New mountain biking tow rope launched by Kids Ride Shotgun

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There's great news for anyone who's fed up with trying to coax their child up a hill when out on a family bike ride!

Kids Ride Shotgun has released a revised version of their towrope.

The rope is a great way to make your off-road rides more fun, and is especially useful when mountain biking with a child.

It is designed to help you pull your child and their bike up hills with a strong shock-absorbing rope, which stretches to 10.8 feet (3.3 metres).

Ideal if your child struggles to get up those steep hills or their little legs get tired during the journey.

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kids mountain bike tow rope to pull child up hill parents MTB Kids Ride Shotgun

How does the new Shotgun tow rope differ from the old rope?

There are three differences between the old and the new product

  1.  Colour change -  Shotgun have changed the tow rope from blue to black to match their new branding
  2. Removal of the Carabiner - it's now a more simple loop design to attach the tow rope (making it easier when you're wearing gloves)
  3. Lower price point - great news, meaning more families can enjoy mountain biking together.
kids mountain bike tow rope to pull child up hill parents MTB Kids Ride Shotgun

The new tow rope can still be used on all kid's bikes; you attach it to the parent's saddle and then the paracord is connected to the kid's bike stem.

For bikes without traditional stems, you now easily loop the rope through itself, which means it is quick to attach and easy to remove.

The tow rope is suitable to take a load up to 500lb/225kg, meaning it is suitable for big kids too!

Please note the rope is for off-road use only.  It should not be used on roads, and should be disconnected before you start to head down hill.

The Shotgun Tow Rope is an easy way to make your mountain biking easier as you won't have to worry about your child struggling to get up those steep hills.

The new Kids Ride Shotgun Towrope is priced at £33.

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kids MTB tow rope to pull child up hill parents Kids Ride Shotgun detail tow rope paracord
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