Cycle Sprog reviews

Here at Cycle Sprog we love to ride and review kids bikes and other related cycling equipment.  Some we’ve bought ourselves, others have been leant to us by family cycling brands.

We have a great panel of Cycle Sprogs and their parents who test out the kids and give their honest feedback about what it’s really like to use –  not on a quick spin around the park, but actually in proper use.

We hope you find our reviews useful in helping you to decide whether to buy a product or not.

wheeli kids bike handle review

Ever find yourself juggling children and bicycles? I know I do! If you’re fed up with carrying bikes around then maybe the wheeli is the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s a great new product that was designed during the difficult time in 2020 when parents Lisa and Simon were no longer able to leave…

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Myklops Bike Mirror Review- photo of the Myklops in the open position, resting on a wooden surface

Myklops Bicycle Rear View Mirror Review

In this review, we’re looking at the Myklops rear view mirror, an innovative wrist mounted mirror allowing riders to keep an eye on what’s coming behind them or simply to keep an eye on the kids! Rear view mirrors may be standard on cars, but you don’t find many attached to the handlebars of bicycles.…

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ETC tow buddy

ETC Tow Buddy Review

As your young cycling companion grows, one inevitably reaches the point where you want to start cycling with them, on your own bike. No more running after them, then waiting, then carrying a bike, then carrying a bike and a child! The issue during this transition phase is that they probably can’t cycle for long…

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Photo of Kids Ride Shotgun Pogies for keeping little hands warm during winter on a front bike seat - photo of a close up of child's hands inside the black pogies with green jacket tucked inside

Keep little fingers warm with Shotgun pogies

Keep little hands warm on a front bike seat this winter with the new Shotgun pogies

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Kidvelo Rookie 12 balance bike in blue in a park with storm clouds behind

Kidvelo Rookie 12 – First Look

New brand Kidvelo has just launched their first bike, the Rookie 12, and we’ve got our hands on one to give it a once over! The brand may be new, but the owners have been in the balance bike game since the beginning, so we’re very excited to get our hands on this little bike.…

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Giro helmet review

Giro Helmet Review

In this review we’re looking at the Giro Tremor MIPS youth helmet. It’s a brightly coloured kids bike helmet which is styled very much for mountain biking, and comes with added MIPS protection should it ever be needed. We’ve asked a range of different kids (and their parents) to try it out and give us…

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Hornit hero 14 kids starter bike

First look at the Hornit HERO 14 kids bike

Here at Cycle Sprog HQ we were really excited when we heard that Hornit (the horn and helmet folk) were moving into kids bikes.  And even more excited when they told us they were ditching the traditional bike chain and going with a belt drive instead. They’ve kindly sent us one of their brand new…

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Giant Compel ARX helmet review

Giant ARX Compel kids helmet review

We put Giant’s helmet, designed to “complement or clash” their ARX kids bikes, to the test

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Strider balance bike kids bike review

Strider Balance Bike Review

Strider, a name synonymous with balance bikes, has been doing pedal-less bikes for kids since 2007. From modest beginnings, Strider has grown into a global community, sold millions of balance bikes worldwide and have even hosted the Strider Cup World Championships! We were therefore really pleased when The Bike Club asked our 3 year old…

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Hornit sloth helmet review

Hornit Sloth Helmet Review

Hornit, the brand that has brought you the loudest bike horn around and the Airo balance bike also do helmets! Their ‘skate’ style helmet comes in no less than 13 different, highly entertaining designs. Rather than taking cues from the mountain bike or road world, the Hornit helmet comes from a style more commonly seen…

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