Gifts for families who cycle to school

Welcome to our exciting gift guide for young cycling enthusiasts! If you know a child who's always on the go, exploring the world on two wheels, you're in the right place. 

Whether they're cycling to school, going for weekend rides around town or simply love the thrill of cruising around the neighbourhood, we've curated a selection of gifts that will make their cycling experience even more fun. 

From safety gear to cool accessories, we've got you covered with the perfect presents for kids who have a passion for pedaling. Get ready to put a big smile on their face and inspire their next cycling adventure!

If you're on the hunt for a more comprehensive list of kids bikes, then check out our guide to the best kids bikes. More interested in finding a bargain at this time of year? There are plenty of quality kids bikes listed in our guide to the Best Black Friday kids' bike deals.

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Gifts for Cycling Kids over £50

Kidvelo Rookie

The Kidvelo Rookie is available as a 12, 14 or 18 inch wheeled balance bike and the larger bikes have a pedal conversion kit, meaning the balance bike can be converted into a first pedal bike when your child is ready.

Kidvelo bikes are very lightweight, making them great for kids.

We've tested the Kidvelo Rookie 12 balance bike and were very impressed.

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B'Twin kids bikes

B’Twin is Decathlon own kids bike brand and they offer a wide range of kids bikes, which are all numbered from 100 up to 900 and beyond. The higher the number, the better the specs, we are really impressed with the build of the B'Twin 900 bikes.

The range includes two different types of bikes; the Rockriders and the Riversides. The Rockriders are mountain bikes and the Riversides are all around bikes for town and leisure riding.

Read our B’Twin Riverside 900 review to find out what this great value bike has to offer.

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Kids Ride Shotgun seat

Do you have a little one who wants to join in with the school run by bike, but isn't ready to pedal themselves?

The Kids Ride Shotgun seat is the perfect way for your 2-5 year old to hop onto your bike for short journeys.

Buying this for a family member or friend’s kid could make you the coolest aunt or uncle around! Read our Kids Ride Shotgun Seat review - our reviewer loved taking their kids on adventures!

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Kids Bike with Bike Club membership

An alternative to buying a bike is to sign up for a subscription with Bike Club. You’ll get access to a range of top quality kids bikes for a fee per month and you can swap the bike for the next size when your child grows.

XMAS Deal from Bike Club - 15% discount on your monthly payment for 12 months! Offer ends 23:59 on 24th December 2023. 


Family cargo bike

If you are looking for a grand gift for the whole family you may want to consider joining an ever-growing group of parents who carry their children on an electric cargo bike.

Cargo bikes bring joy to the whole family and kids absolutely love them. The electric assist will help you get up hills or keep up with your kids when they’re on their own bikes.

We recommend the Decathlon Elops R500 longtail cargo bike to carry one or two children on the rear rack.

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Gifts for Cycling Kids under £20

Buff neck warmers

Buffs are versatile neck warmers which come in many colours, prints and sizes. These tubular scarves made from microfibre are incredibly handy for cycling in cold and warm weather as they can be used as headbands and hats as well.

These stretchy scarves are available with reflective stripes, in merino wool or with fleece. The Polar Buff, which is half fleece, is particularly good because it’s part fleece with the classic microfibre fabric attached to it, making it suitable as a neck warmer and to pull over the bottom part of your face to keep you warm on cold winter days.

The Junior Buff is for kids and teens from 5 to 16 years old. Baby Buff sizes is the smallest and is for children up to 5 years old.

You can also use these as a helmet liner on cold days.

A Buff is a great gift for an adult who loves cycling too!

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Kids handlebar bottle cage

If you’re looking for a gift for your child who wants to stop every 10 minutes for a sip of water, this bottle cage is perfect.

The cage attaches to the handlebars and the small bottle is within easy reach for your child when they stop. 

This bottle cage is compatible with 22mm handlebars, which are common on 20 and 24 inch kids bikes.

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Kids bike bottle

This 350ml bottle is available in yellow and coral and is compatible with the handlebar bottle cage. This kids bottle has got a straw so could potentially even stay in the bottle cage with minimal fuss so you can continue riding straight away.

