanks for your question. With bikes and seats all being so different, and our not having tried them all, we can’t really recommend a specific rear mounted seat for your bike. However, if you ask your question on the Family Cycling UK page on Facebook, we’re sure someone will be able to advise. It’s full of cycling families who can comment from first hand experience. We hope this helps. Penny

Ffion Roberts

Hiya could you recommend a kids bike seat for the
Apollo Elyse Womens Hybrid Bike – Purple – 18″, my daughter is 3 so I would like a seat that would last her at least a year thank you in advance

Penny Millar

Hi Ffion
Thanks for your comment and great to hear that you’re looking to be cycling with your daughter. As all bikes are different, we can’t provide specific advice on which seat would be best for you, unfortunately. We’d recommend having a look on the website of the bike manufacturer, but also post your question on the Family Cycling UK Facebook page too. They have a brilliant community of cycling families and you may find someone with first hand experience of using a child’s seat on an Apollo is able to advise.
We hope this helps.


Hi I’m looking for a seat to fit a Bobbin Brownie bike, S/M frame, any recommendations? My little one is 9 months old. Thanks

Penny Millar

Hi Ziggi
As we haven’t tried seats on Bobbin Brownies specifically, we’d recommend asking on the Facebook page Family Cycling UK. They have a large community of cycling families and someone might be able to answer this having had first hand experience! Penny


hello, I’m looking for a rain cover for my bike that will go over the (topeak) bike seat as well. I can’t find one that will guarantee it is big enough. Please can someone advise me? Thanks.


Hi Sophie, as every bike is different size and shape I can’t give a specific recommendation. I would however recommend joining the Family Cycling UK Facebook Group, as you can post your question there, with full details of your bike (and perhaps a photo) and people will be able to give their recommendations based on their own experiences. Hope that helps, and you find the perfect rain cover. Karen


Thank you Karen, I will look into the fbook group.

D Morton

Thule are a Swedish company


Thanks! Yepp are/were Dutch but it’s now owned by Thule – so a bit of a hybrid in terms of influence! Karen


Hi, I’ve been planning to get an electric bike and install a rear child seat to carry my 4 year old child. While I’m working out the best option, I’ve been helped massively by your website as there are so many confusing information out there on internet.
And still can’t find an answer to this question so have decided to turn to you. Is it considered ok to attach a rear child seat on a bike with the battery in a rear rack? Some say yes and some say the battery needs to locate on the tube… Many thanks in advance!


Hi Mi – thanks for getting in touch. Obviously every bike is different so it’s best to visit your local bike shop and get personalised advice. It will depend on how you intend to fit the seat, and whether you will still be able to access the battery. Another thing to think of is the weight distribution. If the battery is high up on the rack, and then you’re adding additional weight of the seat and your child, you may find if affects the stability of your ride. There’s more information on fitting ebikes with bike seats here. Hope this helps. Karen


Hi Karen,
Thank you for your reply. Weight distribution is a really good point. I shall definitely take it into account. Again thanks, have a wonderful Christmas and a new year.


You have the Thule Yepp Maxi as your best top end seat, but do not mention the Thule RideAlong. Is this because you do not recommend it? Is the Yepp Maxi a better seat even though it costs less than the RideAlong?


Hi Lydia – the Thule Ridealong is new out and we’ve not had a chance to take a look at this seat yet. I’ll have to put it on the to-do list! Karen


Could you recommed a bike rack for the Polisport Guppy that is compatible with a 29er mountain bike with disk breaks. The only one I can find is the Topeak 29er but it seems to be to wide at 23cm.


Hi – as every bike is slightly different I suggest you contact Polisport direct with your details, or else take the bike into your local bike shop for advice. Thanks Karen

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