Best bike helmets for babies and toddlers

If you're taking your baby or toddler with you when you go cycling, either on a bike seat, in a trailer, or on a cargo bike you may want to invest in bike helmet for them.

Or maybe they’re zooming next to you on a balance bike and you want them to wear a helmet.

In this article we look at the best bike helmets for babies and toddlers - the smallest fits a head of just 44cm.

Sizing for bike helmets is measured as the circumference of their head, so that gives you a good starting point but there really is no substitute for trying before you buy. Find out how to measure your child's head for a bike helmet.

How to find the best helmet for your baby or toddler

For all the helmets we’re recommending, we looked at cycle helmet safety standards, how easy it is to adjust the helmet, how comfortable the helmet is, and how well they work in a seat or trailer.

It is particularly important that the clasp for the chin strap is easy to use and that the chin strap is comfortable. This will help you to tighten the straps without any tears (fingers crossed!).

If you’ve got a bike helmet for your baby or toddler already, find out if it’s fitted correctly.

If your child has got afro hair, read our article on afro hair and kids' bike helmets.

In the UK there is no legal obligation for anyone to wear a helmet, but many parents choose to use them. If you’re not sure whether you want your child to wear a helmet, read our article on things to consider when making this decision.

Read on to find your baby or toddler’s first bike helmet...

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Can a baby or toddler wear a helmet while sitting in a bike seat or trailer?

If your little one is using a rear bike seat or a trailer then look for a helmet with a flatter back.  This will allow them to sit comfortably and not have their head pushed forward by the bulky helmet.  Some trailers do have a cut away to allow the helmet to sit a bit further back.

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Bike helmets for tiny and small heads

Are you looking for a first bike helmet for your baby or toddler? These are our top recommendations for bike helmets for your little one.

You'll have to bear in mind that a small difference in weight might have quite an effect on your baby, while it will be less important when you're looking for a helmet for your preschooler.

We've ordered these helmets in size order, smallest first, to help you find the correct sized bike helmet for your baby or toddler.

Decathlon 500 Baby

Smallest helmet for babies and toddlers

Size: one size 44-49cm
Colours: choice of 3
Safety standards: EN 1078
Weight: 170g
Cost: £14.99

Summary: One of the smallest and lightest cycle helmets suitable for babies and toddlers. Plus it has the added bonus of being very good value for money!

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Giro Scamp

Size: XS 45-49cm, S 49-53cm
Colours: Choice of 4
Safety standards: CE
Weight: 210g
Cost: £34.99

Summary: An easy-to-fit and comfortable helmet which comes highly recommended by our readers. There’s also an MIPS version of this helmet available.

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Abus Kids Smiley 3.0

Best for fitting over a ponytail

Size: S 45-50cm, M 50-55cm
Colours: Choice of 4
Safety standards: unknown
Weight: 220g (S), 240g (M)
Cost: £31.99
Summary: Easy-to-adjust toddler helmet which fits over ponytails. The helmet comes in block colours and playful designs.

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Lazer Bob

Best helmet for rear neck protection

Size: one size 46-49cm
Colours: choice of 5
Safety standards: UniCPSC 1+
Weight: 277g
Cost: £24.99

Summary: Helmet with extended rear coverage to protect more of the head and neck of babies and toddlers. It is slightly heavier than others in this size range.

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Woom kids

Best for matching with your kids bike

Size: XS 46-50cm, S 50-53cm, M 53-56cm
Colours: choice of 6
Safety standards: EN 1078
Weight: 240g (XS), 260g (S), 270g (M)
Cost: £45

Summary: This stylish-looking helmet comes in bright block colours and has a magnetic clasp, which means your toddler's skin won't get stuck in the buckle.  These helmets can also be matched with the highly recommended woom Bikes.

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Specialized Mio

Best for protection

Size: one size 46-51cm
Colours: choice of 6
Safety standards: CPSC Bicycle
Weight: 290g
Cost: from £40

Summary: Another helmet with a magnetic buckle, which also comes with a long built-in visor. It's the only MIPS helmet on this list and it is well-ventilated.

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Lazer Pnut KinetiCore

Size: one size 46-52cm
Colours: Choice of 6
Safety standards: CE
Weight: 240g
Cost: £39.99

Summary: Our readers speak highly of the automatic fitting system on Lazer helmets. This helmet also comes with a buckle slightly to the side, avoiding skin pinches under the chin.

It is compatible with bike seats and trailers due to its flat back.

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MET Hooray kids

Best for fun designs

Size: XS 46-52cm, S 52-55cm
Colours: choice of 9
Safety standards: CE; AS/NZS
Weight: 225g (XS), 240g (S)
Cost: £38.99

Summary: This helmet comes in a wide range of fun designs to choose from and it is compatible with trailers and bike seats due to its flat back.

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Bike helmets for larger toddler heads

Toddlers heads' circumference can vary massively, so here are some recommendations for your toddler if they've got a slightly larger head.

If your toddler or preschooler has an exceptionally large head, you may want to look at our recommendations for best kids helmets.


Bell Sidetrack Childrens

Size: one size 47-54cm
Colours: choice of 6
Safety standards: CE EN1078 CPSC Bicycle
Weight: 284g
Cost: £26.99

Summary: This helmet has all the features you'd expect from a mountain bike helmet, but then in a much smaller package.

It offers good rear head coverage and a visor.

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Hornit Helmet

Best helmet for kids with afro hair

Size: Small: 48-53cm/ Medium: 54-58cm
Colours: choice of 15 designs
Safety standards: EN1078 and CPSC tested
Weight: 340g (small) 370g (large)
Cost: £35.00

Summary: Hornit helmets come in a huge array of fun designs to appeal to younger riders, including sloths, spiders, sharks, llamas, flamingoes and unicorns.

There is a light attached to the rear of the helmet, which is an additional safety feature.

The helmet has a rounded skater look to it, and is particularly good for Afro / natural hair that may not fit as easily under some of the narrower helmets.

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Cratoni Pacer Junior

Size: one size 50-55cm
Colours: choice of 6
Safety standards: unknown
Weight: 220g
Cost: £40.00

Summary: A lightweight helmet with lots of handy features including a rear light and plenty of vents to keep your little one’s head cool.

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