Gifts for mountain biking kids

Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for a child who loves mountain biking? Do they like to ride off-road in their local forest or trail centre, and you want to get them just the right thing to add to their cycling collection? If the answer's yes, then we have you sorted, with our guide to the best MTB Christmas gift ideas for kids.
While some may not want to hear that dreaded C- word just yet, many of us are getting started on our Christmas shopping early. Or perhaps you're burying your head in the sand and trying to delay it for as long as possible. Either way, if you're here, it's likely because you've got a mini ripper at home who's excited to see what Santa brings, and you're on the lookout for the perfect present.
Here you'll find an extensive list of gift ideas that are perfect for mountain biking children. Tried and tested, you can trust us to only recommend the highest quality items for your cycle sprogs, and we have got every budget covered as well.
If you're on the hunt for a more comprehensive list of off-road bikes for your little shredder, then check out our guide to the best kids mountain bikes. More interested in finding a bargain at this time of year? There are plenty of mountain bikes listed in our guide to the Best Black Friday kids' bike deals.

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Gifts for Mountain Biking Kids over £50

Mountain bike Christmas gift guide - the perfect gift for young riders

The ultimate MTB balance bike- Kids Ride Shotgun Dirt Hero

Do you dream of riding off-road with your toddler? Are they fascinated by riding berms and bumps? The Kids Ride Shotgun Dirt Hero balance bike is the ultimate first bike for kids who dream of becoming the next MTB pro.

The chunky tyres and frame geometry inspire confidence when the trails get rough and the Magura disk brake gets your sprog skidding and controlling their speed before pedals are involved - and if you buy this on the run-up to Christmas Kids Ride Shotgun are throwing in a brake for free with every bike purchased!

For more details, take a look at our Kids Ride Shotgun Dirt Hero review.

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Jump ramps

Can't get enough of mountain biking? Does your sprog want to be outside riding their bike or practicing getting air every waking moment of the day?

Well, a ramp is just the thing to become the coolest kid on the street instantly! It might take A LOT of wrapping paper, but Decathlon stocks a range of ramps for all budgets.

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Mountain bike Christmas gift guide - the perfect gift for young riders

Kids Ride Shotgun seat

Is your sprog not quite old enough to be hitting the trails on their own bike, but wanting to get involved regardless?

The Kids Ride Shotgun seat is the perfect way to get your little ones hooked on feeling the wind in their hair and the flow of a Mountain Bike trail.

Buying this for a family member or friend’s kid could make you the coolest aunt or uncle around! Read our Kids Ride Shotgun Seat review - our reviewer loved wooshing around the berms of the Hope Line at Gisburn Forest, with cries of “Lean Dad, Lean!”.

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Christmas cycling gift guide for kids - the perfect gift for young riders

Cycling Coaching

Perhaps you're more into experiences and want to invest in your sprog's enjoyment and development on their Mountain Bike. Why not consider buying them a voucher for a coaching session or kids MTB club?

We’d recommend you check in with your local bike shop, cycling club, or trail center to find a reputable coach/guide. Look out for holiday camps, 1:1 coaching, or regular bike club sessions.

Cycling-Specific Backpack

Who doesn't love being in charge of carrying your own trail snacks? You could treat your young rider to their very own cycle backpack. This will empower your sprog while also making your own load a little lighter- we call that a win-win!

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Black Mountain 'growing' kids bikes

Black Mountain is really taking the kids bike market by storm with their "growing bikes".

They range in size from the 14" PINTO through to the 20" HÜTTO and the clever expanding frame allows your child to start on larger wheels earlier than with other bike brands, making it easier to roll over obstacles!

The two smaller models start in balance bike mode and convert into pedal bikes when your child is ready.

The two larger models come equipped with 7 speed SRAM Twist shift for hills.

Price range: £499 - £699

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Cube Acid MTB's with Bike Club membership

Bike Club is a great way to allow your child to have access to a mountain bike without the upfront costs of buying.

They have just taken stock of some Cube Acid SLX Mountain Bikes which are a great entry level mountain bike.

Simply subscribe and in return for a low monthly fee your child gets to ride a top quality bike.  When they grow you just send it back and upgrade to the next size.

To find out more about how the scheme works read Should I subscribe to Bike Club instead of buying a kids bike?

XMAS Deal from Bike Club - 15% discount on your monthly payment for 12 months! Offer ends 23:59 on 24th December 2023. 

Bike Club



Gifts for Mountain Biking kids around £30

Child being towed up a trail with a shotgun tow rope

Kids Ride Shotgun Tow Rope

Want to offer your sprog their own uplift service? We love the kids ride shotgun tow rope to have on hand to help your sprog get up hills a little easier!

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MTB Protection

Protect your adventurous young rider on the MTB trails incase they take a tumble from their bike.

Woom KNEBOW Knee Pad set

If your child is nervous about the transition to off road trails and you want them to be a little more protected these specially designed for little legs knee pads from woom would be a great gift to keep them safe from cuts and grazes if they fall off their bikes.

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woom kneebows - kids kneepads for MTB protection

Little Pro knee pads

Protect your little riders' knees when they go mountain biking, with some trail-ready kneepads. Protection from cuts, grazes and scrapes. The perfect gift for your young adventerous rider.

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MTB trail ready kids kneepads - gift guide for kids who love mountain biking

Body armour

Protect your young rider with a padded body armour jersey for when they hit the MTB trails. Offering protection to shoulders, neck, arms, chest, ribs and back incase your young rider takes a tumble off their bike.

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Kids body armour for mountain biking

MTB kids jersey

A MTB specific jersey will make your kid look the part when they are at the trail centre or pump track!

Gifts around £20

Kids Ride Shotgun Shred ‘Till Bed book

A wonderful A-Z of important mountain bike terms for your sprog to study at bedtime! This beautifully illustrated book will leave your sprog dreaming of shredding berms and you enjoying the adorable illustrations of a family of owls on a night ride!

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Christmas cycling gift guide for kids - the perfect gift for young riders

Wall Art

Wanting something a little different for a new parent that loves mountain biking - we love the mama/pappa and baby bear artwork, this would make a wonderful new baby gift for a cycling friend!

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Christmas cycling gift guide for kids - the perfect gift for young riders


You can never have too many buffs in your life! They are brilliant at keeping your sprog’s neck warm, but also make a brilliant under-helmet layer, keeps long hair tucked into a helmet and can be utilized off the bike too.

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Christmas cycling gift guide for kids - kids cycling buffs to keep warm in winter

Gifts under £10

Playmobil & Lego

Playmobil and Leo make some brilliant mountain bike and family cycling scenes for all ages and interests!

Sew on patches

These Patches from Adventure patch are a brilliant way to remember your child's cycling adventures and achievements. With badges for the Tissington Trail, Monsal Trial, or a range of Lake District based patches.

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Christmas cycling gift guide for kids - the perfect gift for young riders
Christmas cycling gift guide for kids - the perfect gift for young riders
Perfect gifts for young riders
What can I buy my child who loves cycling

Handlebar bag

A handlebar bag is the perfect way to keep motivational trail snacks to hand, and you could even sew your adventure patches onto! We love these kid bike-size bags from Decathlon.

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What to buy your child who loves mountain biking
What to buy your child who loves mountain biking
What to buy your child who loves mountain biking
What to buy your child who loves mountain biking

Lego Valve Caps

These Lego head valve caps will make your sprogs bike the coolest at the trail centre!

You’ll find a whole range of themes on Etsy to suit all interests. The perfect stocking filler for your young rider.

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What to buy your child who loves mountain biking - cycling gift inspiration


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