Best bike helmets for kids

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Looking for a bike helmet for your kids? We're here to help.

This bunch of bike helmets represents the best in the 52-57cm (approximate) range which could be anything from a toddler to a teenager. Their styling and features varies from the more fun 'skate' style helmets to more serious-looking mountain bike helmets.

Sizing is measured as the circumference of their head, so that gives you a good starting point but there really is no substitute for trying before you buy. Find out how to measure your child's head for a bike helmet.

If you are looking for a helmet for an older child or teenager, check out our article on best bike helmets for teenagers.

Top things to look out for in a kids bike helmet

  1. Safety standards: all kids helmets listed conform to British or European safety standards and some offer additional safety features such as Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS)
  2. Adjusting the kids helmet: straps, clips and dials.
  3. Comfort: padding and vents
  4. Your requirements: hair, style, colour

We've tested some of the helmets listed with our own test panel and you'll see links to the reviews. In our reviews, we looked at safety standards, how easy it is to adjust the helmet, how comfortable the helmet is, and features such as clips, straps and vents.

It's important to know what your requirements are, especially with regards to long hair. For the helmets we have tested, we have checked if the kids helmet worked with hair in a ponytail and plaits. If your child has got afro hair, read our article on afro hair and kids' bike helmets.

In this article we're listing the best kids bike helmets on the market, catering for a wide range of uses and budgets with prices ranging from £14.99 to £64.99.

Read on to find your perfect kid's bike helmet!

Before you start take a moment to grab your FREE kids bike buying checklist to help you record all the information you need to find the perfect bike for your child. 

Bell Sidetrack II MIPS Youth

Very comfy, streamlined bike helmet in block colours

Size: One size 50-57cm
Colours: Choice of 5
Safety standards: CPSC, EN 1078
Weight: 320g
Cost: £64.99

Summary: The Bell Sidetrack II MIPS Youth packs in all the features you would expect from a top-end adult mountain bike helmet but in a more compact package. The long peak is the type of design choice that will divide opinion, but the fit is good and the block colours keep things simple. The covered MIPS lining keeps hair snagging to a minimum whilst giving an additional safety feature. This was a firm favourite with older kids in our helmet group test.

Read the Bell Sidetrack II MIPS Youth bike helmet review

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Most fun kids helmet

Size: Small (48-53cm) Medium (54-58cm)
Colours: Choice of 12 designs
Safety standards: EN 1078, CPSC
Weight: 375g
Cost: £29.99

Summary: The Hornit 'skate' style kids bike helmet comes in 12 fun designs, mostly patterns, but also one in black. This helmet offers a good fit for curly hair, including afro hair because it's wider than most other bike helmets. We like that this helmet comes with a built-in LED light.

Read our review of the Hornit kids bike helmet

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Decathlon 500 kids helmet

Best budget kids helmet

Size: 48-52cm (XS) / 53-56cm (S)
Colours: Choice of 4
Safety standards: EN 1078
Weight: 200g (XS)/220g (S)
Cost: £14.99

Summary: This budget helmet conforms to the same European safety standards as all other kids bike helmets featured here, but at a much lower price. It is very lightweight too.

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Alpina Carapax Jr.

Best kids helmet for keeping cool

Size: One size 51-56cm
Colours: Choice of 6
Safety standards: EN 1078/TÜV Rheinland Test Mark
Weight: 245g
Cost: £54.95

Summary: The Alpina Carapax Jr. is a very lightweight, stylish kid's bike helmet with plenty of large vents. Styled in the mountain bike school of helmets, the Carapax has a great buckle system and easy adjustments. It may not fit all heads perfectly, but when it does, our testers found it really good!

Read our review of the Alpina Carapax Jr. kids helmet

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Giro Tremor MIPS

Top-end kids mountain bike helmet

Size: 47-54cm
Colours: Choice of 6
Safety standards: EN 1078
Weight: 315g
Cost: £64.99

Summary: From a distance this looks like a top-end adult helmet, with nothing childlike about its style or features and with MIPS, top quality buckles and adjusters it is the full package. The MIPS lining could be better covered to avoid catching long hair, but otherwise, we found it hard to fault.

Read our review of the Giro Tremor MIPS kids bike helmet

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Kali Chakra Youth

Great fit on the cheaper end of the range

Size: One size 52-57cm
Colours: Choice of 5 colours
Safety standards: CPSC, EN 1078
Weight: 245g
Cost: £38.95

Summary: The Kali Chakra Youth proved to be a great fit, and with multiple colour and styling options there is something for everyone. With a simple, easy-to-use adjustment dial and a no-frills approach the Chakra gets the job done, looks good, and won't break the bank.

Read our review of the Kali Chakra Youth bike helmet

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MET Eldar MIPS Youth

Comfy, easy-to-adjust mountain bike helmet with MIPS

Size: One size 52-57cm
Colours: Choice of 3 in MIPS, 7 in standard helmet
Safety standards: CE; AS/NZS EN 1078
Weight: 300g
Cost: £65.00

Summary: Another mini mountain bike helmet, the MET Eldar MIPS Youth does not skimp on features or quality. This kids helmet is comfy and easy to adjust.

Read our review of the MET Eldar MIPS Youth

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Giant Compel ARX

Best mid-range kids helmet

Size: One size 49-57cm
Colours: Choice of 5
Safety standards: EN 1078
Weight: 310 g
Cost: £37.99

Summary: The Giant Compel ARX is one of the brightest kids helmets out there. Beyond the bright colours, there are lots of vents and all the straps and adjustments you need wrapped up in an affordable package. Great fit for long straight hair, also when worn in a ponytail or plaits.

Read our review of the Giant Compel ARX kids helmet

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Cube Talok

Good value helmet with lots of features, including MIPS

Size: XS (46-51cm) - S (49-55cm) - M (52-57cm)
Colours: Choice of 4 colours/designs
Safety standards: EN 1078
Weight: 225g
Cost: £38.99

Summary: The Cube Talok kids helmet comes with MIPS protection, plenty of adjustments and some stylish patterns. It is one the most lightweight kids bike helmets and the cheapest helmet with MIPS we've found.

Read our review of the Cube Talok kids bike helmet

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Bold kids helmet

Best helmet for Sikh kids

Size: Small 48-56cm Medium 56-59cm
Colours: Choice of 5 colours
Safety standards: CPSC, EN 1078
Cost: £56.99

Summary: Stylish multisports helmets designed for Sikh kids with patkas, but can also be worn by others with long hair.

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