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Gifts for Cycling Kids around £10

Hornit bike horn blue

Hornit bike horns and lights

Hornit have created a clever small light and horn in one called the Hornit Nano. With a press of a button your child can use one of the 15 sound effects, including a police siren and a horse. Be warned though, because there's also a fart sound effect!

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Kids bike bell

If you're after a traditional kids bike bell, there are plenty of options to choose from at Tredz.

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Kids hands warmers

If your kids are complaining about the cold when sitting in a bike seat or on your cargo bike, these hands warmers can be a lifesaver.

Just pop them in their gloves or under a blanket and they’ll stay cosy on long winter rides. The box contains 30 of them, so best to save them for the coldest time of year!

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Toys and Books for Cycling Kids

Lego and Playmobil toys

You cannot go wrong with Lego and Playmobil as gifts. There are various sets that include a bicycle - and also some that feature a balance bike, bike trailer or a cargo bike!

Picture books

Here’s our selection of favourite picture books featuring cycling to read to your child.

Best picture books for cycling kids

Mrs Armitage on Wheels by Quentin Blake

A classic book about cycling by one of the world's best known illustrators. Mrs Armitage can't just ride a bike - she has to be constantly upgrading it.

Age wise this book is great for Reception and KS1 children.

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Best picture books for cycling kids

Cycle City by Alison Farrell

If you're looking for a book that features virtually every type of pedal propelled cycle from cargo bikes to penny farthings, adapted cycles to starter bikes, then look no further!

Alison Farrell's book stars Etta the Elephant who visits her Aunt Ellen's house in the bicycle-filled Cycle City on the night of a special parade.

A must-have book for all cycling families!

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Best picture books for cycling kids

Shred Til Bed - The MTB Animal Alphabet by Shotgun

Full of fantastic illustrations & biking terminology, it's a brilliant way for young bikers to learn the lingo whilst also learning their ABCs!

Produced by Kids Ride Shotgun, we love this book.

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Chapter books

If your child is reading on their own, a perfect gift for them is a chapter book which features cycling.

They're all fiction chapter books, with generally more words than pictures and these books all feature cycling as the main plot topic.

Flying Fergus Series by Sir Chris Hoy

The Flying Fergus stories are a must have for any young cycling fan.

There are ten books in the series, which follow the progress of Fergus Hamilton from a novice cyclist who gets a second hand bike for his 9th birthday, through his early days of setting up a cycle club, through to their growing success in competitions.

Flying Fergus makes ideal bedtime stories for younger children and can be read alone by slightly older children as they progress onto longer chapter books. There's strong female characters (such as Daisy) as well as an ethnically diverse supporting cast.

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Princess BMX by Marie Basting

Princess BMX by Marie Basting is a 21st Century fairytale featuring a princess who is fed up with the expectations of her position, and takes up BMXing instead - with surprising (and magical) results.

This book was listed in the Guardian newspaper's "Best New Books" category for 2019.

Princess BMX is suitable for young readers aged about 7 years and over who enjoy magic worlds, wicked villains, fiesty princesses and, of course, riding their bikes!

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Best chapter books for kids - gifts

The Green Bicycle by Haifaa Al Mansour

The Green Bicycle is an entertaining yet hard hitting book for older readers (about 10 years and over), which interweaves a tale about the joys of cycling with the issue of women's rights in Saudi Arabia.

Wadjda doesn't want to conform to the rules - she just wants a bike, and to race her friend Abdullah.

There's some very thought provoking passages in the book, including scenes set in Wadjda's school where teachers and other pupils react to her non-conformation, and the portrayal of the immense risks she's taking when she's out and about in public.

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Gifts for Cycling Grown-Ups

Handlebar muffs or pogies for adults

Do you ride a (cargo) bike with your kids and are you looking to keep your hands warm on the go?

These hand warmers (or pogies) look very cosy and stay on your handlebars so no more running back into the house for your gloves!

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Thermos flask

Taking a hot drink in a thermos with you on a cold cycle ride is a great idea to stay warm and keep morale up. Hot chocolate is always a hit in my family!

And on a hot day, an insulated bottle is a must to keep your water cool!

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